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How To Avoid Parcel Damage With These 5 Packaging Tips



How To Avoid Parcel Damage With These 5 Packaging Tips

Damaged parcels are annoying, inconvenient, potentially damaging to your reputation, and can be costly. Of course, it’s also a common occurrence. It’s estimated 280 million parcels arrive damaged, and that’s just those handled by Australia Post.

Fortunately, while it is difficult to control what happens to a parcel in transit, you can ensure that the right packing approach is used to protect the item inside, even if the parcel is damaged.

Alongside using the following five packaging tips, you should add data loggers to your parcels. These look much like any other sticker but they have a coloured circle on them. The circle will change colour if the parcel is subject to forces or temperatures outside pre-defined limits. For example, if the temperature moves outside the agreed range or the box has a significant impact.

Because the circle has changed colour the receiver will instantly know there has been an issue in transit. It makes it a lot easier to resolve the issue with the transport firm.

The following can also help.

  1. The Right Box

You need a sturdy box. That means choosing one with reasonably thick walls. Thin-walled boxes are cheaper and weigh less, potentially reducing the cost of shipping. But, spending a little extra on the right box can make the difference between the product arriving intact or not.

Naturally, the box should be just a little bigger than the item being shipped. This reduces its ability to move during transit but still ensures you can protect it.

  • Fill All Empty Space

Once you have wrapped the item or items to go in the box you’ll want to fill all the space around it. This filling helps to stop the item from moving and provides protection from impacts and other undesirable issues.

You can choose what to fill the space with. Air bubbles, that’s large bubbles made of plastic and filled with air, are very popular as they are affordable and can be easily reused.

It’s important to note there are several environmentally friendly packing materials. You may want to choose one of these.

  • Secure the Box Properly

There is little point in protecting your item in the right-sized box if you don’t seal it properly. Simply wrap the tape around all the join lines and make sure it is stuck down properly. This helps to give the box strength, keeping items safe in transit.

  • Add Labels

If your item is fragile then add a large label saying so. The shippers may not pay much attention to it but it does tell them to handle the package carefully. It also makes it easy to pursue an insurance claim against them, if necessary.

Alongside the fragile label make sure the parcel is clearly marked where it is going and where it came from.

  • Choose The Right Transport

It’s not strictly packaging but your parcels stand a lot better chance of arriving in one piece if you use a firm you can trust. Consult with several and check their reputation before choosing the right transport firm and hopefully avoiding the issue of damaged parcels altogether.


How Do I Choose the Best Pest Control Company in My Local Area?



How Do I Choose the Best Pest Control Company in My Local Area?

Did you know that there are 27,000 pest control businesses in the United States?

If you constantly deal with a pest problem, it can seriously disrupt your life. Rather than fighting these problems yourself, hire the best pest control company to take care of the problems.

Read below to learn about the best pest control company to help you.

Ask the Experience

When choosing a pest removal service, the most important thing you can do is ask around for experiences. Receiving a first-hand account of successes will help you weigh the options.

Always make sure to research the qualifications of the company. Ask about their chemical use, licensing, customer service, and customer satisfaction rate. This will ensure that the pest control service is your ideal choice.

Considering Cost and Quality of Service

When considering cost and quality of service when choosing a residential pest control, it is important to do your research. It is beneficial to shop around and see what each company offers. Get multiple quotes and compare the cost, services, and guarantees.

Make sure to go with a company with a track record of delivering good quality service. Using these strategies should help you find the best pest control company at the right price. If you need help, be sure to contact this pest control company to ensure you get the best service for your needs.

Getting Recommendations

It is recommended to obtain recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors. Ask about their experience with the company and their opinion on the professionalism and responsiveness of the staff. Ask if the problem was taken care of promptly and effectively.

Read any customer reviews and search for the company in trusted online sources. Make sure to ask for an inspection of your home and a written plan of pest control measures.

Understand the Different Tactics Used for Pest Control

It is essential to take the time to research the different tactics used for pest control. Many companies use other methods of treating the various pests. Before hiring, it is necessary to understand what the pest control company uses.

It is essential to find out if they use pesticides or natural or mechanical repellents. It is recommended to review the success rate of their work. Taking the time to ask questions and getting the facts about the techniques used and the company can help you make an informed decision.

Being Aware of Industry Regulations

When choosing a pest control company, it is essential to know industry regulations and guidelines. Ask if the company will provide a written treatment plan detailing the pest problem and the treatment method.

Do your research to ensure that the company follows the regulations your state and other applicable local government entities set. Ensure the company is trained on the proper use of pesticides and other pest control measures. By researching and being aware of industry regulations, you can make an informed decision on choosing the best pest control company in your local area.

Choosing the Best Pest Control Company

Finding the best pest control company in your local area means researching. Read up on customer reviews to ensure reputable service and competitive prices. Once your list is narrowed down, don’t hesitate to contact the companies with your specific needs. Be sure to visit our website and read more informative content!

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