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Here Meet with the Youngest Bangladeshi Fashion Influencer, Model and Actor : Shahin Raaz



Here Meet with the Youngest Bangladeshi Fashion Influencer, Model and Actor : Shahin Raaz

SHAHIN RAAZ is an Bangladeshi Artist, Fashion Influencer, Model, Actor and Digital Creator, His birth name is MD Shahinur Rahman, people known as Shahin Raaz , He has started his Modeling journey since 2014, when he was just studying in college at (GIC) . He has been work in Fashion industry as a Model since 2014, but he professionally started the Career since 2015, when he was studying in university at Leading University, Sylhet Dpt. of BBA for completing the Graduation.

And he said that “The starting was so amazing firstly i have got to chance to work in a Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine as a Model, and i didn’t miss that opportunity to become a Fashion Model for the Magazine Cover , because i think that i can make perfectly Photoshoot, i never ever feel nervous or never feel shy to Standing in front of Camera, genuinely love to make photoshoots of mine i can give my all the efforts on Photoshoots in every Photoshoot try to give my best like outfits, expressions of face, different different poses each and everything i cared when i do photoshoot, always try to make my photos next leveln because this is my PASSION .

After Photoshoots all the pictures of mine i just upload one by one on Social media i think this is the reason behind, to getting so many message from media agency for Modeling to work in fashions magazine, and from online for fashion house as well as from online fashion accessories message for becoming a brand ambasador as a Model and digital creator.

He has done already so many photoshot for fashion house brand photoshoot . and he did also one music video as a model, Upcoming project also are coming soon he will announce to everyone hopefully everyone will love his work.

after that he is just work as a model on several Fashion & lifestyle Magazine, and day by day he is just gaining his Fan and Follower on social media , so many people are following him because of his stylist, dashing, charming pictures, as well as he started to making lip syncing videos on Musically which is now tiktok, people are also loving his Videos and they are always appreciated for his lovely work, Shahin Raaz Mostly known as Fashion Model, Actor and Fashion Influencer. And he said in life if anyone want to be something just make a goal and work for it, definitely today or tomorrow you will reach there.