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Tiny Harris Celebrates The Birthday Of Her Sister Read The Emotional Message Tip’s Wife Wrote For Her



Tiny Harris Celebrates The Birthday Of Her Sister - Read The Emotional Message Tip's Wife Wrote For Her

Harris Celebrates The Birthday Of Her Sister

Tiny Harris is celebrating the birthday of her sister with an emotional message. View the photos they shared on their social media accounts to tag the event.

Happy birthday to the best sister in the world, I love you so much! Thank you for being my savior when I was sick. She doesn’t like her family. The best sister there is !! I will always thank you for your love and support. This will make me unforgettable for life! We can celebrate casually, but we will catch up soon! ! I love you back and forth to the moon! Happy birthday Si .. Show him some birthday love. Tiny Tony added subtitles to her post.

Someone said: Mrs. Diane girls … Happy birthday! The sister model and another follower both wrote: “Happy birthday, girly. You look like sexy caramel queen @majorgirl. Use

Another Instagram user also asked for Tiny Sis anniversary greetings and wrote: “Happy birthday.

Someone brought and listened to Tiny’s daughter Jonnik and his new music: Jo JoJonic’s new single has a MajorGirl pre-order link.

One follower said: “Happy birthday to you, make your life more enjoyable, and more fans pay tribute to Tiny’s sister and her entire family.

Speaking of Tiny and her family, her other daughter Hires Harris was raised by his father T.I. The new dance moves and fans were surprised.

Tiny shared some wonderful clips on social media accounts, including a beautiful baby girl, and her fans could not afford this talented baby.

Don’t play her tic-tac-toe game! She is teaching dad @turmoil 31 tricks! Slideshow to see how he made #DaddySgirl (model Tiny’s post title).

It is unclear when Deja will stop tracking his father on two social media platforms, but fans hope her podcast interviews will soon attract international attention.

She did not even follow her mother Tiny Harris.

Interestingly, Tiny has been following Deja while her account is active, but T.I. is not at all. However, the Deja fan account they follow uses the same profile picture and should be confused about the daughter ’s official account.

But Diya’s feeling was obvious. In addition to following her father, she also criticized her in three tweets.

One person wrote: “It’s disgusting, possessive and controlling.

Another wrote on Twitter: “This is not just an acquisition.”

She also likes supportive tweets from a lady who wrote: “I think you are right. They are communicating your business with the world through medical means, and you as a woman choose whether to spend your life in life Personal and special moments are never right. ‘