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Fourtee Releases Highly-Anticipated: Forever Fuego



Fourtee Releases Highly Anticipated: Forever Fuego

The reason Fourtee has been going viral as his recent single “Freeze” hits millions of views is the NBA2K soundtrack.

Fourtee drove around celebrity rappers and he’s one now. He is the real definition of “anything can happen.” With his New York banter and smooth, fascinating voice, he proves himself time and time again anytime he touches the mic.

It all started when he made a viral meme video named “Lil Uzi Vert’s driver has bars” and changed all that made people look up.

We have pleasure to interview King Fourtee!

Why don’t you give us some details about you and your story? How did you get to where you are today?

My name is Fourtee. I study the algorithm of my fan base of what they really like of me then make more of that content

Is it a part of the job description to deal with trolls/haters? How can you treat that?

The best way to counteract this negativity is paying them no mind at all, because the trolls search for a reaction. Never React.

Fourtee Releases Highly Anticipated: Forever Fuego

What do you stand out in comparison to other musicians?

The most significant way to stand out is not only to be an artist, but to act like an exec, because I’m ten steps ahead from the typical artist who knows the industry in particular.

What’s your favorite platform for streaming and why?

“Spotify is my favorite streaming platform, but also tidal, because it is owned by a black man, ” Jay-Z”.

What advice would you give to musicians who are aspiring?

My greatest suggestion to younger musicians is to realise that music is not about one word, music business is two words.

You can find more info about King Fourtee;

|Instagram|; @kingfourtee

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