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Fortnite Chapter 2: The new update is now available




Fortnite Chapter 2: The new update is now available

“After hours of ineffectiveness, Fortnite Chapter 2 has finally arrived again. That’s right, friends, the new Battle Royale update is now available and here we tell you everything it brings. Enters!”

Although only a little more than a day has passed, the wait for the update of the most popular Battle Royale game in recent years has come to an end. Therefore, we can tell you that Fortnite: Chapter 2 is now available! and we tell you all the news that you can enjoy.

It seems like an eternity, but it has only been almost two days of inactivity full of theories, assumptions and of course a lot, but a lot of hype. Fortnite: Battle Royale officially arrives in its completely renewed Chapter 2, new game modes, new characters, renewed gameplay and more, but with the same essence that has made it gain such popularity.

Goodbye to the old map and welcome to a new adventure. “Choose your landing point and explore a brand new island with 13 locations to discover,” as published by Fortnite.

Within these 13 new locations, we can find three old acquaintances of Chapter 1 such as Señorío de la Sal, Parque Pleasant, and Ciudad Comercio. However, 10 new destinations arrive on the island, full of surprises and many things to discover. These are Angry Accumulations, Afflicted Alameda, Sleeping Pools, Burning Sands, Calígine Field., Frenzy Estate, Grimy Docks., Pringoso Swamp, Stony Boulders, Sacred Hedges.

Angry Accumulations

It is located in the northeast area of ​​the map in quadrants G2 and H2 with a theme of a huge nuclear power plant and a complex of buildings that surround it.

Afflicted Mall

Located in the southwestern area of ​​the map in quadrants C5, D5, C6, and D6. It is a huge grove full of wooden structures and crowned by a watchtower on a small hill.

Sleeping Pools

In the F6 quadrant to the southeast of the map, there is a small fishing village next to a small lake.

Burning Sands

It is a small coastal town northwest of the map between quadrants B3, C3, B4 and C4 that has its own beach.

Calígine Field

Located in the south-central area of ​​the map, it is a small mountain town that is crossed by a small river. Find it between quadrants E7 and F7.

Commerce City

One of the favorite areas for players in Chapter 1. You return as we remember in previous seasons, being an urban area full of shops and a small residential area. This time it is located in quadrants G6 and H6.

Finca Frenzy

In the center/north of the map, between quadrants E3, F3, E4 and F4 we can find a large agricultural area, full of farmland and a fairly large barn.

Grimy Docks

Going east of the island, in quadrant H4, we can find a small port area quite interesting.

Swamp Swamp

Between quadrants C6 and C7 to the southwest of the map, we find a sorbets factory that pours waste into a small river nearby.

Placentero Park

Another of the old acquaintances of the previous seasons, arrives in the center/north of the island, between quadrants D2 and D3, being a residential area with a small park and a soccer field.

Stony Peñascos

Located to the north of the island, we find a small coastal town with a “fish sticks” restaurant between quadrants E1, E2, F1, and F2.

Señorío de la Sal

The last of the old trident arrives in quadrant D4 as we remember it from previous seasons. It is a small residential area that has a renovated gas station to provide some somewhat explosive moves.

Sacred Hedges

The last of the locations in Fortnite: Chapter 2 arrives in the west of the map, in quadrant B5, being a residential area with a very picturesque park and gardens with a garden shop.

It is important to note that the first time we start heading in this update, the map will be completely covered with a fog of war, in which there will only be one area available that will be where you will fall in that game.

To unlock the rest of the zones, you should visit them so that they begin to appear available on the map permanently.

Gameplay changes in Fortnite: Chapter 2

This new videogame delivery, in addition to a new map, offers forms of interaction with the environment completely unpublished. Now, the aquatic gameplay is added, allowing swimming, fishing, boat riding and more actions that were not previously available.

In addition, there are new hiding places and explosives. That’s right, you can hide in haystacks and containers to ambush your rivals or simply cause a huge explosion and end everything by blowing up gas tanks or as they call them “explosive barrels.”

As if that were not enough, now you can heal your squadmates with the bazooka of bandages, as well as “Load and safeguard your fallen comrades,” as annexed in the note published by Epic Games.

Enhanced and optimized fighting

“More fun and less farmer”, is what they express. Epic Games has focused on the optimization of combat as one of the pillars of this new installment, allowing the confrontation with rivals having an optimized arsenal of weapons.

Similarly, there will be the possibility of improving our weapons with resources in the improvement bank. For its part, the new Battle Pass includes a system of PE and medals that can be obtained during each game.


Also, the new unified leveling system has merged the Battle Stars from before with the seasonal PE. The Battle Pass will continue to cost 950 pairs and allows you to get up to 1500 pairs during the season, so if you play enough, you can collect enough for next season.

Additionally, new items will be available in the store, new ways to level up through challenges, search for trophies, eliminate enemies and more within the games. In short, Fortnite Chapter 2 comes with a lot of news with the intention of giving players a totally renewed experience. And you, have you started this new adventure?


Buy Wow Services from Best Service Provider

Umar Nisar



Buy Wow Services from Best Service Provider

World of Warcraft is not just a huge multiplayer online game. It needs a broad understanding of the specifics. To strongly move forward, one must study many details. They aren’t limited to fighting skills only. It’s a mixture of supplies that include gold and gear to purchase the essential items.

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BoostHive is above their opposition in many ways and offers several amazing features while offering WoW Classic Boost services. It makes BoostHive different from other WoW Boost service providers. So, you can buy wow services from Boosthive without any hesitation.

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Pro boosters are the core to rendering the best services in WoW Classic boosting, WoW classic power leveling, and professional skill rating boost.

