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A Guide to the 4 Cs of Diamonds: What You Should Know to Make a Wise Buying Decision



A Guide to the 4 Cs of Diamonds: What You Should Know to Make a Wise Buying Decision

Diamonds always have preciousness not because it’s expensive but because of their attractive appearance. The sparkling gem will melt your heart down when you get to wear them. However, most people think diamonds are costly to afford.

But now, you can have affordable diamond collections from lab-grown diamonds. Diamond buyers Sydney prefer buying lab-grown diamonds more than natural diamonds because they are real diamonds, too, with more detailed specifications.

This article will give you a guideline on buying diamonds, considering the 4Cs (carat, cut, clarity, colour). These are the vital parts of identifying diamonds in the first place.

Know the Carat: The carat size determines the diamond’s measurement. It lets you know how much diamond you will have in that significant diamond jewellery. For example, you are going to buy a diamond ring. The ring will not be entirely made of diamonds. There will be a base of metals.

The metal could be of gold, silver, platinum or others. And the gemstone on top of the ring will be of diamonds. Also, the size variations will detect the amount of diamond you want to have. So, the total measurement is done by measuring the carat size. 

The carat size also impacts the price of diamonds significantly. The more the carat size, the more you have to count for the diamond item.

Know the Cut: The cut of the diamond determines how polished the diamond is. You can examine the diamond cut by the light test or microscopic test. When the diamond stone passes the light test, you know you have the pure stone. 

The shape and setting of diamonds in jewellery depend on the diamond cut. It’s one of the essential parts of detecting a diamond’s purity in the first place.

Know the Clarity: The clarity or inclusion test is another way to know if you buy suitable diamonds. Usually, lab-grown diamonds have significantly fewer inclusions or clarity than naturally mined diamonds. The explanation is simple: you get organic diamonds mined underneath the earth, and you get diamonds made in the labs.

Knowing the clarity is crucial in determining diamonds. For example, gold buyers look for the gold’s purity by checking its details through different tests. And the same goes for the diamonds too. You get to do the microscopic test or light test for it.

Know the Colour: Diamond colours are also essential to figure out whether you are buying the perfect piece or not. There are differences in colours for lab-grown and mined diamonds. The colour scheme ranges from lighter to darker. When it’s natural, you will not get more than a few significant colours, but lab-grown diamonds will provide you with all the colours you need. 

Overall, get your diamond certification when you are up for buying diamond jewellery. It’s the authentication of getting the pure diamonds.