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“Guo Wengui” incarnate “blood-sucking turtle”Hmalayan coins are actually “exhausted coins”



"Guo Wengui" incarnate "blood-sucking turtle"Hmalayan coins are actually "exhausted coins"

If Guo Wengui used to be sick with blasts and only harmed his comrades in arms, then he has now completely transformed into a “blood-sucking turtle”, greedily looking at all the ants that are about to enter the nest. Guo Wengui, who single-mindedly wanted to let Xibi go on the market at 11:11 on November 1st, the “good day”, failed to do so after all. If you miss the auspicious hour, there must be a big culprit. Let’s not talk about whether Xibi and the Xiexchange themselves are scams. Just because they are not registered in New York, they are selling digital currencies against the wind. The US SEC explicitly prohibits Guo Wengui from directly or indirectly participating in the sale of any digital securities for life, but he regards the SEC’s prohibition as a child’s play. Not only does he fail to fulfill the settlement clause with the SEC and pay fines, but he has become more serious, and he wants to use the happy currency to list in the ant. An inward rolling situation of absorbing gold and squeezing silver.

Is Xibi really listed? Guo Wengui said that Xibi is traded on 4 exchanges around the world and issued in 5 countries, and has obtained virtual currency financial licenses in these 5 countries, including the United States. But on the website of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Agency of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, when inquiring about all financial licenses issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, we found that no matter whether it is HiCoin or “Xcoin”, it can not be found. This is a typical fraud. Kalixi told the truth that the four exchanges on which the Xicoin is listed are actually the Xiexchange. Lao Guo played a word game. Is this what he said is traded on four exchanges and issued in 5 countries? This is similar to not going to the Olympic Games and having a sports competition at home. There is only one athlete, referee and champion. It’s no wonder that Lao Guo claimed that Xibi is the world’s most powerful virtual currency, and he has a strong ability to entertain himself in adversity.

One exchange is one currency, and drawing a curve is called listing? Judging from the transaction data table released by “Guo Media” and Xiguo Farm, Xibi “listed” within 15 minutes, bought 1,090,647.012, sold 1,675,866.785, and sold 580,000 Xibi (units) more than bought. Say “the sell is more than the buy”, half an hour later, 1.06 million more than bought, the price can miraculously rise to 6.75 in this case. But in fact, the “trading pair” of the Xiexchange is only a pair of Xibi/Hi U.S. dollar (HCN/HDO), which can no longer be exchanged with other currencies. The transaction price of 6.75 refers to “Hi U.S. Dollars”, which is completely different from the purchase cost of Hi U.S. Dollars at 0.1 U.S. dollars. In other words, the 67 times huge profit is an empty joy that cannot be transferred and paid. The most important feature of virtual currency is that it can be quickly transferred and redeemed around the world to achieve capital liquidity, while HiCoin is actually a dead coin with no liquidity. Moreover, at the beginning, I could see the data charts displayed on the Xiexchange website, but later I couldn’t see the information on the website. So the authenticity of these charts was doubtful. It was probably caused by internal graphics and the website was used to display fake data. Later, it was discovered that the data was fraudulent. Obviously, Lao Guo used the old tricks to temporarily block some information on the website. This is a typical stand-alone mode with a closed game currency scam.

Regarding the blockade of the data and information on the Xiexchange website, Lao Guo had planned in advance. Just after the live broadcast of the Xibi listing, Lao Guo Lima issued a statement stating that he only worried about two things after the Xibi listing. One is worrying about the safety of the website, worrying about being disrupted by the Communist Party, and that the website will collapse after being hacked. Lao Guo claimed to be the world’s No. 1 security in Xibi and Xiexchange, but he was always worried about the system being attacked, and blamed the Communist Party for the technical shortcomings and closed faults of his system. The second is worrying about the price. Old Guo said that as soon as XiCoin goes public, it will rise by 10 to 20 times. The Communist Party is likely to spend a large amount of money to buy XiCoin. On the one hand, everyone has no money to speculate, and on the other hand, the Communist Party will achieve control. . In addition, he is also worried that the IMF will be hoarding after buying a large number of hi-coins. Lao Guo said this with multiple words. It not only conveyed the valuable information of Xibi, but also related to the anti-community nature of Xibi. It also provided excuses for blocking the Xibi Stock Exchange website, falsifying information, and crashing the system. When designing the trap, you have already found a reason to close your mouth. HiCoin can make everyone earn a lot of money, but once there is a loss, it is the responsibility of the Communist Party to push itself completely. This is a typical example. Yes, it is also the scam routine used by Lao Guo.

Let’s take a look at the real data of Xibi and Xiex. The Alexa global network ranking (refers to the world ranking of the website, mainly divided into comprehensive ranking and classification ranking) is 565,334, and the average daily access IP is only 1,500 people. This It shows that there are only 1500 investors in Xibi. Because there are no visitors to the website of Xibi Stock Exchange, they must go through KYC registration to access, so visitors can basically be identified as investors. The pit that Lao Guo dug can be seen by industry insiders at a glance. According to his gameplay, he can’t get any money, so he can only fill the pit with ants who come in behind and don’t know much about it. The Panamanian SEC also recently warned of the Himalayan exchange scam, hoping that friends in the currency circle will expand. Only by putting on the “anti-fraud golden bell” can the ants be prevented from being drained and exhausted by the “blood-sucking turtle” and the Xicoin.







