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About surrogacy

If you need a biological child but cannot carry it for numeral reasons, there are alternatives to make your dream come true. This can be done with the help of leihmutter, who will carry your child in her uterus with a genetic connection with at least one of you.

Surrogacy is when a woman, known as a surrogate mother, tends to carry a pregnancy for the intended parents because they cannot do so for several reasons.

How to search for a surrogate mother?

People normally tend to ask their family members or any close friends to help them with surrogacy; on the contrary, some people tend to go for agencies from where the surrogate mothers can be hired.

Usually, Ukraine is the hub of surrogacy where international intended couples can find a surrogate mother for their biological child.

●  Surrogacy through friend or family member

There are some benefits when you choose a surrogate mother from your family or close friends circle. Because you know enough about the women who are going to carry your baby, however, it is still recommended to go through the screening process, the mental health evaluation, and meet all the requirements advised by the agency and mandated by the law.

●  Surrogacy through an agency

Looking for a surrogate mother through an agency can be a bit expensive compared to asking a close friend or family member. But agencies guide you a lot about all the processes and documentation. The agency will go through screening of the surrogate mother and then provide you a candidate’s profile to review it.

What will a Ukraine surrogate mother cost?

Costs of a surrogate mother vary depending on where you and the surrogate mother reside. If a ukraine leihmutter is from your family or close friend circle, it becomes less expensive. But the expected payment can be anywhere between $70,000-150,000.

Prices may include the following:

  • Cost of IVF and egg donation if required
  • Payables to surrogate mother, if required.
  • Agency charges
  • Legal charges
  • Health and medical expenses
  • Food expenses so that she can eat healthily.
  • Traveling costs for an appointment with the doctor.
  • Maternity clothes

Disqualification from being a surrogate mother

●  Being underage or overage having an age of either less than 21 or greater than 38 may result in disqualification as surrogates. Due to some causes attached to this age, groups may result in complications.

●  It is not permissible for women who are HIV-positive to carry a child because of the chances of transmission of the disease into the fetus throughout the pregnancy and during childbirth.

●  The surrogate mother must have at least one child of her own who is still under her supervision and is raised by her. This aids the clinics to analyze the records of the surrogate in terms of delivery and prenatal records.

●  Rules and regulations vary from state to state. In some countries, there is a ban on surrogacy contracts, while in some countries, it is allowed to make surrogacy contracts but after going through a complex procedure. On the other hand, some countries are surrogacy friendly with official surrogacy clinics and agencies.

●  The lifestyle of a surrogate mother is essential. The surrogate mother needs to live in a clean and fresh environment with healthy eating habits. If a surrogate mother smokes, then the woman would be disqualified.

In this article, all the necessary information has been provided regarding what surrogacy is and the process through which people have to hire a surrogate mother. Surrogacy service is provided to those people who cannot carry their baby for some reason. But this service has helped many people.