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Green Earth Nano Science -An Eco-friendly solution provider against COVID-19




green earth nano science

Mother earth has been through many evolutions and tragedies that became history afterward. There was climate change, pandemics, and wars, etc. during each of these, especially pandemics and wars, many people even in lacs and millions lost their lives as well as other precious assets.

During previous centuries and decades, the world has witnessed the plagues of circa, the plague of Athens, Antonine plague, a plague of Cyprian, Justinian, The black death, American plague, plague of London ad much more. So is another pandemic breakout that mother earth is going through is called “COVID-19” and “Corona Virus” etc.

COVID-19 Breakout:

Coronavirus is known to be the virus that spreads from person to person through the air as well as personal interaction. Humans are badly vulnerable to the virus and there are 101% chances of them getting infected from it if they do not take precautionary measures in time. It has already spread to more than 190 countries and killed more than 1lac people worldwide, also more than 3lac people have recovered from it.

How to stay safe?

The most important factor for everyone right now is how to stay safe from COVID-19? Well, it is being told by most sophisticated and dedicated medical doctors and specialists that one can stay safe by social distancing, take all the precautionary measures, maintain extra hygiene and cleanliness to avoid germs. The virus can be defeated only by taking good care and less by treating it once it is diagnosed in one.


Well, just like the dedicated medical doctors, there are some globally known incorporations that are working day and night for providing benefits to the environment through their products and solutions. “Green Earth Nano” is structured as a Canadian corporation and is an environmental technology company with the head office located in Toronto, Canada. They are Chemical wholesalers in Mississauga, Canada.

As the company slogan says: “Green technologies for sustainable future”  so it quite vivid that It is an incorporation that generates environment-friendly natural bio-Products that are used in the field of agriculture, hospitality, and some industrial applications. It is totally dedicated to providing people with the most effective and efficient ways to stay germs-free so that they can minimize their chances of being affected by the COVID-19. Well, the incorporation has a lot of what can help you stay hygienic and clean. Here is some of it :

GENSNANO self-sanitizing coating:

Well, until now everyone is well familiar due to the present consequences and complexities of the situation that sanitizing is the key to hygiene and cleanliness.  Also, it is not done only by a single method, but one can have multiple ways to do that. Here are some. GENSNANO self-sanitizing coating stands on top in the loss of photocatalyst sanitizing techniques, as it is a self-cleaning, antibacterial self-sanitizing green coating for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

green earth nano science

More about it :

The GENSNANO self-sanitizing coating is the award-winning service. It is the nano photocatalyst coating that is sold with the installation service and can protect against air &  surface bio-contamination. It may be caused by E. Coli, swine flu & bird flue, etc. customers & employees can be easily protected against the deadliest bacteria & virus outbreaks.

The  UV air filtration system in GENSNANO self-sanitizing coating ensures virus killing and keeping people safe by improving the air quality of their compartments and buildings. Also, it is environment-friendly and transparent. it is natural mineral & water-based photocatalyst and has no side effects or harms. It provides decontamination actions 24/7  during 365 days of the year non-stop.

TiO2 coating :

Well, seems something really strenuous. I’ll succor you understand it rigorously. TiO2 in simple words is called “titanium dioxide” or “Titania” which is naturally occurring oxide of Titanium. This bio-cleaner is used as a major product in paints, coatings, enamels plastics, fibers, pharmaceuticals, and foods as well. likewise, it proficiently specializes in maintaining a competitive quality of hygiene, minimizing the environmental impacts that might occur onto human beings.

Why TiO2?

Well, here is why one goes for TiO2 solution for protection against COVID-19? It is a non-toxic and antimicrobial coating residue that keeps bacteria from multiplying and provided germs-free air ensuring 24/7 virus protection. For providing virus surface protection, it is equally efficient for hospitals, homes, offices, benchtops, public areas, child-care homes, old-age homes, schools, and public transport, etc. provides 5 years of virus, bacteria and anti-COVID19 protection.

Check them out in person:

Well, after knowing well about the complexity of pandemic on global premises, if one intends to try nay of the bio-solutions for their homes, etc, must check out personally, you will come to know even more about their products, services and that how sanitizing works. Just click here or here. Their services will never disappoint you.


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Strong Foundations Of Ekol Hospitals Leads To Success

Umar Nisar



Strong Foundations Of Ekol Hospitals Leads To Success

Ekol Hospitals, which were established in Izmir by BAZ group companies in 2007, is an innovative hospital in terms of worldwide treatment and treatment strategies with a solid and dynamic staff.

