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How Hermanos Burgers conquered the Maltese burger market



How Hermanos Burgers conquered the Maltese burger market

Hermanos Burgers

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Umair Saddique

21 December 2021


The story of Hermanos Burgers appears to read like a Cinderella story at first, but as one probes into the company’s history, the success of the company is revealed in the founder’s obsessive attention to detail. When the first restaurant was open in 2020 during an aggressive covid-19 lockdown, the restaurant wasn’t an immediate success in terms of beauty. A really Dark kitchen with a grill, a frier, and so much passion, in fact, all the focus and dedication was on top of the product.

The Founder’s idea was clear: ‘’ Let the consumer discover what we do, how we do, and where we are ‘’.

-From a Dark kitchen to 4 outlets and a large headquarters


The founder during the interviews always declared that the Maltese island down in the Mediterranean under his eyes is the pearl of Europe, where Hermanos Burgers belong to.


The winning marketing strategy has helped the brand to build awareness around the population becoming a real landmark in a really short time.


The operation manager in a recent interview during the Best eatery Award declared that there will be a few more openings in the coming months and a big franchising plan for the future.