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Fortnite Chapter 2: The new update is now available



Fortnite Chapter 2: The new update is now available

“After hours of ineffectiveness, Fortnite Chapter 2 has finally arrived again. That’s right, friends, the new Battle Royale update is now available and here we tell you everything it brings. Enters!”

Although only a little more than a day has passed, the wait for the update of the most popular Battle Royale game in recent years has come to an end. Therefore, we can tell you that Fortnite: Chapter 2 is now available! and we tell you all the news that you can enjoy.

It seems like an eternity, but it has only been almost two days of inactivity full of theories, assumptions and of course a lot, but a lot of hype. Fortnite: Battle Royale officially arrives in its completely renewed Chapter 2, new game modes, new characters, renewed gameplay and more, but with the same essence that has made it gain such popularity.

Goodbye to the old map and welcome to a new adventure. “Choose your landing point and explore a brand new island with 13 locations to discover,” as published by Fortnite.

Within these 13 new locations, we can find three old acquaintances of Chapter 1 such as Señorío de la Sal, Parque Pleasant, and Ciudad Comercio. However, 10 new destinations arrive on the island, full of surprises and many things to discover. These are Angry Accumulations, Afflicted Alameda, Sleeping Pools, Burning Sands, Calígine Field., Frenzy Estate, Grimy Docks., Pringoso Swamp, Stony Boulders, Sacred Hedges.

Angry Accumulations

It is located in the northeast area of ​​the map in quadrants G2 and H2 with a theme of a huge nuclear power plant and a complex of buildings that surround it.

Afflicted Mall

Located in the southwestern area of ​​the map in quadrants C5, D5, C6, and D6. It is a huge grove full of wooden structures and crowned by a watchtower on a small hill.

Sleeping Pools

In the F6 quadrant to the southeast of the map, there is a small fishing village next to a small lake.

Burning Sands

It is a small coastal town northwest of the map between quadrants B3, C3, B4 and C4 that has its own beach.

Calígine Field

Located in the south-central area of ​​the map, it is a small mountain town that is crossed by a small river. Find it between quadrants E7 and F7.

Commerce City

One of the favorite areas for players in Chapter 1. You return as we remember in previous seasons, being an urban area full of shops and a small residential area. This time it is located in quadrants G6 and H6.

Finca Frenzy

In the center/north of the map, between quadrants E3, F3, E4 and F4 we can find a large agricultural area, full of farmland and a fairly large barn.

Grimy Docks

Going east of the island, in quadrant H4, we can find a small port area quite interesting.

Swamp Swamp

Between quadrants C6 and C7 to the southwest of the map, we find a sorbets factory that pours waste into a small river nearby.

Placentero Park

Another of the old acquaintances of the previous seasons, arrives in the center/north of the island, between quadrants D2 and D3, being a residential area with a small park and a soccer field.

Stony Peñascos

Located to the north of the island, we find a small coastal town with a “fish sticks” restaurant between quadrants E1, E2, F1, and F2.

Señorío de la Sal

The last of the old trident arrives in quadrant D4 as we remember it from previous seasons. It is a small residential area that has a renovated gas station to provide some somewhat explosive moves.

Sacred Hedges

The last of the locations in Fortnite: Chapter 2 arrives in the west of the map, in quadrant B5, being a residential area with a very picturesque park and gardens with a garden shop.

It is important to note that the first time we start heading in this update, the map will be completely covered with a fog of war, in which there will only be one area available that will be where you will fall in that game.

To unlock the rest of the zones, you should visit them so that they begin to appear available on the map permanently.

Gameplay changes in Fortnite: Chapter 2

This new videogame delivery, in addition to a new map, offers forms of interaction with the environment completely unpublished. Now, the aquatic gameplay is added, allowing swimming, fishing, boat riding and more actions that were not previously available.

In addition, there are new hiding places and explosives. That’s right, you can hide in haystacks and containers to ambush your rivals or simply cause a huge explosion and end everything by blowing up gas tanks or as they call them “explosive barrels.”

As if that were not enough, now you can heal your squadmates with the bazooka of bandages, as well as “Load and safeguard your fallen comrades,” as annexed in the note published by Epic Games.

Enhanced and optimized fighting

“More fun and less farmer”, is what they express. Epic Games has focused on the optimization of combat as one of the pillars of this new installment, allowing the confrontation with rivals having an optimized arsenal of weapons.

Similarly, there will be the possibility of improving our weapons with resources in the improvement bank. For its part, the new Battle Pass includes a system of PE and medals that can be obtained during each game.


Also, the new unified leveling system has merged the Battle Stars from before with the seasonal PE. The Battle Pass will continue to cost 950 pairs and allows you to get up to 1500 pairs during the season, so if you play enough, you can collect enough for next season.

