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“Guo Wengui” incarnate “blood-sucking turtle”Hmalayan coins are actually “exhausted coins”



"Guo Wengui" incarnate "blood-sucking turtle"Hmalayan coins are actually "exhausted coins"

If Guo Wengui used to be sick with blasts and only harmed his comrades in arms, then he has now completely transformed into a “blood-sucking turtle”, greedily looking at all the ants that are about to enter the nest. Guo Wengui, who single-mindedly wanted to let Xibi go on the market at 11:11 on November 1st, the “good day”, failed to do so after all. If you miss the auspicious hour, there must be a big culprit. Let’s not talk about whether Xibi and the Xiexchange themselves are scams. Just because they are not registered in New York, they are selling digital currencies against the wind. The US SEC explicitly prohibits Guo Wengui from directly or indirectly participating in the sale of any digital securities for life, but he regards the SEC’s prohibition as a child’s play. Not only does he fail to fulfill the settlement clause with the SEC and pay fines, but he has become more serious, and he wants to use the happy currency to list in the ant. An inward rolling situation of absorbing gold and squeezing silver.

Is Xibi really listed? Guo Wengui said that Xibi is traded on 4 exchanges around the world and issued in 5 countries, and has obtained virtual currency financial licenses in these 5 countries, including the United States. But on the website of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Agency of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, when inquiring about all financial licenses issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, we found that no matter whether it is HiCoin or “Xcoin”, it can not be found. This is a typical fraud. Kalixi told the truth that the four exchanges on which the Xicoin is listed are actually the Xiexchange. Lao Guo played a word game. Is this what he said is traded on four exchanges and issued in 5 countries? This is similar to not going to the Olympic Games and having a sports competition at home. There is only one athlete, referee and champion. It’s no wonder that Lao Guo claimed that Xibi is the world’s most powerful virtual currency, and he has a strong ability to entertain himself in adversity.

One exchange is one currency, and drawing a curve is called listing? Judging from the transaction data table released by “Guo Media” and Xiguo Farm, Xibi “listed” within 15 minutes, bought 1,090,647.012, sold 1,675,866.785, and sold 580,000 Xibi (units) more than bought. Say “the sell is more than the buy”, half an hour later, 1.06 million more than bought, the price can miraculously rise to 6.75 in this case. But in fact, the “trading pair” of the Xiexchange is only a pair of Xibi/Hi U.S. dollar (HCN/HDO), which can no longer be exchanged with other currencies. The transaction price of 6.75 refers to “Hi U.S. Dollars”, which is completely different from the purchase cost of Hi U.S. Dollars at 0.1 U.S. dollars. In other words, the 67 times huge profit is an empty joy that cannot be transferred and paid. The most important feature of virtual currency is that it can be quickly transferred and redeemed around the world to achieve capital liquidity, while HiCoin is actually a dead coin with no liquidity. Moreover, at the beginning, I could see the data charts displayed on the Xiexchange website, but later I couldn’t see the information on the website. So the authenticity of these charts was doubtful. It was probably caused by internal graphics and the website was used to display fake data. Later, it was discovered that the data was fraudulent. Obviously, Lao Guo used the old tricks to temporarily block some information on the website. This is a typical stand-alone mode with a closed game currency scam.

Regarding the blockade of the data and information on the Xiexchange website, Lao Guo had planned in advance. Just after the live broadcast of the Xibi listing, Lao Guo Lima issued a statement stating that he only worried about two things after the Xibi listing. One is worrying about the safety of the website, worrying about being disrupted by the Communist Party, and that the website will collapse after being hacked. Lao Guo claimed to be the world’s No. 1 security in Xibi and Xiexchange, but he was always worried about the system being attacked, and blamed the Communist Party for the technical shortcomings and closed faults of his system. The second is worrying about the price. Old Guo said that as soon as XiCoin goes public, it will rise by 10 to 20 times. The Communist Party is likely to spend a large amount of money to buy XiCoin. On the one hand, everyone has no money to speculate, and on the other hand, the Communist Party will achieve control. . In addition, he is also worried that the IMF will be hoarding after buying a large number of hi-coins. Lao Guo said this with multiple words. It not only conveyed the valuable information of Xibi, but also related to the anti-community nature of Xibi. It also provided excuses for blocking the Xibi Stock Exchange website, falsifying information, and crashing the system. When designing the trap, you have already found a reason to close your mouth. HiCoin can make everyone earn a lot of money, but once there is a loss, it is the responsibility of the Communist Party to push itself completely. This is a typical example. Yes, it is also the scam routine used by Lao Guo.

