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How the Fi-8170 Can Help With Your Demanding Workflow



How the Fi-8170 Can Help With Your Demanding Workflow

Demanding document workflows are commonplace in today’s business environment. The Fujitsu fi-8170 offers a solid option for efficiently handling any type of workflow. With its intelligent paper protection, superior reliability, and excellent paper handling, it delivers superior value. These features work together to reduce the risk of damage to your originals and the need to rescan documents. Examining these features in detail can help you choose the best document imaging solution for your workplace. 

Exceptional Paper Handling

Powerful and versatile, the Fujitsu fi-8170 enhances efficiency. Like its cohort the Fujitsu fi-7600

It supports mixed paper size batches. With this capability, you don’t have to waste time sorting documents before scanning. It scans standard paper, receipts, business cards, hard plastic ID cards, and envelopes. Supported paper sizes include 8.5 by 14 and long-page scans up to 240 inches. From these features, you get several key benefits:

  • Reduced scanning time: The fi-8170 is already fast and efficient. Document handling with mixed-size paper further reduces document scanning times.
  • Increased productivity: When saving documents, the fi-8170 combines mixed paper sizes into a single file. There’s no need to scan each document size separately and combine them on your computer.
  • Improved document management: Document files created by the fi-8170 contains all its data. This happens with every document, regardless of paper size and even with mixed paper sizes. With this functionality, fi-8170 reduces the number of files in your document management system.

The fi-8170 can scan virtually any document of any size. With its paper handling capabilities, it’s truly an indispensable scanner for any workplace.

Intelligent Paper Protection

The Fujitsu fi-8170 scanner has two features that prevent paper jams. Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection and Image Monitoring safeguard your original documents from damage. These features also eliminate the need to rescan documents. Together, they save you time and money, improve efficiency, and ensure accuracy.

Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection features ultrasonic sensors that monitor incoming scans. Using sound, iSOP can detect misaligned pages or sheets stuck together with staples. When it does, the scanner stops the job and prevents damage to the document. Image Monitoring tracks the distance between paper sheets feeding through the scanner. If the interval distance between sheets falls outside of normal ranges, the scanner pauses the job. When either iSOP or Image Monitoring halts a job in progress, the fi-8170 alerts you to the problem so you can correct it before reattempting your scan. 

Industry Leading Reliability

The Fujitsu fi-8170 makes quick work of your scanning jobs while maintaining accuracy. This machine supports double-sided scanning and speeds of 70 pages per minute. With its 100-page automatic document feeder, it efficiently handles large batches of documents.

While the fi-8170 is speedy, it’s also durable and dependable. Its expected daily volume of 10,000 sheets makes it an excellent choice for high-volume scanning. The fi-8170 also features a robust design with a durable frame, heavy-duty motors, and long-lasting consumables.

Robust, Efficient, and Versatile

The Fujitsu fi-8170 combines speed, accuracy, and versatility. From medical records scanning to archival tasks, it’s capable of handling virtually any document digitization needs. With these benefits, it’s an ideal scanner for organizations of all sizes.