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How To Add Games To Your Website



How To Add Games Onto Your Website

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Remarkably, you have just 50 milliseconds for your website to make a good impression. Grabbing the attention of users quickly is vital to success, which can be daunting for website owners and operators. Fortunately, inserting an enticing game can help.

By inserting a web-based game onto your site, you can expect more regular users who stay on your website for longer.

Read on to discover how to embed online solitaire and other games onto your website.

What Are Embedded Games?

So, you know that embedding games onto your website will drive traffic and engagement, but you’re not sure what an embedded game even is. Don’t worry, let us explain.

Embedded games are interactive elements that can be inserted onto any page of your website. They sit neatly alongside your other content and can be added to any part of your webpage, including the footer or sidebar. To embed something, website builders simply add a code to the body of their web page.

While the game will look like part of your webpage, remember that it’s actually hosted on a separate website. Those considering embedding games into their website should be aware that if the original website removes the game, it’ll also be removed from your website too.

Checking your webpage at least once a day ensures that you can replace expired games quickly, allowing your visitors to experience a seamless transition.

Step 1: Find The Game

There is a whole range of exciting games available across the web that can be added to your website. Many of these are free of charge to use – great for money-conscious website owners. Others are charged for but will be worth the investment.

It’s important to find a game that’s appropriate for your readers, while also considering that it should be interesting enough to keep people coming back for more.

If you find a game you really love, but can’t see a way to embed it onto your website, why not reach out to the creator and ask for permission? Most will be happy for you to use their game.

Step 2: Copy The Code

Now that you’ve selected a game, you need to embed it into your website. On the webpage of your chosen game, look for a section of the HTML code labeled ‘embed’. Different game providers operate different rules, and so you can email the website owner for further details.

Step 3: Paste The Code

Pasting the code is the easiest part of the embedding process. All you need to do is decide where you’d like the game to go, find where that is in your website’s HTML and paste the code. Be sure to check the preview before going live.

Step 4: Watch The Traffic

Now that you’ve successfully inserted an interactive game into your website, you can expect to see your page hits grow and your users return more regularly.

Remember to check every day that the game is still working, and replace it when broken. Changing your featured game regularly can have benefits, but may alienate users who love a particular game.