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Gravedigger MT is a hot up and coming artist from Missouri ! 2



Gravedigger MT is a hot up and coming artist from Missouri !

Gravedigger MT started his career in 2019. He was 20 years old at the time. He always dabbled in the music even when he was a kid. He used to sing when he was younger. even though he was an exceptional singer that only lasted until his last year in middle school. Gravedigger MT took a break not too long ago and decided to really start taking his music career seriously.

After his grandmother passed away from cancer he started working even more on perfecting his craft. He paid for studio time and when he wasn’t able to get to a professional studio he recorded some of his songs straight from his own phone. His first song is “she left with a broken heart”. He recorded that single in 2018 and released it on April 9, 2019. Since that date, the song has been gaining more notoriety and overall streams. Gravedigger MT has turned his traumatic experiences into sheer motivation to be successful within the music industry. Gravedigger is from Berkeley, Missouri. Being from Missouri has had a lot of influence on his style of music. Even though he is proud and represents the state heavily his end-all goal is to be noticed on a more international scale.

Gravedigger MT has some major influences that have shaped his sound today. His influences include his uncle JMC, the late Xxxtentacion, and the Future. Gravedigger MT is currently working on some major projects for his fans. These projects include 2 brand new albums titled “Love vs Pain” and “Happy 21”.

Gravedigger MT is currently focusing heavily on his brand and expanding his reach. Now that he has a ton of music in the works the main focus is marketing and generating a major fanbase and overall new listeners. You can also view his content on Youtube and Soundcloud. Gravedigger MT appreciates all of your support with his music. It means the world to him that you continue to listen to his content as new releases are now pending. You can find all of his current releases now on all major platforms including Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, and more! In the near future Gravedigger MT will be hitting the venues and rocking out on stage.

His content catalog is his first priority right now so that his fans have a lot of products to enjoy, but with that being said he would love to entertain his fans and friends on stage. Gravedigger MT focuses solely on being a key role model for the youth with his musical influence. There is so much going on in the world that he feels some kids need a positive factor. A factor that speaks on positivity and growth and of course success.

He has been following his goals now for a little over 2 years and has been reaping some major benefits and wants to help others know that they can achieve the same success if not more. His brand is still getting off the ground currently but is already seeing some major credibility and notoriety.

Anderson competed in his final event on January 14, 2017, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. On September 18, 2017, Dennis announced his full retirement from Monster Jam, stating however that he would still be behind the scenes and in the pits. In 2019, Anderson started driving the new King Sling 2.0.

Focusing on marketing and publications Gravedigger MT expects his music to be seen globally this year and be seen everywhere. Music has been his life since he started to embark on this journey. He is turning sorrow into success and spreading a positive impact on his listeners and or viewers. With his new albums set to release soon, you will see him on major blogs and other major news sites. Make sure to keep up with his Journey on Instagram @gravediggermt