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The hack allows you to ship messages without saving the recipient’s smartphone wide variety to your contacts list. Sending a unmarried SMS might be tedious; consequently, this characteristic removes the want to erase the cellphone range. Any character who has a lot of contacts but would not know them very well, like a business owner, would find this feature very useful.

Disable the message’s forward tag:

Your contacts may be notified in the original app if the message is a forwarded one. Now your loss of originality will not be a problem if you use FMWhatsApp to send amusing and tasty phrases. It’s a great idea to use FMWhatsApp when you can’t bear to be frank with your friends and family.

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Ways A Bookkeeper Can Save You Money



Ways A Bookkeeper Can Save You Money


If you are a small business owner, the chances are that you are a fan of finding ways to save money and the DIY lifestyle. Whether it be a small or big business, handling the finances can be a challenging task. This is because finances are not something an unskilled person can manage correctly, and there is no room for error. 

Owning and running your own business is a big deal. You always have some task to manage. Hiring an accountant from an accounting firm in Aventura can free up some time for you so that you can focus on more important things. If you think hiring a professional is expensive, think again. They can save you money in various ways in the short and long term. 

Ways a bookkeeper can save you money 

  1. Managing your profit margin. 

If you are a small business owner, it is needless to say that such businesses usually have a small profit margin. Hiring a bookkeeper in Aventura will allow you to keep track of these margins and recognize where you are going wrong. They can also give you tips on increasing margins and growing your business. Moreover, by focusing on your business instead of handling payroll, you will be able to concentrate more on your business. 

  1. Allows you to lower your stress. 

As a business owner, you must be aware of the various struggles one has to endure while handling a business. While the first few years of establishing a business are the toughest ones, the stress does not decrease even when your business grows old. 

In fact, if your business has grown and expanded, you may be even more loaded with tasks. You may have to juggle multiple tasks at once, making you vulnerable to mistakes. Bookkeepers can help you with administration

  1. Minimize tax. 

Nobody likes paying taxes. After all, giving away a chunk of your hard-earned money to the government can be hard. However, it is an inevitable part of being a business owner, and everyone must comply with the laws. 

Choosing the right bookkeeper will keep your books updated and organized. Remember that paying taxes is important and not an option. If your bookkeeper is suggesting ways to get out of paying them, it is a major red flag. You should not work with someone who encourages you to practice illegal habits. 

These are a few ways a bookkeeper can help you save both money and time. Perhaps the best benefit of hiring them is peace of mind. 

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Essential Services Offered by A Cosmetic Dermatologist



Essential Services Offered by A Cosmetic Dermatologist

Over the last decade, people have emphasized the need for a perfect image. If you have an undesirable feature that makes you feel incomplete, you can seek corrective services. Also, you do not have to struggle with insecurities about your body shape because there are innovative procedures catering to the dame. Cosmetic dermatology Forest Hills offers a variety of techniques and treatments which ensure you attain all your beauty goals. In this article, you will study all services provided by a cosmetic dermatologist.

  • Elimination of Double Chin

If you have a double chin, you might become insecure about your image and cover your neck region. However, cosmetic dermatology can help you eliminate the double chin through innovative treatments such as kybella Injection. The injection contains a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid which breaks down fats. After the infusion in different areas of your chin, the compound breaks down the fat that accumulates there, and the body absorbs it leaving you with a perfect chin. You will need up to six treatments for one month and begin to observe changes afterward.Essential Services Offered by A Cosmetic Dermatologist

  • Firm and Youthful Skin Despite Aging

Once you grow old, the skin begins to sag and have fine lines and wrinkles, which allow people to tell your age quickly. You can reverse the aging process through innovative treatments such as thread lift. The specialist improves your skin appearance in a minimally invasive procedure. During this procedure, you will get your skin numbed, and then the specialist will make a tiny incision, place threads under the skin, and close the incision. The skin heals, giving you youthful skin.

  • Perfect Body Image

If you have fat that you have tried to get rid of through exercise and dieting without success, you consider cool sculpting. The procedure allows you to lose fat in unwanted parts of your body without surgery. The coolsculpting process involves freezing fat cells in the targeted areas. The fat cells will then break down and eliminate the body as wastes. The procedure uses a coolscupting applicator and gel pad. You will start observing changes after a few weeks following the treatment.

  • Glowing Skin

If you are tired of having a dull skin complexion and are looking to restore the glow, you should consider chemical peels. Depending on your beauty goals, the dermatologist will recommend different chemical peels. For instance, if you want to improve the outer skin, you will get a light chemical peel instead of a deep chemical peel which clears blemishes from deep within the skin.

  • Improved Cheeks and Lips Volume

Aging can cause you to have fine lines that interfere with your smile’s quality. Also, aging causes the wastage of muscles around your face. You can overcome all the above aging challenges through fillers. The dermatologist injects the substance into your lips to increase their volume and into your cheeks to lift them.

Today most people opt for cosmetic procedures to get rid of undesirable appearances and features. Adult and Paediatric Dermatology centers offer a range of cosmetic dermatology services, which allow you to have a perfect image through the latest treatments and procedures. Therefore, do not sulk about your appearance, and you can book an appointment with them today!

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