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How Can You Be More Tech-Savvy?



How Can You Be More Tech-Savvy?


90% of cell phones in the world are smartphones, which means 10% of mobile phone users opt for “dumb” phones. And don’t forget that some people don’t use cell phones at all!

As technology makes leaps and bounds, you’d think that everyone’s keeping up. However, the reality is, tech often outpaces us, and before you know it, you feel out of the loop.

Want to fight this feeling and want to get good with technology? Then here are some ways to become more tech-savvy and keep up with the world.

Keep an Open Mind

The first step to being tech-savvy is to keep an open mind. Yes, you might love how your current computer or smartphone works, but manufacturers are bound to come out with updates, and some will completely turn your world upside-down.

If this happens, you can be stubborn and refuse to change, or you can have an open mind and adapt to these advancements. When you stay curious and are flexible, it’s a lot easier to be tech-savvy!

Boost Your Digital Literacy

Much of today’s technology is internet-based or related to it, so if you’re not familiar with internet terms, you’ll get lost fast.

Read up on basic concepts and terminologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, cloud computing, data privacy, and the Internet of Things (IoT). When you understand these things, you’ll have a better time holding conversations and picking up other technological terms.

Join Tech Communities

Are you a social person and love getting firsthand insight from others? Then tech communities are where you need to be.

On these online forums and discussion boards, there will be like-minded people who share their thoughts about what they think is up and coming. They’ll love that you share a passion, so if you’re ever confused about a subject, they’ll explain it thoroughly for you and/or point you to great resources.

Once you feel like you’ve grasped the basics, then you can chime in on the various discussions happening on these channels, as well as social media groups.

You can even find people who are willing to be your mentor or collaborator. Both offer opportunities for you to upgrade your skills quickly.

Attend Tech Events

Take things one step further and attend tech events, such as hackathons. These are excellent in-person networking opportunities that may lead to new social groups that are technology-focused.

In addition, these tech events can open your eyes to things you never thought were possible. The exposure to new ideas can keep you on your toes and eager for more.

Follow Technology News

There’s nothing better than keeping your ear to the ground, and you can do this by following technology news. You can sign up for alerts so you’re one of the first to know if there are any new developments.

Good avenues to keep up with include online publications, podcasts, newsletters, and blogs. Plus, reading a tech blog can help you familiarize yourself with various topics you might be struggling with. You can go at your own pace instead of having to rewind and rewatch video tutorials.

Use Google

One of the most powerful resources you have at your fingertips is Google (or whichever search engine of your choice). If you’re confused about how to use a piece of tech, searching “how to use X item” will instantly generate scores of helpful pages.

Or if you’re bored, searching “latest developments for X technology” will bring you up to speed. Again, you can set alerts so you don’t have to search for updates manually; this in itself is tech-savvy already!

Take Courses

For a hands-on approach, why not take some courses? Not only will you experience the technology, but you’ll also learn skills that’ll look outstanding on your resume.

For example, if you’re interested in graphic design or website development, sign up for classes at your local technical school or community college. You won’t even need to be a current student either!

Otherwise, if you have a full schedule already, or don’t want to be inconvenienced by drives out, you can enroll in online courses too. This adds a challenging layer, as you’ll need to figure out how to use the class portal to “attend” class, upload homework, and view your grades.

Keep Practicing

Many tech tools don’t feel intuitive at first, so you’ll need to keep working at it. We can’t promise that it’ll be fun; however, the more effort you put in, the more it’ll pay off.

For instance, remember when you first got a smartphone? It seemed like the most alien piece of technology at first, and you probably wanted to throw it into the trash can.

But as you kept using it, things started becoming clearer, and eventually, using your phone became second nature. Today, you can’t imagine life without it!

If you have some patience and keep practicing, the use of new tech will be less painful, and it’ll be easier to pick up new tech. With enough time, you might even be comfortable branching out to experimentation.

Become a Tech-Savvy Person

Almost everyone wants to be tech-savvy, but it’s not always possible. It definitely takes an active effort; however, it’ll be satisfying when you can confidently handle any tech topic thrown your way.

Remember that keeping an open mind and continuous learning are key. The moment you stop and close yourself off, you’ll find the world charging on and leaving you behind.

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