Additionally, new items will be available in the store, new ways to level up through challenges, search for trophies, eliminate enemies and more within the games. In short, Fortnite Chapter 2 comes with a lot of news with the intention of giving players a totally renewed experience. And you, have you started this new adventure?


How to Play FPS Games Like a Pro – 5 Handy Tips to Help You Dominate Your Enemy With Ease!



FPS Games

No doubt FPS games are one of the most competing game genres out there. To survive and gain success, you have to master a lot of abilities.

Of course, it doesn’t ask you to become a pro gamer to defeat your competitors. All you need to know and practice are few necessary abilities that will help you go down the road. Once you understand them, it will be very easy to train more advanced skills.

So let’s move on to the essential topic. I have five helpful tips for you today.

Tip #1: Always get acquainted with the game before you go online

Or before you go and try anybody in a solo game.

It’s crucial to practice with the game 1st to know its ins and outs. Map controlling is a vital skill if you want to win. And you can have it if you pay serious attention and memorize the map while trying the game.

More often than, gamers will select only some maps to play online. And you must learn how to hide behind the enemy lines and take their upper hands. That way, you can make succeed even if your team is weaker!

Tip #2: If possible, play with your favorite teammates

This is not the case if you prefer the ‘lone wolf’ style.

Remember that even pro-FPS gamers need their backs covered profitably. They have their elected colleagues that go with their battle to battle. If you own this benefit, you can make a high jump in the online world.

What could be best than charging into the enemy line with your nearby friends and obtain victory?

And you know what, your friends could be online as well. Offline buddies are great, but it is usually harder to have them if you’re the only gamer among your companions.

Tip #3: Communication is a make-or-break matter!

A team will not operate efficiently if they don’t talk with each other.

Because it could lead to a misunderstanding that leads to frustration, you might want your friend to go back and cover you. But suppose what, because you didn’t say something, so he pushes forward and gets killed. Not a great situation, right?

So how do we stay connected continuously?

It is very easy. If you’re playing offline, make noise. Communicate to them. If you play online, dozens of good software can assist you. Have you attempted Ventrilo yet?

Tip #4: Be transparent with your role in a team

Don’t charge ahead if your role is to snipe out the enemy from the top!

It makes sense, accurate? Who wants a sniper to charge forward and get hit if his role is to stay away and pick out the enemy from afar.

Yet I see infinite times my partner goes Rambo and gets a ‘headshot almost immediate! So, be transparent with your role and stick to it.

Tip #5: Practice (the right way) makes perfect

Because if you don’t stick with the items that work, you’re wasting your time and energy.

Just gather your buddies online or offline and work together. Remember to practice talking with them when needed and help them to get close familiar with the map.

Also, it would help if you practiced aiming with your guns so that you will gain more skills. This is another vital aspect that will help you and your friends finish your roles and carry your team to success.

And here, we will need a particular weapon. It’s the gaming mouse! For more detail please visit

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Why Radio Control Car Is More Than Just A Hobby



Why Radio Control Car Is More Than Just A Hobby

Radio Control Cars are more popular nowadays than actual cars. That’s why kids go to new technologies and a unique manner of playing games.

It’s just not like playing a game, but yes, it’s the total development of children toward their gaming habits. 

Lets clear our mind and understand why radio controls car is more important for children:

Radio Control Cars are full of adventures and attract many children because it has many different models like Remote control buggy, RC racing car, RC Touring Car, RC Crawler, RC stunt car, etc.

Have a Look At The Different Models:

● A touring car is a type of on-road automobile appropriate for concrete, asphalt, or carpet operation. Touring cars usually have four wheels and a completely independent suspension with a lower arm and a higher control arm. This design of the chassis runs on the level surface and is easy to speed up. This attracts the kids the most.

● Another children’s attraction is RC Buggy because the buggy is a rough all-terrain vehicle, muddy sections, gravel, etc. If you have no taste for the exact kinds, this is a decent choice.

● RC stunt cars have more adventure for kids with 360-degree rotation. They love to ride it.

● Improve an interest

When children start playing with an RC car, he develops and increases another interest steadily. Even in the future, they will like to be a car racing driver or perhaps a car racer and an engineer. RC vehicles employ the same essential concept as in the average car, as you might have recognized. In fact, several schools use RC vehicles for learning purposes.

Socialization Always Fascinates Children

RC vehicles indeed make new pals for your children. You will most likely meet RC clubs and meetings on weekends, and RC vehicles will be a pleasant method for your child to build new friends and improve social skills. RC vehicles have developed to the point of now being regarded as little automobiles so that you will also see elderly groups with these vehicles at their social gatherings, and thus playing with these vehicles is a beautiful way to make new acquaintances.

Competition Always Gives Opportunity

Many children are competitive with online games, but the RC vehicle provides a much healthier possibility to compete, not to mention excitingly. If the youngster likes RC, he would like to compete with a family member and race his vehicle far better than the family member. This is indeed the attractive element of RC vehicles; an opportunity to contact other relatives, not indoors.

