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GBWhatsApp APK Download latest Version



GBWhatsApp APK Download latest Version

GBWhatsApp APK is a popular third-party messaging application that offers an enhanced and customizable experience for Android users. With over 200 million downloads worldwide, GBWhatsApp has gained immense popularity due to its unique features and versatility.This modded version of WhatsApp presents users with a wide array of customization options, including themes, fonts, and chat backgrounds, allowing individuals to personalize their messaging interface according to their preferences. GBWhatsApp also offers advanced privacy features, such as the ability to hide online status, blue ticks, and the double-check marks, granting users greater control over their privacy.

Additionally, GBWhatsApp supports dual WhatsApp accounts on a single device, enabling users to manage multiple phone numbers effortlessly. It also facilitates sharing larger files and multimedia without compromising quality, making it an ideal choice for those who require efficient and feature-rich communication.In summary, GBWhatsApp APK is a versatile and customizable messaging app that enhances the WhatsApp experience, catering to the diverse needs of users while prioritizing privacy and convenience.


GBWhatsApp APK is a feature-rich and highly customizable messaging application that extends the capabilities of WhatsApp. Here are some of its prominent features explained in detail:


GBWhatsApp offers an extensive range of customization options. Users can change themes, fonts, and chat backgrounds to create a unique messaging experience tailored to their preferences.

Privacy Controls:

It provides advanced privacy settings, allowing users to hide their online status, blue ticks, and double-check marks. Additionally, it offers the option to lock chats with passwords or fingerprints for enhanced security.

Dual WhatsApp Accounts

GBWhatsApp lets users run two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on a single device, making it convenient for those with multiple phone numbers.

Message Scheduling:

Users can schedule messages to be sent at specific times, ensuring important messages reach recipients at the right moment.


This feature prevents senders from deleting messages they’ve sent, allowing users to keep track of their chat history accurately.

Hide Typing and Recording:

GBWhatsApp enables users to hide the typing and voice recording indicators during chats, enhancing privacy and reducing the pressure to respond immediately.

Larger File Sharing:

Unlike the official WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp allows users to send larger files, making it easier to share high-quality photos, videos, and documents.

Status Download:

Users can download the status updates of their contacts directly to their device, eliminating the need for third-party apps.

Anti-Ban Protection:

GBWhatsApp developers continuously work to ensure that the app remains safe from WhatsApp’s ban policies, providing users with a secure messaging experience.

Customizable Notifications:

Users can customize notification settings for individual contacts and groups, ensuring they only receive alerts for the most important conversations.

Built-in App Lock:

GBWhatsApp offers an in-app lock feature, allowing users to password-protect the entire application or specific chats for added security.

Multiple Languages:

It supports a wide range of languages, making it accessible to users worldwide.

Auto Reply:

Users can set up automated responses for incoming messages when they’re unable to reply, making it useful for businesses and busy individuals.

Group Features:

GBWhatsApp enhances group chats by enabling users to hide their online status, make group video calls, and send broadcast messages to multiple contacts simultaneously.

Backup and Restore:

It offers comprehensive backup and restore options, making it easy to transfer chats and data between devices.

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How To Download And Install Of GBWhatsapp APK?

  • Search for a trusted source to download the GBWhatsApp APK file.
  • Go to your device’s settings.
  • Navigate to “Security” or “Privacy” settings.
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option to allow installation from sources other than the Play Store.
  • Locate the downloaded GBWhatsApp APK file in your device’s file manager.
  • Tap on the APK file to begin the installation process.
  • Follow on-screen prompts and grant any necessary permissions.
  • Launch GBWhatsApp after installation.
  • Enter your mobile number and verify it with the OTP (One-Time Password) sent to your number via SMS.
  • You can either restore your chats from a previous WhatsApp backup or start fresh.
  • Explore GBWhatsApp’s features, customize your settings, and enjoy an enhanced messaging experience.


Q1:Is GBWhatsApp APK safe to use on Android devices?

GBWhatsApp is a third-party app and not officially endorsed by WhatsApp, which may raise security concerns. Exercise caution when using it and consider the potential risks.

Q2:How can I transfer my chats from official WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp?

To transfer chats, create a backup of your chats in WhatsApp, uninstall WhatsApp, install GBWhatsApp, and then restore your chats during the GBWhatsApp setup process.

Q3:Why can’t I find GBWhatsApp on the Google Play Store?

GBWhatsApp is not available on the official Play Store due to policy violations. You must download it from a trusted source online and enable “Unknown Sources” in your device settings.

Q4:Do I risk getting banned by using GBWhatsApp?

WhatsApp periodically bans users who violate their terms of service, and using third-party mods like GBWhatsApp can increase the risk of a ban; proceed with caution and consider the potential consequences.


GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp, designed for Android users seeking enhanced features and customization options. With over 100 million downloads worldwide, GBWhatsApp has gained popularity due to its unique capabilities.One of its primary appeals is its extensive customization features. Users can change themes, fonts, and chat backgrounds, allowing them to personalize their messaging experience. Additionally, GBWhatsApp provides advanced privacy controls, such as the ability to hide online status, blue ticks, and double-check marks, granting users greater privacy and control over their messaging activity.GBWhatsApp supports dual WhatsApp accounts on a single device, a convenient feature for those managing multiple phone numbers. It also allows for scheduling messages, anti-revoke functionality to prevent message deletion, and larger file sharing, enabling the sharing of high-quality multimedia.

Moreover, GBWhatsApp is equipped with in-app locking options, including password and fingerprint protection, to enhance security. Users can download status updates, utilize auto-reply functions, and enjoy various group chat enhancements.However, it’s important to note that GBWhatsApp is not officially endorsed by WhatsApp, and its use carries potential risks, including the possibility of being banned by WhatsApp for violating its terms of service. Users interested in GBWhatsApp should exercise caution and consider the implications before downloading and using the application.