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Fortnite Chapter 2: The new update is now available




Fortnite Chapter 2: The new update is now available

“After hours of ineffectiveness, Fortnite Chapter 2 has finally arrived again. That’s right, friends, the new Battle Royale update is now available and here we tell you everything it brings. Enters!”

Although only a little more than a day has passed, the wait for the update of the most popular Battle Royale game in recent years has come to an end. Therefore, we can tell you that Fortnite: Chapter 2 is now available! and we tell you all the news that you can enjoy.

It seems like an eternity, but it has only been almost two days of inactivity full of theories, assumptions and of course a lot, but a lot of hype. Fortnite: Battle Royale officially arrives in its completely renewed Chapter 2, new game modes, new characters, renewed gameplay and more, but with the same essence that has made it gain such popularity.

Goodbye to the old map and welcome to a new adventure. “Choose your landing point and explore a brand new island with 13 locations to discover,” as published by Fortnite.

Within these 13 new locations, we can find three old acquaintances of Chapter 1 such as Señorío de la Sal, Parque Pleasant, and Ciudad Comercio. However, 10 new destinations arrive on the island, full of surprises and many things to discover. These are Angry Accumulations, Afflicted Alameda, Sleeping Pools, Burning Sands, Calígine Field., Frenzy Estate, Grimy Docks., Pringoso Swamp, Stony Boulders, Sacred Hedges.

Angry Accumulations

It is located in the northeast area of ​​the map in quadrants G2 and H2 with a theme of a huge nuclear power plant and a complex of buildings that surround it.

Afflicted Mall

Located in the southwestern area of ​​the map in quadrants C5, D5, C6, and D6. It is a huge grove full of wooden structures and crowned by a watchtower on a small hill.

Sleeping Pools

In the F6 quadrant to the southeast of the map, there is a small fishing village next to a small lake.

Burning Sands

It is a small coastal town northwest of the map between quadrants B3, C3, B4 and C4 that has its own beach.

Calígine Field

Located in the south-central area of ​​the map, it is a small mountain town that is crossed by a small river. Find it between quadrants E7 and F7.

Commerce City

One of the favorite areas for players in Chapter 1. You return as we remember in previous seasons, being an urban area full of shops and a small residential area. This time it is located in quadrants G6 and H6.

Finca Frenzy

In the center/north of the map, between quadrants E3, F3, E4 and F4 we can find a large agricultural area, full of farmland and a fairly large barn.

Grimy Docks

Going east of the island, in quadrant H4, we can find a small port area quite interesting.

Swamp Swamp

Between quadrants C6 and C7 to the southwest of the map, we find a sorbets factory that pours waste into a small river nearby.

Placentero Park

Another of the old acquaintances of the previous seasons, arrives in the center/north of the island, between quadrants D2 and D3, being a residential area with a small park and a soccer field.

Stony Peñascos

Located to the north of the island, we find a small coastal town with a “fish sticks” restaurant between quadrants E1, E2, F1, and F2.

Señorío de la Sal

The last of the old trident arrives in quadrant D4 as we remember it from previous seasons. It is a small residential area that has a renovated gas station to provide some somewhat explosive moves.

Sacred Hedges

The last of the locations in Fortnite: Chapter 2 arrives in the west of the map, in quadrant B5, being a residential area with a very picturesque park and gardens with a garden shop.

It is important to note that the first time we start heading in this update, the map will be completely covered with a fog of war, in which there will only be one area available that will be where you will fall in that game.

To unlock the rest of the zones, you should visit them so that they begin to appear available on the map permanently.

Gameplay changes in Fortnite: Chapter 2

This new videogame delivery, in addition to a new map, offers forms of interaction with the environment completely unpublished. Now, the aquatic gameplay is added, allowing swimming, fishing, boat riding and more actions that were not previously available.

In addition, there are new hiding places and explosives. That’s right, you can hide in haystacks and containers to ambush your rivals or simply cause a huge explosion and end everything by blowing up gas tanks or as they call them “explosive barrels.”

As if that were not enough, now you can heal your squadmates with the bazooka of bandages, as well as “Load and safeguard your fallen comrades,” as annexed in the note published by Epic Games.

Enhanced and optimized fighting

“More fun and less farmer”, is what they express. Epic Games has focused on the optimization of combat as one of the pillars of this new installment, allowing the confrontation with rivals having an optimized arsenal of weapons.

Similarly, there will be the possibility of improving our weapons with resources in the improvement bank. For its part, the new Battle Pass includes a system of PE and medals that can be obtained during each game.


Also, the new unified leveling system has merged the Battle Stars from before with the seasonal PE. The Battle Pass will continue to cost 950 pairs and allows you to get up to 1500 pairs during the season, so if you play enough, you can collect enough for next season.

