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How LutiBand Smartwatch is a Game Changer For Seniors?



How LutiBand Smartwatch is a Game Changer For Seniors?

Wearable technology in 2021 has seen a new potential in the market in terms of helping seniors in tracking their health. Wearables like LutiBand’s senior alert watch are making changes in the industry and telling the world that smartwatches are not only for the young and active anymore. More seniors are turning to smart wearable devices to make their lives healthier and happier. 

In 2015, there was a study conducted by AARP in which the people participating were above 50+. The test showed that when these adults wore smartwatches, they had increased motivation for healthier living and sleep tracking. 67% of the participants said wearing these smartwatches made them understand their health better and is worth the value. Today we are going to show you how a smartwatch can help a senior in keeping himself updated with his health. 

How Did Smartwatches Become Useful For Seniors?

There is a common understanding among people that seniors don’t like technology. That they are looking for products which have less to do with the internet. But that’s not true at all, and a senior alert watch is specifically made for a senior adult who wants to keep track of his fitness and routine. Undoubtedly, the needs of these users change massively from their younger counterparts. But even so, there are tons of opportunities that can make a difference in this age group. 

With seniors, getting confidence in using smartphones allows them to be encouraged to try out new technologies like alert watches for seniors that track the activity of the person. Even though the screen is pretty small, still a senior can easily read all the words and data, which is shown because of how the user interface is designed to give maximum reading capability. 

What Are The Things You Need To Look For In An Alert Watch For Seniors?

Well, buying a new gadget for seniors is a task in itself, but with a little bit of knowledge, one can find the silver lining which suits their requirements. Given below are some of the essential features which one must-see in the smartwatch for seniors. 

  • First, the person who is going to wear the smartwatch must have a smartphone that is compatible with the watch. For example, if a user owns Apple’s iPhone, then they need Apple’s smartwatch to have a familiar ecosystem. If a person buys an Apple watch and try to make it work with Android, it will have lots of issues, and some of the significant features will not even work. So finding the right pair of a smartwatch for elders along with the smartphone is an essential thing that you need to consider. 
  • In addition to this, for elders, health is the first primary concern, and for some, it is the sole reason for buying an SOS smartwatch. Thus, for the usage of elders, the watch needs to have a GPS, and it must come with a heart rate sensor as well. 
  • After this comes the battery, and this goes not only for the elderly but even for the average user. No one wants a device that drains too quickly and needs to be charged again and again. There are so many things to charge, and when a person is told, they might need to charge other devices as well, which are more necessary for their daily usage, like hearing aids. In that case, a senior alert watch is something that can be easily forgotten. 
  • The next thing comes to comfort; an alert watch for seniors is something that is going to wrap around their wrist for the most part of the day. So finding the best strap and clasp which fits perfectly and stays firmly on the wrist is the one the buyer must look for. 
  • Likewise, you need to look for the applications which are present in the smartwatch. Find out which ones are best for the older person and how they are going to interact with them. If the UI is too complex, then it is not worth it, no matter how many features it packs. 

Why Do Seniors Need A Smart Watch Of Their Own?

There are so many reasons why having an alert watch for seniors is a great idea. A smartwatch will give its users the peace of mind which they are trying to find in constant health checkups and blood pressure monitoring tests. A smartwatch doubles up as a panic button allowing the wearer of the watch to call the emergency number in case of urgency.

  1. Apart from this, the sensors present in the watch will automatically dial up the emergency numbers if abnormal readings are detected. So even when a person doesn’t know their body is suffering from something, the device will do the needful and get medical assistance. 
  1. Besides this, the health monitoring system is one of the popular features of alert watches for seniors. These watches from LutiBand will keep elders motivated and give them regular reports of their health. 
  1. Many elders have issues remembering things, and in some cases, it could have severe consequences. In that case, having a watch that can alert its user to take the pills on time will be a lifesaver. 
  1. On the other hand, seniors, as we know them, are not inclined towards smartphones, so with a smartwatch, they can make phone calls easily from their wrists and enjoy a conversation while their phone is resting on the other side of the room. 
  1. There are a number of sensors, as we mentioned above, that detect emergency situations and send an SOS message to family and emergency response teams. So in times of crisis, both the family and the medical assistance are able to reach the person in a short time. 

Wrapping Up

No matter what your grandpa is saying to you, a smartwatch with a medical alert is something they need to have. The thing with old age is that people start to feel like they are dependent on others. With the LutiBand’s smartwatch, this dependency will be over, and elders will be able to take care of themselves with ease. 



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