Let’s take a look at the real data of Xibi and Xiex. The Alexa global network ranking (refers to the world ranking of the website, mainly divided into comprehensive ranking and classification ranking) is 565,334, and the average daily access IP is only 1,500 people. This It shows that there are only 1500 investors in Xibi. Because there are no visitors to the website of Xibi Stock Exchange, they must go through KYC registration to access, so visitors can basically be identified as investors. The pit that Lao Guo dug can be seen by industry insiders at a glance. According to his gameplay, he can’t get any money, so he can only fill the pit with ants who come in behind and don’t know much about it. The Panamanian SEC also recently warned of the Himalayan exchange scam, hoping that friends in the currency circle will expand. Only by putting on the “anti-fraud golden bell” can the ants be prevented from being drained and exhausted by the “blood-sucking turtle” and the Xicoin.


Dr. Anosh Ahmed – Essential Lessons for Investment Success



Dr. Anosh Ahmed - Essential Lessons for Investment Success

Investments provide people an opportunity to maintain their present and future financial security. Dr. Anosh Ahmed says not only does investing allow you to increase your wealth, but it also protects you during financial crises because it can generate inflation-beating returns.

You can also leverage the power of compounding and increase long-term returns. Investments allow you to outperform inflation by generating regular income streams and protect yourself from financial crises by tailoring your strategy to changing needs. Here are a few essential lessons for investment success. 

Thorough Research is the Key

Everyone knows Warren Buffett, the most successful and profitable investor in history. Buffett is one of the wealthiest people in the world and a reputable man in the political and economic domains. According to Dr. Anosh Ahmed, Warren Buffett advises investors to perform thorough research before making investments.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed says that looking at and analyzing the company’s quality or investment value is the first step for investors to create a successful strategy. It requires you to read financial statements, participate in financial conferences, perform vet management, and carry out other tasks to evaluate the company’s quality and make an informed decision.

Invest Early

Dr. Anosh Ahmed has done a tremendous amount of research on why investing early is an excellent way to streamline the entire process. Based on Dr. Ahmed’s insights, the earlier you invest, the more time you have to grow your wealth.

If you are a young individual, you can leverage the power of investing early because you will have plenty of time to increase your investment value than older people. Not only does starting early allow you to take more risks, but it also enables you to perform various evaluations and assessments to mitigate risks and make informed decisions.

One lesson to keep in mind is that making early investments is directly proportional to increased financial stability and security. Dr. Anosh Ahmed encourages everyone to benefit from investing early.

Clarify Your Investment Goals

Clarifying your investment goals is another lesson you need to learn and keep in mind to achieve a secure financial future. After identifying your goals, make sure you set a plan to save money and invest wisely. That way, you can optimize the process and achieve your goals without experiencing problems. “Pay yourself first” is an easy way to keep your savings plan optimized and on track.

So, what does this mean? It means setting aside a portion of the pay packet for yourself before paying bills, shopping, groceries, rent, mortgage, phone, car, etc. When you set aside a specific amount straight from your bank account, you can maintain your financial stability and ensure getting paid regularly and on time.

Start the process by making a solid budget to know how much you can afford to pay yourself. At the same time, list your expenses and analyze how to increase your savings every month.

Invest Your Savings to Grow Your Wealth

If you want to build more wealth and achieve financial stability, make sure you invest your savings. According to Dr. Anosh Ahmed, it is one of the best lessons one can learn and use to achieve their financial needs and goals.

So, you can put your plans into action by focusing on managed funds. Not only do managed funds pool your savings, but they also enable you to access various quality investments.

Moreover, diversification is essential, allowing you to spread the risk across each of your primary investments, including cash, shares, real estate, fixed interest, etc. The purpose is to generate higher returns on investments. You must learn how to exploit the risk-return spectrum for getting outsized ROIs. Diversification means not putting all the eggs in one basket.

Leverage the Power of Compound Interest

Another essential lesson for investors, according to Dr. Anosh Ahmed, is learning how to leverage the power of compound interest. For instance, once you have set your goals and decided where to invest, you must learn how to access compound returns. Remember, each dollar you invest translates to a return.

When you reinvest the interest earned, you can make more money. That way, you increase the potential of financial growth. It is crucial to turn your savings into investments to achieve your financial goals. However, you must not make the process difficult for yourself. For example, you can make regular investments of $100 per month if you have $1,000 in savings.