Additionally, new items will be available in the store, new ways to level up through challenges, search for trophies, eliminate enemies and more within the games. In short, Fortnite Chapter 2 comes with a lot of news with the intention of giving players a totally renewed experience. And you, have you started this new adventure?


Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet in 2020

Umar Nisar



Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet in 2020


Basketball conversationally alluded to as bands, is a group activity where two groups, most regularly of five players each, restricting each other on a rectangular court. A field objective is worth two focuses except if produced using behind the three-point line when it is worth three. After a foul, coordinated play stops, and the player fouled or assigned to shoot a specialized foul is given at least one-point free tosses. The group with the most focuses toward the finish of the match dominates, yet on the off chance that guideline play terminates with the score tied, an extra time of play (additional time) is commanded.

Playing guidelines

Games are played in four fourth of 10 or 12 minutes. School men’s games utilize two 20-minute parts, school ladies’ games utilize 10-minute quarters, and most United States secondary school varsity games utilize 8-minute quarters; in any case, this fluctuates from state to state.15 minutes are took into account a half-time break under FIBA, NBA, and NCAA rules and 10 minutes in the United States secondary schools. Additional time periods are five minutes long aside from secondary school, which is four minutes long. Groups trade crates for the subsequent half. The time permitted is real playing time; the clock is halted while the play isn’t dynamic. In this manner, games for the most part take any longer to finish than the allocated game time, normally around two hours.

Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Individuals with wide feet consistently struggle with regards to finding the correct footwear. Also, this might be more genuine with regards to basketball shoes. That being the situation, there are some phenomenal alternatives out there. At any rate, I’ve discovered 10 of the Best Indoor basketball shoes for wide feet. This is the reason I’ve considered offering those finds to my perusers who are attempting to locate the correct footgear. Thus, how about we hop directly into it.

Why you need specific shoes for wide feet?

Having wide feet is not something to be defamed. Be that as it may, it makes life somewhat troublesome, particularly with shoes. You may have the option to wear normal estimated shoes, yet that is excessively close for you.

From the start, you feel slight uneasiness wearing them. Yet, with time, the difficulty goes to horrendous torment. What’s more, after some time, it gets difficult to remain on the feet wearing them, not to mention walk. This is the reason individuals with wide feet should wear a specific sort of shoe except if they have the wish never to walk again.


The main fundamental gear in a b-ball game is the ball and the court: a level, rectangular surface with crates at furthest edges. Serious levels require the utilization of greater hardware, for example, timekeepers, score sheets, scoreboard(s), exchanging ownership bolts, and whistle-worked stop-clock frameworks.

An outside ball net

A guideline b-ball court in global games is 91.9 feet (28.0 meters) long and 49.2 feet (15 meters) wide. In the NBA and NCAA, the court is 94 by 50 feet (29 by 15 meters). Most courts have wood flooring, ordinarily developed from maple boards running a similar way as the more drawn out court measurement. The name and logo of the host group are generally painted nearby the middle circle.

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Umar Nisar




Pokemon GO is a game that took the world by storm when it was first released in 2016. Using a mobile device’s GPS, it gives players the experience of locating, capturing, fighting, and training virtual creatures known as Pokémon. Unlike other role-playing games, the game requires players to explore the real world and look for Pokémon that “appear” in our real world through the magic of augmented reality.

With COVID-19 still raging, many industries around the world are continually affected. And the gaming industry is no exception. Most games that use augmented reality have been significantly affected. Since most people were restricted to going outside for non-essential needs, players can’t just go to their closest parks and other places to play games like Pokemon Go location spoof.

However, the company behind the game made sure that their players could still have a pleasant experience while playing by releasing an update. Certain temporary changes to the game will remain in effect until hopefully everything is back to normal.

What is the Pokémon Go Joystick?

The Pokemon fake gps joystick for pokemon go is a unique feature that allows you to maneuver your location in real time using a virtual overlay joystick control. This feature is found in Android apps that allow you to spoof your smartphone’s real-time location. With Joystick you can be anywhere from New York to Paris in a split second. The joystick function ensures an enhanced Pokémon Go gaming experience, as you can catch your favorite Pokémon without leaving the couch. You can practically move to any place where there are no more Pokémon, therefore higher chances of progress. Previously, using such an app did not require you to root your Android device. In this article, we will talk in detail about Pokemon Go GPS joystick Android methods, so scroll down and take a look:

Dr.Fone Virtual Location Features

Simulate between points at different speeds

The Dr.Fone virtual location application allows you to define a route between two points and multiple points on the map. Also, you can simulate the speed for walking, cycling and driving as you wish.

●        Play location-based games without restrictions

●        With the fake GPS joystick, you can fake location-based games like Pokémon Go and Ingress with ease.

●        It is 100% safe and secure to use.

●        This app never violates your iPhone data and is 100% safe to use on any iOS device. Also, it does not modify any data on your phone or other applications.