We Value Your Security and Privacy

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Our Satisfied Clients

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Learn how to make enchantments in Minecraft

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enchantments in Minecraft

Minecraft enchantments are mechanics that serve to increase the attributes of weapons, armor, and tools. In some cases, they also apply new effects to objects. There are different methods to make enchantments or obtain enchanted objects.

In this guide, Towing Monster tells you everything you need to learn how to make enchantments in Minecraft. We explain the methods and requirements for each one. At the end of the article, we tell you extra ways to get enchanted items, without having to resort to anything else.

How to enchant objects and equipment

There are two main methods of creating enchanted items in Minecraft: through the enchantment table; or with an anvil.

Enchanting table

To obtain enchantments in this way, you need to spend experience points and use lapis lazuli. It’s easy to gain experience removing creatures or baking items. Lapis lazuli is a mineral that you must find by digging and mining around the map. It is convenient to accumulate as much mineral as possible!

Keep in mind that you can only enchant objects that have not received this treatment before. If you have an enchanted weapon, for example, you won’t be able to put it on the enchantment table.

If you do not know where to find these items, we will tell you how to obtain them:

  • The obsidian is achieved when water contacts lava, without any current. It can only be mined with a diamond pick.
  • The diamonds are only found in layers well below the surface and must be mined with peak iron or higher.
  • The books can be created with 3 pieces of paper and one leather.

How to use the enchantment table

Before using the enchantment table, place libraries around it, one block away.

Libraries are used to unlock more levels of enchantments on the table. To build these libraries, 6 boards of any type of wood and 3 books are enough.

To use the enchantment table, just click on it with the right button. Then you just have to put the item you want to enchant and put a varied amount of lapis lazuli. Doing so will bring up three random enchantment options. The ways to modify this random set are:

  • changing the type of material of the item;
  • changing the level of the enchantment, building more or less libraries; and
  • enchanting an item, as it will automatically generate another group of options.

No other action will change the list of available enchantments.

If you set up a table with the same conditions as the previous one, the result will be the same, so try to use any of the methods mentioned above.

Performing an enchantment on a book will generate an enchanted book that stores that enchantment, so you can pass the effect on to others through the anvil. Therefore, a recommended way to rotate enchantments is to enchant books until the desired effect appears.


This is the second method to get enchanted items, highly recommended if you already have books or other enchanted items. With the anvil, you can combine two items to form one that contains the properties of both. If you use an enchanted book with an item of your choice, the enchantment will carry over to the item. Be careful, this process also requires experience!

Also, it is possible to combine two identical items that have already been enchanted. If you have two enchanting diamond helmets and put them together, they will become a single helmet containing both effects. However, we clarify once again that the two items must be the same.

Other ways to get enchanted items

  • Negotiate with a villager-librarian, an NPC that offers enchanted books in exchange for books plus a varying number of emeralds.
  • Go fishing, as there is always a small chance of catching an enchanted item. It’s better if you use the “Sea Luck” enchantment, as that chance will increase.
  • Open chests in the world of Minecraft, as there are chances that they contain enchanted items.
  • Lastly, enchanted items can be obtained by defeating zombies, skeletons, or zombie pigs that are using these types of items.


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5 Crazy Reasons That Cause Gaming Addiction




5 Crazy Reasons That Cause Gaming Addiction

Gaming Addiction

Just like substance abuse, people are addicted to online gaming to fill the void in their lives and to build human connections that are not usually achieved in the real world. Gaming addictions come in many forms, some mild while others are bound for mental illness. Here are the reasons why some people get addicted to it.

To Create And Epitomize A Character

Most gamers create their game characters similar to their own personality and physical features. That is understandable but then there are some who are continually obsessed with improving their character skills and competence even exaggerating some for a heightened ego, resulting from low self-esteem and blown up fantasies. For example, you always wanted to be a chef but for some reason never had the guts to achieve that dream in reality. Through cooking games, you can display your cooking prowess online and mold your game character into the chef that you always want to be.

To Replace Real-Life Relationships

For the anti-social human being, gaming is a way to somehow escape from troubled relationships and the lack of good interpersonal skills offline. Online interactions can hide your true identity; you can be as cheerful and amazingly sociable as you want. No one will ever know the truth that you are an anti-social loser in the real world. The result, you can be as popular among the other players when you strive too. This causes addiction when you need to maintain that fervor.

The Need To Escape

Living in an artificial world allows one to escape from the daily turmoil of the real world. For some, the escape is minimal, and getting back to what is existent is no fuss. But there are others who turn to online gaming to break away from the stress and responsibilities of life and upon realizing that the real world never gets better, spends more and more time in the virtual world often forgetting what is real.


Gaming is a way for socially-awkward people to reinvent themselves. To change whatever they are dissatisfied with themselves and to turn their dreams into virtual reality. This is of course different from the case when gaming is your work or business. There is also a huge possibility that this addiction can turn to mental disorders with the person finding it hard to distinguish between what is real and not. Oftentimes, the person going through this cyber reinvention finds it hard to detach himself from his illusions.


Some people are suckers for love and finding love in all places. The gaming world is a vast world. Others are addicted to gaming while keeping an eye on any romantic prospects. In the virtual world, nothing is impossible. Others have no plans of continuing online gaming romances offline and some might give it a try. If you play pubg then you would love to get free UC in pubg mobile. This can result in full-blown addiction for others who are married and want to live in an illusory virtual life. This reminds me fondly of a bar question: if you cannot touch a girl, why not touch a game on your touch screen gadget?

It is hard to turn away from gaming addiction. But with every problem, there is always a way out. Parents have a crucial role in keeping their kids healthy and stress-free. As much as possible, it is better to communicate with our children more and think of recreational ways to keep them happy and satisfied without having to face the computer all day.

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