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How Do I Make My Friend Realize That QNET Is Not a Scam?



How Do I Make My Friend Realize That QNET Is Not a Scam?

QNET is not a scam. It’s a legitimate direct selling company operating for nearly a quarter of a century. And even though it’s one of the premier e-commerce-based direct selling companies in the world, and has helped millions of self-motivated individuals into becoming successful entrepreneurs, many still consider it a scam. That’s an unfortunate reality that direct selling companies face around the world.

For those with friends and family members who still insist that QNET is a fraudulent company, there are a few ways that the distributors, or independent representatives, can help them understand the truth about the company. Since there’s a lack of awareness about direct selling, especially in emerging markets, the media throws baseless accusations at the company, so education is key to helping successful distributors spread accurate information.

What is direct selling? The World Federation of Direct Selling Association states that it is “a retail channel used by top global brands and smaller, entrepreneurial companies for marketing products and services to consumers.” It’s an industry devoted to getting quality products and services to consumers quickly and efficiently.

Essential Facts About Direct Selling

The company, founded in 1998, is a subsidiary of the QI Group, a Hong Kong-headquartered, multibusiness conglomerate. Considering that only 35% of businesses survive the first 10 years according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and QNET has been thriving for 24 years, that’s solid evidence of its values and operations.

While illegal pyramid schemes prey on people for the intended purpose of draining their finances, QNET strives to empower and enrich the lives of all the distributors and independent representatives devoted to selling the company’s wide range of health, wellness, and lifestyle products, designed to better the lives of people around the world.

Helping Friends and Family Realize That QNET Isn’t a Scam

Distributors transform their lives by becoming successful entrepreneurs, selling travel packages, cutting-edge personal care products, exquisite timepieces from renowned Swiss jeweler Bernhard H. Mayer, and even leader-focused learning programs.

The hard work is rewarding, according to Adima Aleksandrovna, a V Elite Leader, who learned about the company from her brother. “His moral support has been incredibly important to me. He would always remind me of why I started this business, and that has helped keep me going,” she explained. “I am motivated by my dreams. I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor, and I envisioned a future for myself in medicine. My next big goal is owning my own clinic, and thanks to [this] business opportunity, I have realized that I can do so much more for medicine than just being an ordinary therapist at a city clinic.”

For anyone considering getting involved with the direct selling company, Aleksandrovna offered this advice: “You must set clear goals for yourself, and you must instill self-discipline.” As for her hopes for the future, she stated, “I want to achieve better results in the company, so I strive to maintain my current rank and always increase it to advance myself.”

Natalia Chermashentseva’s son introduced her to the company, and she was initially skeptical. “As in any business, everything is not always smooth or fast. I didn’t have enough knowledge about direct selling. Like any woman, I tried to be a good wife, a caring mother, a responsible manager at work, and then there was QNET,” Chermashentseva stated. “How can one person do everything? Yes, it was hard. I was very tired, but I kept going because I knew why I was doing all of this. I set myself a goal — not to try but to win! Of course, there were rejections — but this is normal. My initial uncertainty in business went away with the acquisition of experience and knowledge. I tried to absorb and master this new business as quickly as possible.”

She shared her advice for anyone considering the direct selling company: “Know what you want in this life and go after your goals without any regret. My personal philosophy of life is to remove the word ‘impossible’ from my vocabulary.”

A close friend suggested that Houffoue Hyacinthe try direct sales. “My leaders have always been beside me to push and motivate me. They trust me and believe that I will be successful. My advice is to surround yourself with people who support and encourage you to be your best,” he said. “When I first started with QNET, I made the decision to never give up. The thought of quitting never even crossed my mind. The best way to motivate people to join the business is to be the success story they are looking for. I want to be that living proof.”