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French City Foods: Exploring the Street Food Scene in Paris



French City Foods: Exploring the Street Food Scene in Paris

Are you a lover of cities, food, and travel? Then you should make a point to visit Paris, France.

This is one city in the world that is perfect for people who love to explore local food. From street vendors to upscale bistros, you’ll never run out of food and culture.

In fact, there are so many foods to experience in Paris that you’ll need this guide. Here’s a list of some of the most notable French city foods that you need to eat in the city of lovers.


One of the most popular and beloved of these options is crepes. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, crepes offer a satisfying savory or sweet snack. Popular fillings include jambon (ham) and fromage (cheese) for hearty sandwiches, Nutella and banana for dessert, or simply a sprinkle of sugar and a squeeze of lemon for a simple, classic treat.


One especially delightful Parisian classic is the Croque Monsieur. The sandwich is composed of a generous layer of gruyère cheese and bechamel sauce melted onto two slices of crusty, white bread, with a ham filling between the two slices.

The ingredients used can be adjusted to suit personal tastes, with some versions also using mozzarella instead of gruyère cheese. Eating a Croque Monsieur is a truly French experience.


Among the famous French specialties, the beloved imported cheese stands out as one of the highlights. From the classic Boursin to Camembert, goat cheese to cheddar, there are countless types to be discovered all around the city.

The old-school cheese stalls at the markets, such as Bastille and Raspail, are always bustling with locals that come for their favorite cheese. One can also find artisanal gourmet cheeses at specialty stores and fromageries. Street food stalls also serve hot cheese melted in cheesy sandwiches and savory crepes.

Gaufres (Waffles)

One of the Paris street food that stands out is the Gaufres Waffle. They are cooked and served fresh and quickly. The Gaufres is a rectangular-shaped waffle with a thin, crisp crust with a soft and light interior.

Perfect for lunch or an afternoon snack, the Gaufres is served in two common varieties. The first is the sweet variety, filled with Nutella, honey, or fruits, while the second is the savory version, topped with ham and cheese.


Churros are a popular French treat sold on the streets of Paris. Light and crispy, they’re best eaten with a dusting of sugar and a scoop of thick, creamy chocolate.

Offering a unique twist on a classic French dessert, these churros embody the spirit of adventure. You’ll find fresh-made treats wherever you happen to be, and no matter where you are, you’re sure to find a delightful surprise.

Get Out And Try The Unique French City Foods For Yourself

The city of Paris offers a wide variety of unique street foods sure to satisfy any palate. From traditional French dishes to the global flavors of different cultures, Paris is full of delicious food. Exploring the street food scene of Paris will be an adventure that will leave any food lover enchanted.

Try some of the incredible French city foods that the streets of Paris have to offer and experience the delight that comes with them!

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