In this context, Ekol hospitals can compete with other European-based institutions in medical sciences with its innovative structure and innovative spirit.

The importance of experienced staff and it’s outcome

According to researches, the service quality of a hospital is directly proportional to the experience and knowledge of its staff. In this context, Ekol Hospitals, which have always had an experienced and dynamic staff since the day they were founded, is an institution that has proven itself in this sense.

Ekol hospitals have doubled their efficiency, especially in the service and services it provides abroad, and raised its prestige by getting full points from the patients it serves. Chief of staff of Ekol reports as follows; “It took a lot of energy to get to where we are, but we are very happy with the results. I think we brought together the right staff, I can see this by looking at the satisfaction level of our patients.”

According to the latest statistics, The organization which guarantees a 100% service experience to the patients visiting Ekol hospital, provides its patients with a service experience of up to 99%. As such, Ekol hospitals maintain their relations with their patients after the treatment process, giving personal importance to the relations they established with their patients and provides support not only in the subjects they receive service but also in all medical matters in general.


“Our Obesity treatments is a successful one, and attracts lots of patients across the world” Manager of the international relationship said.

Ekol, which has proven itself in the fields of Orthopedics, Gynecology and Cardiology, has come a long way in Obesity and has become one of the few organizations in Europe. Sarah, who previously chose Ekol due to affordable pricing and received medical services in the field of Orthopedics, was more than satisfied with her experience and brought her own sister to Ekol hospitals for obesity treatment. Stating that the obesity treatment process has been very positive, Sarah also states that Ekol hospitals are well advanced in terms of obesity treatment and strategies. She does this based on his past experiences; “My family also has genetic obesity, I had taken my mother to treatment in Europe before, but it cost us a lot. Without damaging our economy by choosing Turkey, we have received the same treatment we received in Europe. “

After leaving the hospital, Sarah stated that if her family has obesity problems again, she will apply to Ekol hospitals again. A whole team of people who took care of her and her sister stated that they had a hole in their hearts. This was unexpected for everyone. “Sarah was a person who always made us laugh and spread positivity around her thanks to this attitude, so I think we did our best for her.”

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ENT Specialist Sugar Land TX: Know Your Symptoms

Umar Nisar



ENT Specialist Sugar Land TX: Know Your Symptoms

ENT stands for ear, nose, and throat. Your ear, nose, and throat are very important parts of your body. Just like other parts of the body, they also can have various problems associated with them. Their problems can be associated with a variety of discomfort felt at almost all times ranging from eating to sleeping. Thus, it is very important that you visit and seek help in getting rid of your ear, nose, and throat problems from ENT Specialist Sugar Land TX.

Most people with ear, nose, and throat problems are often plagued with a wide range of symptoms that the specialist will go through during the treatment. Their problems are often detrimental to health and so you must seek the help of an ENT specialist Sugar Land TX as quickly as possible.

Most visits to the hospital are related to problems of the ear, nose, and throat. The importance of visiting a specialist cannot be overemphasized. The specialist will carefully look through your symptoms and give you the best prescription to alleviate the problems and quicken your journey to total recovery.

There are a lot of ENT problems ranging from minor problems like allergies to major problems like malignancies, all of which can have various effects on the individual.

What Can the ENT Specialist Do?

Having gone through the required training, they are well equipped to tackle problems related to

  1. The ear: problems such as hearing impairment, pain in the ears, ringing in the ears, and congenital disorders of the ear can be treated by ENT specialist Sugar Land TX.
  2. The nose: problems that can affect the nasal cavities and sinuses can be treated by the ENT specialist.
  3. The throat: problems of the throat which can affect various activities like singing, eating, speaking, and swallowing can be treated by the ENT specialist.

When Should You See an ENT Specialist?

Booking an appointment with an ENT specialist Sugar Land TX is very important when you have any of the following problems

  • Tonsil infection: A bacterial infection of your tonsils can lead to tonsillitis, with symptoms such as sore throat, bad breath, swollen tonsils, fever, and problems with swallowing.
  • Ear infection or inflammation: This can be caused by cold and flu viruses. Its symptoms include ear pain, irritation, fever, and sleeping issues.
  • Allergy: A lot of people suffer from allergies. There are various allergy triggers which include pollen, food, mold, dust, insects, pets, and much more. People with allergies can experience coughing, running nose, fever, headache, skin rashes, sneezing, and many more.
  • Hearing loss
  • Sinus infections: Sinus infections are caused by bacteria. Its symptoms include headache, teeth pain, stuffiness, congestion and so much more.
  • Tinnitus( ringing in the ears)
  • Problems with breathing
  • Problems with balance
  • Sleep apnea
  • Acid Reflux

Treatment Plan

After a complete ENT examination and based on the diagnosis, your ENT specialist would offer treatment and prescription. This can include the use of medication, surgery, and lifestyle changes. If you have any of the symptoms listed above, you may want to visit ENT specialist Sugar Land TX to get tested and commence treatment.