Improve Advanced Engine Capabilities In Kids

By playing RC vehicles, most youngsters are extremely early or young in their life to improve their motor abilities. This enables a two-year-old youngster to have a sense of the notion of RC car control. These excellent engine abilities allow them to assemble or disassemble any component if necessary. This is the long-term advantage but can create the knowledge of early age components of the vehicle.

Radio Control Cars are always an attraction point. It is more critical for today’s kids than a hobby. Because it’s just not a toy, it’s a feeling of happiness, enjoyment, all over the development, and more; it’s part of adventures.

If you really want to buy radio control car racing for your adventurous journey. Contact Fundemonium for more detail to get your latest Radio Control Cars.

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Best Comfort Women Shoes: Stilettos To Sliders



Best Comfort Women Shoes: Stilettos To Sliders

2021 has undoubtedly changed the way that we think about fashion. Most of the plans booked in the diary have been a zoom call here and there and a movie night for one. As you start going out into the world again and making bigger plans, there’s something you should consider – comfort.

There’s nothing worse when you’ve put on a new pair of shoes, and you’re feeling great about them and fast-forwarding to hours later when your feet are crushed and in absolute agony. That familiar phrase, ‘Beauty is pain, ’ pops into your head, but why should you have to suffer?

Well, you shouldn’t. There are so many comfortable options that will make you feel just as amazing and confident as your favorite stunning stilettos.

Comfort first

We’ve all seen those girls on the way back from a night out with bare feet, heels in their hands, and limping in pain. And then the pain doesn’t stop there – you also suffer from aching feet for hours after you’ve finally rested them.

Forcing yourself to wear uncomfortable shoes can not only drop your confidence when you’re walking with bare, bruised feet, but they can also cause more damage in the long run.

Ingrown toenails, heel inflammation, corns on bunions? No, thank you.

“So what do I do then?” A pressing question I’m sure many of you will ask. Well, you can look for some comfortable women’s shoes this summer. If you’re worried that wearing comfortable shoes will mean having to compromise your style, then don’t.

Comfort doesn’t mean you have to lose that stylish look too. From sliders to sandals, there are a variety of comfort women shoes that can perfectly match your outfit and still leave you feeling absolutely glowing.

Best comfort shoes for women this summer

As the weather begins to brighten up, you want to make sure that you’re closet-ready for this summer. Choosing the right shoes for hot conditions can be difficult – you definitely don’t want to be sweating when you’re trying to concentrate on your plans.

If your feet are trapped in and are excessively sweating, this can also lead to all types of new problems. Foot odor, athlete’s foot, or even toenail fungus are amongst the complications that could occur if you don’t wear the right shoes for you this summer.

To allow your feet to breathe in the summer sun, you need to find comfortable shoes that are suitable for the hot weather. So girl, go get that pedicure. It’s time to feel confident in comfort.

Hottest comfort women’s shoes

Here is a range of different styles of comfort women shoes that you can pair with your favorite outfit this summer.


Sliders are pretty similar to flip flops, but while flip flops can sometimes get a little uncomfortable with the little bit in between your toes, sliders eliminate this discomfort. By having one larger strap across your foot, sliders can look casual and stylish.

Why don’t you try pairing some sliders with a cute summer dress?

Wedge Sandals

If you’re looking for a dressier look to go with your summer outfit, wedge sandals are perfect for comfort. Wedge sandals give the same height illusion that heels do but without the severe discomfort.

Wedge sandals are designed in a way that provides arch support for your feet that can help you with avoiding knee or back problems that can sometimes occur with heels.

When choosing wedge sandals this summer, you should look for the following things for maximum comfort:

  • A heel below 3 inches
  • Natural fabrics, i.e., cork
  • Straps

Sturdy and stylish? Yes, please.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are often open-toe and come in criss-cross designs. These types of shoes are light and airy, making them perfect for the summer and still allow you to look stylish.

Walking Sandals

While all of these options are great for comfort and style, they’re perhaps a little dressier. If you’re walking for longer, you may want something more suited to your needs.

Walking sandals are ideal for those who want comfort, confidence, and a little more practicality for their long hike. 

It is best to choose walking sandals that have:

  • An adjustable strap
  • Cushioned soles
  • Rubber outsoles

These aspects make it easier to walk and ensure that you have maximum comfort on your journey. Walking sandals come in a variety of different styles, with ranging patterns, colors, and appliques. You really don’t have to miss out on style for practicality.


You don’t have to worry about the cost of comfort either. There are so many affordable options that offer these types of styles. Women’s comfort shoes can be versatile, practical, whatever you want them to be for – you can always count on them.

You really shouldn’t have to put your feet through that stress and pain by choosing shoes that aren’t right for you. Change your choices today and choose comfort.

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