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How Many Types of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Are There?



How Many Types of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Are There?

Whether you’re a newbie or an old veteran, it’s never a bad time to learn more about having a successful business!

With so many types of commercial refrigeration on the market, it can be overwhelming to find a solution that suits your needs. Even if you know the basics of refrigeration, you can get lost in all the jargon and tech that you forget what you’re even looking for!

We’re here to help. Keep reading to learn all about the different types of commercial refrigeration equipment and the best situations to use them!

Reach-In Refrigerators

Reach-in refrigerators are typically used in restaurants, convenience stores, cafeterias, and other food service operations. Using these needs a large capacity to store food at safe temperatures.

These units come equipped with one or two doors for maximized storage. They are easy to clean and maintain, come in a variety of widths and depths, and some even have adjustable shelves.

Horizontal Freezer

Towering standing between 8 and 10 feet high. Commercial horizontal freezers preserve various types of food. They are perfect for pre-packaged food such as meats, vegetables, sauces, and desserts.

The trays and racks provide for easy organization and simple retrieval of frozen items. These freezers are an optimal choice for cafes and restaurants, where large amounts of frozen food need storage.

Walk-in Refrigerators

These are the best-used commercial refrigerator for restaurant businesses. Shelving walk-in refrigerators feature shelves that can accommodate a variety of food products. Pass-through models allow for easy access when a cook will need to grab an item during a busy time. The display case style offers the most visibility by showcasing food items.

Serve Over Counter

These counter-depth models feature cold storage located under the counter. There are also low, mid, and full-height models available that vary in size and features. Multi-deck models are also popular. They provide more product space and are used in a variety of settings.

Under Counter Chiller

It generally has less capacity than a full-sized freezer but is still deep enough to hold several large items. This type of freezer is popular because it allows people to store items in an inconspicuous and compact way. Making use of the space beneath their counter.

This type of commercial fridge uses forced air circulation. It cools contents quickly, and with an easy-to-reach height. You can have your ingredients and produce stored at the right temperature quickly and even more conveniently.

Bar Refrigerator

A bar refrigerator is a type of fridge used to store alcoholic beverages and mixers. These types of refrigerators offer the perfect-sized space to store alcohol and mixers. It helps maintain optimal temperatures to prevent spoilage.

The unit features adjustable shelves and a compressor system to ensure rapid cooling. The refrigerator is usually counter-depth, which helps save on valuable space. It has transparent glass doors, allowing bartenders to access the contents.

Choosing the Right Commercial Refrigeration Equipment for Your Business Needs

Overall, there are a variety of different types of commercial refrigeration equipment for various business needs. Each type has specific applications and provides desirable benefits that are suitable for businesses. To find the right commercial refrigeration equipment for your business, contact a local expert today!

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