●        No jailbreak needed

●        How to locate your IOS device by GPS

●        How to locate your IOS device by GPS. Image supplied

No jailbreak required. Therefore, you do not need to circumvent the restrictions that Apple imposes on your device and you can enjoy all the rights and functions as before.

You may want to change your iPhone’s location for fun, privacy, and more, and this virtual location software helps you fake your iPhone’s GPS to anywhere in the world with one click.

The final words:

Now once you fathom seven alternative ways to try and do Pokemon Go spoofing on iOS, you’ll simply meet your needs. As you’ll see, I actually have listed each iOS and desktop applications during this post with solutions for jailbroken and normal devices. Therefore, you’ll merely decide the most well-liked possibility for location spoofing on Pokemon continues on your iPhone. Though, if nothing else would work, then use a reliable VPN of your alternative and be able to catch as many Pokemon as you want!

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JumpStars game

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JumpStars game

Jump Stars maybe a multiplayer fun game for two to 4 players created by a bit self-sufficient studio named Jamit Games. The sport lets us become a part of a crazy PC program where mysterious, square beings compete against one another in multiple games for glory, money, and independence.

All Budget to the Set Design

Jump Stars could be an independent game, however, it’s genuinely high creation esteems (likely a result of being made within the Unreal Engine). This is often apparent in its opening faithful life, where we meet the vile “game show” have who is endeavoring to present the rationale yet encountering specialized challenges. It is not excessively a while before the face is dropped, and also the fact of the matter is uncovered – you are not playing for a few astounding prizes, just only your life! That’s probably to the extent work goes, however; apart from giving entertaining critique and flying in on the screen occasionally, the host avoids your direction.

The Unreal Engine is one of the foremost powerful game engines out there, and the JumpStars game appears to be well-tuned to the engine. The PS4 hardly broke a sweat during our time with the game, staying buttery-smooth no matter the action happening on the screen. Levels and characters are colorful and friendly, albeit there’s technically brutal cube-on-cube life-or-death action happening every single round.

You (and a minimum of 1 other gamer) play as a Cubee, multi-color cosplaying cubes that dress up as everything from pirates to aliens, robots to monsters, and everything in between. Names are randomized every game, while you’ll choose what theme and character to play as before each tournament. Let me be obvious about one point and that is multiplayer is obliged to even play the tutorial. there is no single-player part. this is often rigorously a holiday game. Don’t have friends to play with in real life? Well, there’s no online component, either, so you’d be out of luck therein case.

Vague Rules

Each level apart from The Gauntlet features special platforms that illuminate during a random color. Stepping on platforms lighting up in your team’s color earns your team score, which isn’t explained within the sport. Indeed, many of the game’s scoring rules aren’t explained, and there will be times that a player may win around albeit they died first. If you’d wish to call the shots for what level is played, you’ll create a custom playlist of up to nine levels, though you cannot save a particular playlist to return thereto later.

Just once you’re thinking that you’re getting the hang of the game, it’ll end. Longevity might be a haul with Jump Stars but played in small doses, this could be an honest warm-up game or something to play if you don’t have much time to dedicate. The Trophy list is additionally quite easy, and achieving platinum goes to be and enter the park for any trophy hunters out there.

Jump Stars could also be a pleasant, cheap diversion if you have some friends to play with. Unlike almost every other game out there, you cannot play one player. There are just a pair of game modes to decide on from. It’s a celebration game you’d possibly come to when the mood strikes. The fake giveaway announcer with dual personalities injects some, well, personality into the game, and so the characters are amusing to play with. There’s not much content, and multiplayer is required, but $9.99 ($7.99 for PlayStation Plus members) sounds like an honest asking price for Jump Stars.

Easy to select Up

Controls are very-simple in Jump Stars. Jump with the Cross button, Move with the left stick, punch right and left with R2 and L2, and punch up with L1 or R1. Some levels have you ever jumping down through platforms, by just pressing down on the left stick. There’s not much else thereto. If you’ve played any quite 2D platformer within the previous few decades, you’ll pick this right up.

If there’s one game that Jump Stars constantly jogged my memory of, it’s LittleBigPlanet. Indeed, loads of those level types seen during this game are done and will be done almost also, during a fan-made level in LBP 1/2/3. But here, within the Unreal Engine, the platforming physics used is much more solid. There’s none of that slightly-floaty platforming that takes some getting won’t to in LBP. Instead, the jumping is somewhere between Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Meat boy.

You’ll see all that Jump Stars has to supply in one session; likely within an hour approximately. there is a little number of assorted game types, like jumping over an obstacle because it swings around the level faster and faster, or jumping up an infinite set of platforms as they move towards Doodle Jump. Your group of two to four players will go from round to round until enough points are earned to unlock “The Gauntlet,” a final level where you only run to the correct, secluded from a deadly grid. the extent moves only as quickly because it must continue with this leader.

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