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French artist Pierre Constantine reviving his family’s clothing line this year



French artist Pierre Constantine reviving his family’s clothing line this year

Pierre Constantine, a French artist living in New York has been reviving his family’s clothing line this year and soon the collection will be ready for the public. He has a wide variety of art that has inspired this clothing line in a new way. A blend or “fusion” as he likes to say of artistic and capitalistic mediums is going to have to take place to create a successful brand in 2022.

“There is no room for error in either category. Both business and artwork have to be fine tuned
like a nice watch. It cannot be off by even the slightest moment. Luck is always going to have
to be on your side and hard work is the foundation for good luck. You do not get lucky doing
nothing. We will be there everyday to make sure our product is not just a piece of clothing, but
rather an experience and a work of art. From the unboxing part of the journey to the wearing,
collecting, showcasing, and selling of our clothing we want the time you spend wearing our
clothing to be memorable. There is a time for something like this to happen.

We are going to be merging with many small pop up shops and companies throughout New York, Paris, Russia,and Germany to make sure our products are seen worldwide but only by the right people. We do not want a mainstream audience or a mainstream brand. We want to cater to our audience, our customers the best we can and we can only do this when we like who our customers are as people. We do not want everyone, we just want those looking for a unique way to express themselves without buying into the mainstream. If you want our clothing badly but cannot afford it, just reach out to us we can always workout a mutual partnership of value outside of currency.

Make us an art piece or send us a good quote that we might end up using, we’ll send
you a t shirt. There is always something.” – Casey Bernstein, Spokesman for Pierre

Pierre C. Group is the clothing brand and they are planning to partner with Ready
Universe a New York based mainly underground boutique retailer of tech and apparel. They
have a streetwear collection while Pierre C. Group will be focusing on more formal goods. An
interesting collaboration between 2 old brands that are coming back into the market in 2022.
Ready Universe was one of the first companies to ship to Russia back in 1989 and now are
faced with a lot of backlash for continuing their shipping to all European countries.

They say the Russian people are not the same as the Russian government and leaders and should still be entitled to receiving the goods they so choose to buy. In order to make a come back in 2022 Ready Universe launched their social media campaign and has been making their sales online.

Pierre C. Group on the other hand plans to utilize pop up shops as well as online sales methods. Advertising is going to be a major factor for Pierre C. He knows that in todays market you cannot just emerge back into the world and think people will care, there will be a lot of thought and planning that goes into the back end promotion of this clothing line and the Ready Universe collaboration A new emergence of clothing and gear is happening right now in New York and Europe and there have been celebrities from the US and Canada that have been seen wearing the brands before. Somewhat a “flex” in the community as these items were extremely rare in the past and only available at private artist parties as souvenirs and free gifts.

Jonah Hill seems to be a favorite of the crew from Ready Universe as he was seen sporting a fully decked out set of Ready Universe gear. Pierre Constantine is the artist behind almost all the Ready Universe designs so it is not a surprise that this collaboration is taking place. To see him take his unique more creatively freeing designs to his own brand will be very energizing and liberating for many followers of Pierre’s early works during his time in Istanbul. The interesting part is that now we will start to see Pierre’s work be translated to a medium we can all afford at some level, on a t shirt it is much easier to show your love for an artist, than a massive oil painting. Most of us don’t even know how to store an oil painting properly. This way we can all enjoy the original work. Daniel Craig and Adam Sandler were also seen years ago rocking the Ready Universe vintage tees which have only now after 5 years come on the public markets. Available at Instagram is @readyunivere.ny