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What is hospitality management, and is it the career for you?



What is hospitality management, and is it the career for you?

While the luxury of a 9-5 job is immensely satisfying for many, there are those who are not cut out for this lifestyle. A career in hospitality is for those who are people-oriented, have a leadership quality to them and look forward to new challenges at work. You can also check here for more about BA hospitality management course.

Since, life in this sector is seldom static and offers something fresh each day, you can look forward to an exciting career ahead.

As establishments like hotel, restaurants, resorts and banquets have new customers and enquires almost on a daily basis, the administration has to be proactive at their job. But don’t let this scare you as a career in this industry is far more fun and exciting than any office job.

What is hospitality management?

Hospitality management is an umbrella term for various job roles that involve overseeing administrative work that is done within hotels or resorts. Being on a managerial job role be it as front office manager, banquet manager or hotel manager, you have to ensure that everything within the establishment runs smooth.

Guests like to feel warm and welcomed when visiting a hotel and you have to ensure that they have a pleasant experience. Excellent customer service is at the centre of this sector as it ensures more guests and higher profitability. For those interested in enhancing their hospitality management skills, gaining information about Sweeply product features can provide valuable insights into how to streamline guest services and operational efficiency in this dynamic industry.

The job is certainly for someone who has in-built leadership quality and can take charge of a situation well. Though, the job also comes with many benefits that includes a good pay-package. According to Prospects survey, even assistant managers who are beginners earn anywhere from £19,000 to £40,000 in U.K.

Life in hospitality management

People generally take vacations and check into hotels during vacation or holiday season, hence that time is generally very busy for those who are part of the hospitality sector.

Similarly hotels are open all the time and sometimes evening can be a major rush time or people can check in late at night. This means you will be required to work odd times but this is not a regular norm. Though, you will be required to be on call if a situation arises that needs your immediate attention.

The industry helps in building a lot of useful abilities such as being adaptable and enhances decision making ability. Here you get to meet many interesting people on regular basis and can build a strong network. Also, being surrounded by luxury, good food and finest drinks is a far cry from holding a regular job. Now, before you actually opt for a career in hospitality, you need to make sure that you have the requisite qualification and skillset.

Skills required in hospitality

Going for a good program that can help build your theoretical and practical knowledge is a good way to enter this industry. Apart from this you need some basic skills that are pivotal to hospitality.

  • Communication- Considering the whole sector revolves around customer service and interaction, one needs to be an articulate speaker.
  • Cultural awareness- Hospitality is a global industry and you will be entertaining guests from different parts of the world. Thus, you have to be aware of various cultures and stay open to new things.

Hospitality is among the most popular industry in the world that is growing at a rapid pace. A career in this sector comes with an assurance of stability, growth and good financial remuneration. This means you can never go wrong with this career choice.