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From Concept to Code: Creato’s Website Development Journey in London



From Concept to Code: Creato's Website Development Journey in London

If your business doesn’t have a website in this digital era, you are missing out on many target customers. Whether you are a new or an existing business, if you want to stay relevant in today’s world, you need an aesthetic and functional website. Creato can help you make a robust digital presence. Creato is the leading name in website development in London that creates websites that are beautiful to look at and function flawlessly for your audience.

Creato’s Web Design & Development London Process

Web Package & Framework Selection

Creato’s designing and development process starts with you selecting the most appropriate bundle for your London-based business. Next, decide whatever website building framework you prefer—WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, or another—and choose it. Once you have decided which package fits your budget and requirements, move forward with a safe payment to start your web journey. You can also connect with them and discuss your project to make the right decisions regarding the package and framework.

Website Blueprints

After choosing the package, you will be quickly directed to their website design and development brief. The more information you give them about your company and the framework you’ve chosen, the more effectively they can match the design and functionality to your requirements. With the help of the information you provide, their project team will determine which specific resources are needed to satisfy your particular website need and make preparations for them.

Website Drafts

Their website designing and development team gets to work creating the first iterations of your website using the framework you’ve chosen. With the information in hand, the web designer can begin creating the project’s genuine appearance. Several factors are involved in this process, including graphic design, user interface (UI) design, user experience (UX), sitemaps, page layouts, and wireframes.

The actual code that powers the website will then be created from the website design. Creato produces a website that complies with all the requirements specified during the planning phase. They work together with you to guarantee that your website has a pleasing appearance and runs well on the platform of your choosing.

Feedback and Iterations

It is the phase where they share their first draft with you, and you can share your thoughts on the preliminary versions. They will consider all your feedback and will make the necessary changes to satisfy your requirements and prepare the website for the framework of your choice. They work on your website until you are delighted with the results.

Website Goes Live

Yayy! Your website is now prepared to leave its imprint in London and elsewhere, having been constructed on the framework of your choice. Creato will move the website to the customer’s live server, which will be reachable using the customer’s domain name. You’ll receive all the necessary files and information discussed at the beginning of the project. It generally includes the logos, website source code files, and other assets used during the planning, design, and development phases.

Industries Targeted for Website Design by Creato in London

Website Design

Creato focuses on building unique and interactive web experiences for new and existing businesses and enterprises in London. Experienced designers on staff create digital works of art specifically for you. Their approach to web design integrates aesthetics and functionality to provide a captivating user experience. Their skilled developers collaborate with their web designing team to create visually stunning and feature-rich WordPress websites. Their team of developers can work on any platform, such as Shopify, Squarespace, or other Content Management Systems and knows how to leverage their unique functionalities.

Construction Website Design

The designers and developers at Creato have good experience in designing websites for construction companies. They establish a strong foundation for your website. Their designs for the construction sector emphasise your company’s knowledge by precisely showing projects and services.

Healthcare Website Design

Creato has worked with many healthcare companies. Just like healthcare companies put care into their every service, Creato puts care into each and every pixel. They design user-friendly educational websites for the healthcare industry so that patients may easily obtain crucial data. Creato builds the website from the ground up, allowing them to meet all design and functionality needs without sacrificing quality.

Real Estate Website Design

Creato can help you create an exceptional real estate website. Their experience in the domain helps them create a website that displays properties in style. Their attention-grabbing real estate web designs help listings stand out and increase interest from prospective tenants and buyers.

Health and Fitness Website Design

Creato is well-versed in the health and fitness sector, which helps them create a pleasing and functional website. They design websites that educate and enthuse users, encouraging them to pursue their fitness and health goals.

Clothing and Fashion Website Design

They know the most important thing for a fashion website is the call to action. Their web designs bring fashion to the digital sphere in a way that leaves a long-lasting impression on the user. For trendsetters, their fashion-focused designs fascinate and intrigue, delivering a seamless online buying experience.


Creato can help you create a high-performing bespoke website that will give you a competitive advantage and a good return on your investment. From initial consultation to post-launch, their development approach walks you through the full process to ensure your internet marketing and SEO plan is properly integrated.