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9 Health Tips to Follow If You’re Struggling With an Addiction



9 Health Tips to Follow If You’re Struggling With an Addiction

Drug and alcohol addictions can be a killer. Millions around the world die each year due to them. The use of recreational drugs has never been more prevalent in society than it is today. Musicians, celebrities, and artists all openly endorse drug use.

In a culture such as ours where drugs are an accepted part of life, it can be very difficult to overcome addiction. If you yourself are an addict then you need to do everything you can to defeat your addiction once and for all.

Here is how you can do that:

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab is the first thing most people think of when the topic of drug recovery comes up in conversation. While it is true that luxury rehab clinics are expensive, rehab is without a shadow of a doubt the most effective way for addicts to overcome their addictions once and for all. In such clinics, addicts are given access to the latest treatments, mental health professionals, and a sterile environment free from malignant influences and negative individuals. After departing, addicts are also given support in the community or online, usually by the same therapists they saw in rehab.

Healthy Eating

A healthy attitude to life is one of the best things an addict can cultivate. Unfortunately, it is very hard for them to do this, due mainly to the negative influences that they surround themselves with. It is also sadly common for addicts to live in dangerous, dirty conditions. Eating healthily will not cost you a lot of money and will hopefully reset your attitude toward life, making it a more positive one. If you are unable to buy your own food then there will no doubt be a foodbank or soup kitchen in your area you can attend.

Staggered Sobriety

Unless you are able to afford to go to rehab, stagger your recovery. Attempting to cut drugs out of your life completely can be dangerous. In rehab, addicts are monitored during the early stages of withdrawal. Many are given alternative drugs like methadone to make coping with withdrawal symptoms easier. Particularly severe addictions can be fatal if dropped immediately. Gradually work towards kicking your addiction, rather than cutting it out of your life completely. Set yourself a ‘quitting date’ and then begin reducing drug consumption on a daily basis thereafter.

Isolating Yourself

The worst thing you can do as an addict is to isolate yourself. At the same time, it is important to get as far away from negative influences and other addicts as you can. Most addicts intentionally estrange themselves from their families. If this is something you have done then reach out to your loved ones and try to rebuild your relationships with them. Make sure you are open about your desire to recover, as otherwise, they might not be interested in talking to you. Rebuilding relationships with loved ones will then give you a network of people to get support from.

Achieving Normalcy

Achieving a sense of normalcy in your life is an integral part of recovery. However, it’s something that is easier said than done. In order to bring about a sense of normality in your life you might want to go out and find some kind of work. If you are pursuing work, ensure you do not seek out anything that’s going to be too stressful for you to manage. Find a job that is comfortable, slow, and not too demanding, mentally or physically. Overwhelming yourself could bring about a relapse. The more you relapse, the more likely you will be to drift back into addiction.

Treating Yourself

Treat yourself from time to time. Addicts spend the vast majority of their time thinking about drugs, not themselves. Neglecting yourself will inevitably lead to the development of health problems. Even if you are able to live as a drug user without experiencing any ill physical health, you will no doubt experience mental issues. Treating yourself and buying yourself gifts will help you to feel better about yourself. Spending your money on things other than drugs will also help you to become more disciplined. Discipline is essential if you are to successfully make it through addiction and achieve sobriety.

Religious Practice

If religion does not appeal to you, then move on to the next point. However, if you come from a religious family and have spiritual beliefs, religion could be a good way of finding relief from addiction. Lots of addicts turn to churches, temples, and mosques to overcome their issues. Who better to help than God, after all? You will be able to participate in your local religious hall’s community meetings and groups which will make building a support network easier. Be open with the religious leader that you speak to, so they can give you all the help that you need.

Improving Sleep

The quality of your sleep is something you need to work on improving. Sadly, many addicts spend their lives in and out of drug-induced stupors, never really getting quality sleep. Most addicts report feeling much fresher and better about themselves post-recovery because they are actually able to sleep. It is important not to fall back on pharmaceuticals to help you sleep if you are experiencing insomnia in the early stages of your withdrawal. Sleeplessness is a common symptom of drug withdrawal and does, therefore, not need to be treated with another drug.

Seeking Support

Seeking out support in times of hardship is very important if you are going to make a full and total recovery. Ideally, you should call friends or family members when you are struggling. That being said, not everybody is fortunate enough to have friends and family. If you do not then you should reach out to a mental health professional or your usual physician. The hospital is also worth a visit if you are dealing with a mental health crisis. Most hospitals will be more than happy to admit individuals suffering mentally to their mental health wards, where they can get the treatment they need. Community groups are good places to turn in times of hardship too.

Overcoming addiction is like climbing a mountain. It isn’t easy. Ask any addict and they will tell you this. However, notwithstanding the difficulty, it is something you need to do if you are a frequent drug user. Addiction claims the lives of millions each year. If you are not careful, it could claim yours too.