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How does IoT Asset Tracking help in Supply Chain Visibility?



How does IoT Asset Tracking help in Supply Chain Visibility?

IoT is a revolutionary technological invention that brings change to many industries. But the changes it brings to the delivery and shipping industry are unparalleled. Many trucking, shipping, and delivery services inculcate this innovative technology into their system and use it best. 

The IoT asset tracking service provides real-time supply chain visibility and helps you to upgrade and make necessary changes when needed. The technology provides you with a route map and all the essential details about the products and their quality. Also, it can diagnose the health of the carrier truck and provide you with a report and scheduled maintenance. 

If you are wondering how IoT asset tracking helps supply chain visibility, you need to keep reading this blog. 

  • Inventory Details

With the help of an IoT asset tracking device, you will know which item you have in your inventory and in which section. You do not need to go there physically to check the available items. The tracking system is designed so that you can know the exact location and all the necessary details about the product. 

You can learn about the expiry date of any product the system will report. This means you have complete knowledge about the inventory with the help of an IoT tracking system. 

  • Route Details

After the product leaves the facility, the supply management can keep an eye on the item with the help of an IoT device. The device attaches to the delivery truck and reports back all the details. You can learn about the route, and with the map service, you can know which route to take for efficient delivery. 

Also, the IoT tracking device will provide you with the best possible route for your delivery. If the driver stops on the way, you can know about it, which helps you see the whole service line on your screen.

  • Vehicle Condition

Also, the IoT provides a report on the health of the carrier vehicle. If the vehicle has any condition, the IoT system will report it and notify you about the necessary maintenance. So you will know about the carrier vehicle.

  • Provide Real Time Location and Condition of the Items

Also, you can learn about the products even after the delivery is complete if you are a manufacturing unit and sell electronic devices. Then you can add a new feature in which you can learn about the maintenance of the product. This will help you to provide extra benefits to your customer and build a good brand image.

Summing Up

So you already understand that installing an IoT system lets you see your entire supply chain from your screen. From inventory to delivery of the product, you will know every detail about it. In some cases, you even learn about the product even after the delivery. 

This way, the IoT asset tracking system helps in supply chain visibility. If you want to upgrade your supply system you can contact Eelink for your benefits.