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Healthcare Mobile App Development Cost & Features



Healthcare Mobile App Development Cost & Features

Medical facilities have become more expensive around the world and the demand for digital solutions is skyrocketing. The costs of developing a healthcare app are rising along with the rest of the market. Over the past ten years, development spending has increased significantly and will continue to increase. These costs are increasing due to the labor intensity of health app development, compliance with various security regulations, and the constant proliferation of new technologies. There is no universal method for implementing a development project. What matters is that the product solves your company’s problems and adds value to your customers. A medical application project can only be completed by a full stack engineer.

Types of Healthcare Apps

The platform you use will affect your costs. Let’s take a look at the most popular categories of medical apps and their main features.

EHR stands for Electronic Health Record.

EHR programs were first developed in the 1970s, but have only recently been widely adopted and supported by smartphone apps. There are also issues with the EHR implementation; for example, patients often encounter device failures that can negatively affect treatment. Due to malware attacks and general privacy concerns, some people opted out.

The sale of medical data to third parties is a serious problem that exists on a daily basis. Apps that allow patients to view and save their health information represent an exciting area for growth. Currently, only a few hospital apps have electronic records management, but some people are interested in this feature.

Scheduling Appointments

Communication between doctors and patients is one of the features most desired by today’s consumers. You can create an appointment schedule for a specific hospital or an entire region. Medical accounts, scheduling with the ability to enable and change appointments, and payment processes must also be integrated. Notifications can also be sent to inform consumers of upcoming appointments.

Checker for Symptoms

Most people want to be able to talk to doctors in real time without being physically present. Telemedicine programs reach all city dwellers with busy schedules and those who live in remote areas with limited access to health care. Building a telemedicine application requires integration with a video chat client.

Checker for Symptoms

Searching for symptoms online has become commonplace. In addition, it has become easier and more reliable thanks to websites and smartphone applications supported by researchers and medical professionals.

mental health

Mental health apps make up a significant portion of the health app industry. They will connect users with psychologists, complete self-assessment questionnaires, and track and evaluate health data.

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Healthcare app features

development of mobile applications for health

Profile of the consumer

With this tool, users can conveniently set up their details or a profile that is available to the public.

Dashboard for Users

The map and other statistics are easily visible to the customer and can be customized according to their consumption data.

Search bar

The consumer will use this feature to search for doctors and anything else they need. Even the search box has autocomplete and comments.


This feature reminds the consumer of their regular exercise schedule or medication dosage.

Mentoring via video

This functionality allows mobile app users to see in real time all the updates and live videos provided by doctors and clinicians in the fields of fitness, diet, wellness, zumba, meditation, yoga and more.


This feature helps consumers log in or sign up for a smartphone health app using their email address or social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.


It will conveniently provide users with the ability to chat with a licensed professional who will be available on the smartphone platform to provide useful advice using this feature.

Payment methods

Patients can pay for treatment directly from their smartphone thanks to the payment processing engine built into the mobile healthcare app.

Tracking system

Users can conveniently monitor their health with this feature using various items on their wireless computers.

Healthcare app development cost

An effective healthcare smartphone app includes a wide range of features. In addition, the cost of a healthcare mobile application development is determined by many variables, including the type of mobile application you choose to develop, as well as the functionality you choose. The cost of creating a medical application for a smartphone is difficult to predict.

Wrapping up

Once you have a clear idea of what your product should look like, look for developers with experience in the healthcare industry. Check your properties and have regular team interviews to make sure you’re on the right track. Keep in mind that the total cost of developing a healthcare app is determined by the types of apps you choose to build, the number of developers you hire, the country of manufacture, and the functionality you want to see in your app.