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How Olly Gazal grew his audience to 20 thousand followers in three years on Ollys TV



How Olly Gazal grew his audience to 20 thousand followers in three years on Ollys TV

Olly, how are you?

I’m good, TheHearUp. Thank you for having me on. I’m super excited to be here. I can’t wait to share stories about content creation and my project with everybody.

So Olly, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a serious entrepreneur and a serious digital marketer. I’m th founder of Ollys TV, my music and entertainment company that I started in 2019 way back in secondary school. 

Now, I’m 21 years of age and I study Mechanical Engineering and I was previously studying electrical and electronics engineering in DKIT in 2019-2021.

Beautiful! You said it all started as a hobby. So how did you envision that you make your business page reach a following of 20 thousand followers?

Yeah, I mainly just pray to God and I focus on my goals even tho I still feel currently a lot of people still would not take me seriously to this a day. I’m talking about people that know me and grew up with me. I can’t call out names but they know themselves, I just feel they will never think or realise how hard I work and it don’t matter, I’ll keep pushing regardless of their help. I didn’t do many friends like a really popular person would and get it all easy. I worked for mine, it wasn’t easy at all. It was literally just consistency and faith. But me getting thousands of followers and subscribers was because my content was good in the entertainment and music industry.

What does your content talk about? What kind of content do you share?

My content is basically me sharing content and promoting them with my trademark. I am more of a promoter than a contetn creator, but I do have interest of being a content creator on my own channel later than the line, maybe like sharing some tips and ideas etc.

Cool. Let’s talk about your beginning on social media. What made you decide to pursue it?

I started as a meme on Instagram and then build some following to help others promote their content rather than just only being a meme page.

Now Ollys TV is a official legal registered company in the music category. I came along way.

As we are talking about not giving up. So, what kept you motivated?

Funny thing is I was about to quit many times it’s just that my close friends and my girlfriend were telling me to not give up on Ollys TV especially if I worked very hard for it. Yes I give them credit for letting stay locked in.

How can our readers find you or your music company Ollys TV?


Olly’s IG: Instagram

Ollys TV IG: Instagram



Vickash Beni Kat Unveils a Dreamy Love Ballad “Ebilooto” featuring Bathabile



Vickash Beni Kati Unveils a Dreamy Love Ballad "Ebilooto" featuring Bathabile

Acclaimed Ugandan music producer and artist, Vickash Beni Kat, has teamed up with the sensational female vocalist, Bathabile, to bring forth a new masterpiece entitled “Ebilooto.” The song, which translates to “Love of Dreams” in English, is a harmonious blend of African rhythms and contemporary beats that promises to enchant music enthusiasts.

Ebilooto is the result of the creative collaboration between Vickash Beni Kat, who not only produced the track but also lent his powerful vocals, and Naigwe Minsa, a prolific Ugandan songwriter responsible for penning the heartfelt lyrics. Bathabile’s distinct and soulful voice adds an extra layer of depth to the song, making it a musical experience worth listening to.

The song delves into the realm of dreams, exploring the love that transcends the boundaries of reality. Through a combination of enchanting melodies and captivating lyrics, Ebilooto encapsulates the essence of true love that only exists in the deepest corners of one’s imagination.

Vickash Beni Kat, who has consistently delivered chart-topping hits, is known for his ability to fuse traditional African music elements with modern sounds. This new release stays true to his signature style, showcasing the seamless integration of diverse musical influences. Fans will appreciate the subtle incorporation of traditional Ugandan instruments, such as the adungu, endere, and ngoma drums, which add an authentic touch to the composition.

Bathabile, a rising star in the Ugandan music scene, brings her powerful vocal prowess to the collaboration. Her unique and soulful voice perfectly complements Vickash Beni Kat melodic tunes, creating a captivating harmony that will resonate with listeners across the globe. Bathabile’s previous singles, such as “Nze Ani” and “Mwana Gwe,” have already garnered her significant attention, and this new collaboration is expected to further solidify her standing in the industry.

Naigwe Minsa, the songwriter behind Ebilooto, is renowned for her ability to weave stories through her lyrics. Her poetic approach to songwriting has touched the hearts of many music lovers, as she draws inspiration from real-life experiences and emotions. With Ebilooto, Naigwe has once again succeeded in crafting a beautiful narrative that tugs at the heartstrings.

The anticipation surrounding the release of Ebilooto has been building steadily since the collaboration was first announced. Vickash Beni Kat and Bathabile’s fans have been eagerly waiting for the two talented artists to join forces and create a musical gem. As the song finally hits streaming platforms and radio airwaves, it is expected to climb the charts quickly and become a fan favorite.

Music critics and industry insiders have already expressed their admiration for the track, praising the seamless fusion of Vickash Beni Kat production skills, Bathabile’s vocal talent, and Naigwe Minsa’s evocative lyrics. The song’s innovative blend of musical styles and its exploration of dreamy love themes make it a standout track that is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

In conclusion, Ebilooto is a mesmerizing love ballad that showcases the exceptional talents of Vickash Beni Kat and Bathabile, elevated by the soul-stirring lyrics penned by Naigwe Minsa. As the song continues to gain traction on various platforms, it is poised to become an anthem of love and dreams for music lovers across the globe.

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