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From Bean to Brew: How to Start a Coffee Roasting Business



From Bean to Brew: How to Start a Coffee Roasting Business

Have you always wanted to turn your passion for coffee into your career? Starting a coffee business is the perfect way to satisfy your passion while providing a valuable service to customers. But getting started might sound daunting.

It doesn’t have to be. Read on to learn how to start a coffee-roasting business!

Determine Your Niche

Are you hoping to focus on wholesale roasting? Or do you want to roast coffee beans that you’ll then serve in the form of drinks in a more traditional coffee shop? Take the time to consider your intentions.

If you set up a coffee shop, you can serve your personal brand of coffee. This means you won’t need to source beans from other sources. And that could end up saving you money.

On the other hand, this approach can take more time and energy. That’s because you’ll be roasting and running a storefront.

Another option is to focus exclusively on roasting. You can form relationships with coffee shops and sell them your beans for months or even years. These types of long-term relationships can help you make more accurate financial projections for your business.

You may need some help getting your coffee roastery off the ground. And that can include getting the right equipment and business help. Click for Probat Roasters to get the best assistance with processing coffee the right way!

Find the Right Location

Where will your business go? Before getting too deep into logistical matters, think about where your coffee business should be located. The answer may depend on your intentions as a business.

If you’re not planning to open a traditional coffee shop, you may not need to find a charming storefront in a booming part of town. A space in a less desirable area of town can offer a less expensive lease agreement.

You also may gain access to more space for roasting equipment. And you’ll have an easier time coordinating pickups from trucks for retail or wholesale shipments. But if you decide later on that you do want a storefront, you’ll need to consider moving everything or part of your business elsewhere.

A coffee roastery that also serves as a traditional shop needs a better location. You’ll want to find an area that’s not already saturated with coffee shops. And you’ll want a place that sees heavy foot traffic or sits on an accessible road.

Keep in mind that more populated or desirable areas come with a heftier price tag. You’ll need to run a business with strong profit margins to maintain enough revenue. You also may face lease increases when you need to renew.

Tackle Logistical Matters

While focusing on roasting coffee and serving the best drinks might be the main lure of running a business, there are other steps you’ll need to take. Before you start testing out coffee drinks, you’ll need to get your paperwork in order.

To start any business, you need a business plan first. In it, you’ll outline goals, both long-term and short-term, and address financial needs and projections. You’ll want to describe your company and its mission, too.

From a financial standpoint, you’ll need to account for roasting equipment, lease agreements, and utilities. You may need to seek a small business loan to help jumpstart your needs.

You’ll also need to determine your pricing for drinks or roasted coffee. Conduct some area market research to see what prices are like at your competition. You don’t want to go too high, especially initially, since this can deter customers from giving your business a try.

Additionally, you’ll want to look into appropriate insurance policies for your building, workers, and equipment. And make sure you’ve secured the necessary license and documentation to operate a business legally in your town. You’ll need to be clear on what taxes you’re responsible for, as well.

Focus on Branding

When you start a business, don’t forget about branding and marketing. You’ll want to design a crisp and memorable logo that you can stamp on everything from coffee bags to receipts.

Don’t settle for logos that look like they were designed by an amateur, either. Hire branding and marketing people to give your business the best shot at success. They can help you choose colors, packaging materials, and web copy that will give your business a distinctive flair.

Additionally, you’ll want to be active in promoting your business. Use social media to your advantage for this. Set up a business profile on at least two platforms and maintain an active presence.

Designate an employee to run this arm of your business. They should be posting photos, videos, and compelling text that gives potential customers a window into your business. And they should be posting every day to gain the most momentum.

You can also use email marketing to send newsletters. Highlight your latest roasts. And offer promotions, like discounts or deals, to incentivize new orders!

Hire the Best Employees

A business is only as good as its employees. That means you’ll need to hire employees with good communication skills who can sell your products. They’ll also need to be responsible and quick learners.

During your interview process, be attentive to how they talk and why they want to work for you. As the one running the business, you’ll need to set up a good training plan for those individuals you hire, too. Whether employees are helping with the roasting or interacting with customers, they need to bring their skills to the table.

As a training step, you’ll need to help them understand and detect the subtleties of different types of coffee. Hold tastings where you go over flavor notes. You’ll also need to be sure that all employees can make the best-tasting drinks if you have a storefront.

Start a Coffee Roasting Business

A coffee roasting business can be an exciting venture. But you’ll need a strong business plan and niche before getting started. You’ll also want committed employees and a good marketing strategy.

Find more tips to fuel your business ventures. Check back soon for new articles!