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Francesco Carrozzo: The Future of Sound



Francesco Carrozzo has been working as a sound engineer
Frank Carrozzo: The Future of Sound Francesco Carrozzo is a distinguished and infamous sound and recording engineer residing in Los Angeles, California. He graduated with honors and a degree from one of the most notorious and prestigious sound engineering and music production institutions:
The Blackbird Academy in Nashville. He managed to get various internships in many recording studios in Nashville and Italy where he’s originally from, including the world-famous BlackbirdStudios and interned for producers such as John Mcbride, CJ Vanston, Marco Barrasso, and Giorgio Baldi. Francesco Carrozzo has been working as a sound engineer and recording engineer for a decade, he now has with relationships with multiple Grammy-winning and nominated producers including Steve Baughman, Alex Elena, CJ Gaston, James Lowe, and many more. He’s currently a member of AES.
Audio Engineering Society. In 2019, Francesco Carrozzo received a job which changed the course of his life, he engineered for American rapper The Game’s last and ultimate record “BORN2RAP. While working on this record Frank had the chance to work and engineer artists such as Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran, NipseyHussle, A$AP Rocky, and 21 Savage. This album has been considered one of the most influential albums in the history of modern rap.
HI Francesco, Welcome to Hear Up.” Q: You have a really versatile and unique style of making music, that made you trustworthy in the field, how long have you been making music?
I started at a very young age, I was 5 when I started to play the piano and kept going with other instruments, my father was a guitar player for a band so he would always let me experience the world of music, but just when I was 11 and I started to understand what the world of music production and engineering really meant.
I joined Facebook and many forums regarding the topic, living in a digital era made it so easy to understand and learn the process and contact the people that it was my dream to work with and learn from. That aspect of just asking for help in getting better for example about how to make a song sound great, or really just getting taught helped me in getting to the point where I could actually start to handle some big works. At age 15 I worked with my “mentor” Marco Barusso on many records he was producing.
It helped me a lot in getting into the right professional mindset. I spent hours on hours understanding and practicing this profession to the point I got good enough that work would come by itself and so the people trusting me. I moved to the states and studied at a music program that helps me achieve more knowledge, surrounded by professionals and interned for many of them, showing a pure interest in learning and possibly work my way out to be colleagues and independent.
And I guess I achieved so. Q: What can you tell us about your latest project? My last project was the project that changed my life, I was trusted and respected enough by GRAMMY Award Steve Baughman to get my hands on the last The Game’s record “Born2Rap”, I did mix and edit on this incredible album that acclaimed incredible acclaim. It was a record that featured so many artists, including Ed Sheeran, Nipsey Hussle, Chris Brown, and many others.
It’s something I won’t be able to ever forget and I’m so proud and glad to be part of. Q: What do you hope your listeners take away from your music? I just want them to feel good and listen to an incredible product, the rest comes after, all I care is me delivering the best work and service I can, it’s as simple as that, just being great at doing your work and providing the artists and the producers of the best service, friendship and professionalism that they are requiring. Q: What is it about making music that draws such passion from you?
I just love music, and it helps a lot, not only for us crafters and creators but to listeners and people. What inspires me is to hear stories of listeners and fans getting emotionally attached to records and realize myself that something I did work on created this energetic interaction between fans and artists, which is the reason that fuels my passion, it makes me happy and encouraged that some of the records I worked on inspired and are listened by a lot of people that feel inspired by it, and somehow that the service I’m giving is making them go through the day.
Music for many has an incredible therapeutic power, so I’m really happy into delivering and working songs that serve into this Q: What’s next for you? More and more music, I have many artists I’m going to be working with, few include Blueface, Jeane Marie and many many more. Many songs are written every single day, music is something that will never stop from growing, it might be shaping in other forms of entertainment but there still a lot to be said, and I just love expressing it in notes and sounds instead of words.