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Lips Forever Young, Beautiful, Soft, and most importantly – “Voluptuous”!!!

Umar Nisar



Lips Forever Young, Beautiful, Soft, and most importantly - "Voluptuous"

Vitamin To-Glow Pack

There are many beauty products that you can find on the market today to satisfy the beauty of your skin. Now, do you know if they really contain the important vitamins for skin health?

Find out what they are and what you should take into account as the main ingredients of these beauty cosmetics that you like to use so much. We will tell you what foods you can include in your daily diet to make the most of all these vitamins here are our some items from our brand ”I DEW CARE”

Some curious facts about our products


RSVP to softer, smoother lips with Plush Party Buttery Vitamin C Lip Mask from I Dew Care – a rich, leave-on formula that preps your pout for all those kissable moments.

Say You Dew Moisturizing Vitamin C Gel + Cream

A dual-layered formula that helps you dew you all day long, with a top gel layer of antioxidant-rich lemon extract and brightening Vitamin C, and a bottom cream layer with banana extract known to prevent moisture loss.

Importance of vitamins

You should know that the consumption of vitamins is essential in the development of every human being , since they benefit the proper functioning of all systems, organs and processes of the body, including the skin.

Do not forget that the dermis needs specific vitamins to stay radiant and beautiful in the face of environmental pollutants. Try to include those that we specify below, both in the ingredients of your cosmetics and in your diet.

4 important vitamins for healthy skin

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the important vitamins for healthy skin. There are vitamins that your body is not capable of producing on its own, such as this one. Therefore, you must include it in your diet through food or an aesthetic product in the case of the skin.

Vitamin A plays a vital role in the health of your skin. This provides the necessary protection against solar radiation, inhibiting the growth of certain cells. It also helps fight diseases such as acne, psoriasis and dryness, by providing hydration and elasticity,

Prepare your skin a few days before the arrival of sunny summer by consuming this vitamin in smoothies or salads that contain fruits and vegetables.

2. Vitamin B3

Also known as niacin, it is the vitamin par excellence of the B complex for the creation of many cosmetics that contribute to the reduction of acne or inflammatory problems

This favors the body in obtaining the appropriate shine for the skin, as well as it can rebuild it in case of looking loose or flaccid and thus prevent its aging in the short term.

In addition to these, we also recommend consuming those foods that contain a high content of vitamin B12, as stated in this article. This is responsible for the formation of red blood cells in the body to regulate the proper tone of the skin and its pigmentation.

Remember to eat these foods to get their benefits:

•        Beer yeast

•        Liver

•        Sardines

•        Shellfish

3. Vitamin C

Another important vitamin for skin health is vitamin C. This is the protein in charge of providing elasticity to the tissues, as well as their rapid reconstruction in the face of damage caused by age or possible conditions. On the other hand, it is responsible for reducing and preventing the appearance of spots, since it contributes to the production of keratin in the body; fundamental protein for the formation of new cells.

4. Vitamin E

Vitamin E will help you combat the visible effects on the skin caused by age or diseases caused by the sun or other toxic agents.

To start enjoying its benefits regularly, you can:

•        Regularly add a pinch of pepper to your dishes.

•        Prepare dressings in vegetable oils such as olive.

•        You can also consume walnuts, olives, and sunflower seeds.

Another curious fact is that this vitamin collaborates with the regulation of moisture in the skin. In addition, it helps with the absorption process of vitamin A in the body.



TRIPLE THE FLAVOR: Can’t decide on just one? Try them all with this trio of our yummy ice cream-inspired wash-off facial treatments!

BERRY GROOVY: Brightening glycolic acid, antioxidant-rich raspberry extract & exfoliating strawberry seeds, all in a gelato textured mask.

MATCHA MOOD: Soothing green tea, skin-restoring Vitamin B3 & cooling glacier water packed in a sorbet textured mask.

CAKE MY DAY: Hydrating rainbow sprinkles & a birthday cake scent (that smells yummy enough to eat) all wrapped up in a soft-serve textured mask.

HOW TO USE: Apply a generous, even layer to clean skin avoiding eyes and lips. Leave on for 5-10 minutes – mask will not dry! Rinse off with lukewarm water while massaging the skin in a circular motion. For best results, use 2-3 times a week.

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