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Off the Beaten Path: Gems to Discover on Your Cambodia Vacations



Off the Beaten Path: Gems to Discover on Your Cambodia Vacations

Are you planning a trip to Cambodia? While well-known destinations like Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh are worth seeing, there is so much more to discover in this beautiful country.

If you want a unique experience, consider getting off the beaten path and exploring some hidden gems many tourists miss. Here are some ideas to help you plan your ideal Cambodia vacation.

Read on to learn more.

Kulen Mountain

Kulen Mountain is located in Siem Reap and offers a peaceful escape from the busy tourist areas. This sacred mountain is an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists and Hindus. Explore the ancient ruins, dip in the refreshing waterfalls, and enjoy the stunning views from the top of the mountain.

Walking along the well-trodden paths, you’ll also encounter the intriguing reclining Buddha at Preah Ang Thom, a massive statue etched straight into the sandstone.


Battambang is a charming city that offers a different side of Cambodia. This city is perfect for those who want to experience local Cambodian culture without the crowds.

Take a bike tour of the countryside. Visit the traditional village of Kampong Luong and sample delicious street food at the bustling night market.

Battambang is also home to some of the oldest Buddhist temples in Cambodia. It offers an impressive sight with its towering Bodhi tree growing out of the ruined sanctuary.

Mondulkiri Province

For nature lovers, Mondulkiri Province is a must-visit destination. This remote area in eastern Cambodia is home to:

  • lush rainforests
  • cascading waterfalls
  • and rare wildlife

Spend your days trekking through the jungle. Visiting indigenous villages and getting up close and personal with elephants at a conservation center.

Mondulkiri is not just remarkable for its natural beauty but also its cultural richness. Home to the Bunong people, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about their unique traditions and way of life.

Be sure to visit the Phnom DoKramom, a sacred mountain to the indigenous people. It offers a breathtaking vista of the province.

For animal lovers, the Elephant Valley Project is an eco-tourism initiative committed to the conservation and welfare of the native elephant population. Here, you can view these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, protected and cared for, away from exploitative practices.

Koh Rong

If you need beach time during your Cambodia vacation, consider heading to Koh Rong Island. This beautiful tropical paradise boasts stunning:

  • white sand beaches
  • crystal clear waters
  • vibrant coral reefs

Take a boat trip to the smaller island of Koh Rong Samloem for an even more secluded experience. Often referred to as a little slice of paradise, Koh Rong is Cambodia’s second-largest island.

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, about 25 kilometers off the coast of Sihanoukville, it is a haven for those seeking a relaxed, natural retreat. With palm-fringed beaches and turquoise waters, Koh Rong provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation and adventure.

The island is home to diverse wildlife. Engage in bird watching or embark on a jungle trek to witness the rich biodiversity that Koh Rong shelters. Snorkeling and diving opportunities abound for marine life enthusiasts.

With plenty of coral reefs teeming with marine species, you can enjoy this place. If you want to visit these places, you can look for Cambodia vacation packages.


For a taste of old-world glamour, visit the coastal town of Kep. This former French colonial retreat is known for its beautiful seaside villas and fresh seafood.

Stroll along the picturesque promenade. Visit the famous Crab Market and watch the stunning sunset over the Gulf of Thailand.

Kep retains an air of bygone elegance. Many of the villas and French colonial buildings were abandoned during the Khmer Rouge era and now stand as poignant ruins hidden amidst lush vegetation, evoking a sense of mystery and nostalgia.

Preah Vihear Temple

Located on a remote mountaintop near the Thai border, Preah Vihear is an ancient temple that offers a truly unique experience. Its isolated location means it receives far fewer visitors than Angkor Wat. This allows you to explore the intricate carvings and stunning views in a peaceful setting.

Preah Vihear features a unique layout of sanctuaries linked by pavements and staircases. Five Gopura (entrance pavilions) lead you through a spiritual journey from the material world to the home of the gods. The temple’s carvings and bas-reliefs are remarkably well-preserved, depicting scenes from Hindu mythology, including the famous churning of the sea of milk.

Kulen Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kulen Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit for those interested in wildlife conservation. This protected area is home to rare species, such as the giant ibis and white-shouldered ibis, which are critically endangered. Take a guided tour to learn about the sanctuary’s efforts to protect these beautiful birds and other wildlife.

While many well-known destinations exist in Cambodia, these hidden gems offer travelers a unique and authentic experience. So go ahead and explore beyond the famous tourist spots. Discover the diverse beauty of this incredible country on your next vacation.

Embarking on Cambodia Tours offers a guided, immersive experience of the country’s rich cultural heritage. This Cambodia vacation tour offers deeper insights into specific aspects of Cambodia. Food tours let you savor local delicacies, while photography tours guide you to the most picturesque spots for that perfect shot.

Kampong Cham

Located on the banks of the Mekong River, Kampong Cham is a charming town that offers a glimpse into rural Cambodian life. Take a boat ride along the river, explore the countryside, and visit local markets. It is to experience traditional Khmer culture.

The town is also home to some beautiful temples, including Wat Nokor, a 12th-century temple with intricate carvings and a peaceful meditation garden.

Kampong Cham is known for its laid-back atmosphere and friendly locals. This makes it the perfect place to relax and immerse yourself in the local way of life.

It’s also an excellent base for day trips to nearby attractions like the bamboo bridge at Kampong Cham, an impressive structure made entirely of bamboo that is reconstructed each year after being destroyed by monsoon floods.

Choose the Best Places for Your Cambodia Vacations

With so many hidden gems to discover, Cambodia offers a truly unique and diverse travel experience. So step off the beaten path and explore all this beautiful country offers on your next vacation. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination!

Keep exploring new places and cultures, always seeking those hidden gems for unforgettable Cambodia vacations.

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