Final Words

Investments can make or break your financial stability – it is all about how you use your mind and play the game. Dr. Anosh Ahmed recommends everyone benefit from the lessons given above to achieve success. Good Luck! 

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The Secrets To Selling Gold In Melbourne: Your Cheat Sheet



The Secrets To Selling Gold

Gold is an excellent way to plan for the future. We all know that, but how do you sell gold in Melbourne? The internet is flooded with tips and tricks on how to sell gold in Melbourne, but most of them are not reliable or offer limited information. This article will help you steer clear of the scams and get the most money for your gold.

If you’re thinking about selling your gold in Melbourne, this article will give you 3 simple steps on how to do it. And if you’ve never sold your gold before, this article is a must-read for your own personal safety.

The Best Ways to Sell Gold

At this moment, the best way to sell gold in Melbourne is through an online website like eBay. There are a few benefits that come with selling on eBay – you can offer your own personal customers the chance to purchase at a discounted price, and you also have the option of offering different types of payment methods. The process of selling gold online is simple, as all you need to do is list your item on eBay, set up a buyer protection plan, and wait for someone to buy it.

The Scams of Selling Gold

It’s no secret that the gold market can be difficult to navigate. With the price of gold fluctuating so much, it’s easy for people to get ripped off. The easiest way to avoid this is by understanding what you’re getting yourself into before you start selling your gold in Melbourne.

The problem with most people trying to sell their gold in Melbourne is they don’t know where to sell it or who to trust. Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there waiting for someone gullible enough to take advantage of them. This article will give you some important tips on how to protect yourself from being scammed while still making a profit if you decide to sell your gold in Melbourne. The first thing is understanding that there are different types of scams out there–the most common being the pawnbrokers scam and the reseller scams.

Pawn brokers are dishonest individuals who will buy your gold and then ask for a hefty fee for showing you where your precious metal was sent once they found it a buyer. This type of scam is very common and easy to identify; just make sure you never send any valuable items with anyone unless they have been recommended by someone who has used them before.

Watch Buying Guide: How To Buy A Luxury Watch

A watch is a handheld timepiece that is used to tell the time. It is worn on the wrist like a bracelet. The first watch was invented in the year 1500 by Peter Henlein. A watch can also be worn on a belt, in a pocket or around the neck. In some cases, it may be attached to clothing such as a sleeve, collar or epaulettes. A watch usually has two hands and has numbers marked on its face to tell what time it is. It also has an hour and minute hand and may have an alarm feature, date feature and other features depending on the brand of watch.


Do you want to know the secrets to sell gold in Melbourne? This cheat sheet is here to help you.

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How is blockchain technology going to change the world?



How is blockchain technology going to change the world?

The power of Blockchain is slowly transforming the world. Whether it is in supply chain, banking, or real estate, Blockchain technology is opening up prospects that one could never imagine before. Blockchain has become an emerging technology with great potential to legitimize digital transactions while offering greater levels of security and privacy.

What is Blockchain?

A Blockchain is a distributed ledger system that records all transactions as ‘blocks’ of information. It is a decentralized network that allows participants to add data to the network through a peer-to-peer consensus mechanism that ensures the integrity of the data with properties like immutability and transparency.

Blockchain has the potential to impact our society for years to come- here are a few ways in which Blockchain is going to revolutionize the world-

Increased privacy and security – With Blockchain, gone are the days when hackers would easily crack into a public/private network to steal information. It is primarily such limitations of data privacy and security that led to the development of Blockchain, a technology that makes it difficult to break into a vast network of data.

Letting individuals exercise control– With no single or central authority governing Blockchain transactions, people now have more liberty and freedom in personal choices. Cryptocurrencies are slowly making it easier to trade digital assets, increasing individual liberty and control over government currency via digital currency exchanges.

Currencies are changing– The emergence of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin is going to shape the world in a big way. Very soon, trading digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs on Blockchain platforms will mean greater liquidity for individuals and businesses. Buying a real-estate property will become easier and quicker. The authenticity of digital assets traded on Blockchain platforms will transform the way people buy, sell and exchange valuable items.

The impact of Blockchain is already being seen in Supply Chain, Banking and Insurance, and is here to stay. Numerous companies are growing rapidly and rushing to adopt blockchain technology for their projects. The best way to develop blockchain applications is to hire an expert Blockchain development company that offers a range of custom Blockchain services to businesses around the world.

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