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Where can I find a food container supplier in Singapore that provides eco-friendly packaging?



Where can I find a food container supplier in Singapore that provides eco-friendly packaging?

The discussion to stop the use of plastic packaging has gained momentum, and several retailers in Singapore are adhering to the recommendation. The alternative is to use eco-friendly packaging.

The demand for these eco-friendly friendly packaging has increased as consumers prefer to buy food packaged in an eco-friendly package. It leaves many retailers to wonder where to find a supplier of these eco-friendly food containers.

You’ll find this blog post as we tell you the top best supplier of eco-friendly food containers in Singapore. These food container suppliers in Singapore offer various eco-friendly food containers, and they come in different designs and sizes.

Why Use eco-friendly packaging?

The main reason as to why to start using eco-friendly packaging is because they are environment friendly.  They are easy to recycle, made from recycled material, and safe for the environment.

You can help to ensure your environment is safe by adopting eco-friendly packaging. NEA statistics show that approximately 1/3 of household wastes disposed of in Singapore, amounting to over 0.5 million tons in 2018, constitute packaging wastes.

Dramatic waste eradication will be a towering task for several F&B business owners, with a strong reliance on packaging and the growing trend in food supply services. F&B owners can consider sourcing sustainable packaging solutions to support the environment and create a more sustainable business.

Food container supplier Singapore that provides eco-friendly packaging

The following are the best food container suppliers in Singapore. They will supply you with eco-friendly packaging materials.

  1. BioPak

BioPak has been the first carbon-neutral packaging company to offer the most sustainable and innovative packaging on the market in Australia and New Zealand. BioPak offers a range of sustainable packaging solutions that address the diverse needs of an F&B business, from cutlery to serving packs to sacks.

This environmentally friendly provider also offers custom packaging to enable companies to show that they are an environmentally reliable establishment that has brand visibility on their packaging.

  1. Eco U

Eco U offers a wide variety of biodegradable plant products that break down about 2-3 times faster than starch products, from birchwood cutlery to sugarcane bagasse tableware.

In comparison with nine months for Starch-based products, Eco U sugarcane tableware takes three months to decompose.

Eco U also offers brands customization services to develop brand awareness and distinguish their business from the competition.

In addition to shopping directly from its website, F&B business owners interested in buying Eco U can also consult their team on their business needs.

  1. HappyPackSG

HappyPackSG is a local packaging retailer in Singapore, and it guarantees the lowest prices in the industry. This is a fantastic incentive for companies wishing to buy eco-friendly packaging material in bulk at a low price.

HappyPackSG offers a comprehensive choice of sustainable packaging that responds to various company needs, from edible rice straws to corn starch cutlery to paper dessert boxes.

  1. Detpak

Detpak, an Australian company, is dedicated to creating, manufacturing, and providing world-class paper and cardboard packaging materials to the foodservice industry, with clients including McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Burger King.

Detpak not only offers a variety of sustainable packaging made from ethically sourced materials, but they also offer personalized packaging to their customers.

  1. Pouch. eco

Pouch. Eco is a good option for food and beverage entrepreneurs who need pouches in their daily operations. The Hong Kong-based company offers a line of 100 percent attractive compostable pouches made from FDA-approved materials and manufactured in HACCP and BRC-certified facilities to ensure food safety.

Pouch. Eco offers international delivery, allowing businesses in Singapore to obtain these environmentally friendly pouches.

  1. Sin Tat Polyethylene

Sin Tat Polyethylene is one of Singapore’s major wholesalers and retailers, offering a wide selection of eco-friendly packing food materials.

Sin Tat Polyethylene was founded in 2002 by Jacky Lee. It is a well-established company you can trust to supply you with eco-friendly packaging materials. They have more than 40 years in the industry.

Sin Tat Polyethylene is proud to constantly supply our customers with quality products, excellent customer service, and fast delivery. Many F&B and industrial companies are part of the customer base.

 The company is continually working with manufacturers and suppliers to acquire the latest and highest-quality items; you can be confident that you will receive the greatest eco-friendly packaging material.

  1. Cheng Moh Huat

CMHT is a Singapore-based company that provides disposable food packaging to the F&B market. It collaborates with numerous manufacturing units across the world to bring items into Singapore for various F&B locations.

It aids clients in sourcing, importing, storing, and delivering goods to numerous channels. It offers its customers a complete disposable food packaging solution.

It is a family-owned company with numerous members of the family employed there. The company began as a tiny supply store, with the owner making deliveries on a motorcycle.

It is now a full-service packaging and solution provider with 80 employees and 15 delivery vehicles serving the entire island. The company has a yearly sales turnover of 30 million dollars and is still expanding.

The company presently leads the industry with the most extensive and up-to-date disposable packaging product line. Working closely with manufacturers and clients over the years, the company has consistently released new food packaging goods into the market, sometimes employing novel designs and new materials. It has many more products in the pipeline.

  1. Modern- Pak

Modern-Pak Pte Ltd, a Singapore packaging manufacturer and supplier, was founded in 1979. The company is most recognized for being a forerunner in the plastic and packaging industry, having built and maintained plants worldwide for over four decades.

Since 1979, Modern- Pak has been producing environmentally friendly packaging materials. After noticing a gap in quality and appealing packaging in the country, a group of directors came up with the idea.

Modern-Pak was founded with funds from savings and the first nostalgic location at 180 Paya Lebar Road, where operations still run today, after being taught and educated in plastics technology in Singapore for five years and a further two years in business that same year.

Their packaging was thicker and smoother than everyone else’s, and it came in more colors. Modern-early Pak’s sales were primarily in electrical packaging, but the company later expanded into food packaging. Modern-Pak was also the first to include personalization in daily sales.

They are firm believers in advertising and have created innovative and intriguing campaigns to use eco-friendly packaging materials.

What makes good eco-friendly food packaging?

 Even though we have suggested the above food container supplier in Singapore, it is important to understand features that should include good eco-friendly packaging.

When searching for a supplier, these are features to ensure all the eco-friendly packaging materials have;

  • Water/ Freeze/ Grease resistant
  • Compliance with all environmental policies
  • Non – stick
  • Heat stability

Final words

The use of eco-friendly packaging material is the new norm. Consumers are daily educated to opt to r retailers using eco-friendly packaging, so don’t lose your customers. Check out the above-suggested food container supplier in Singapore and start packaging using the required packages.

If you are looking for a supplier for the first time, here are three things to keep in mind;

  • Most packaging suppliers have a minimum order quantity.
  • Sustainable packaging is typically slightly more expensive than non-sustainable packaging.
  • The majority of packaging suppliers will also provide customized solutions for food and beverage enterprises that choose to brand their packaging themselves.


Struggling with weight loss? Choose a natural way to lose weight and boost metabolism



Meticore loss weight

According to a report, 45% of people are trying to lose weight globally. Are you among those too? Our ability to maintain efficient core body temperatures does not remain the same as age increases. There exists a strong bond between metabolism and core body temperatures which we may not realize. A decreased body temperature eventually slows down the metabolism which as a result works inefficiently.

Level-up solution for obesity and overweight:

Meticore is the world’s first all-natural solution for tackling low core body temperature according to which men and women can increase their core body temperature by taking a regular supplement daily, in a regular manner. 

What is Meticore? How does it work?

Never heard of it before? That’s ok, we got you! Meticore is a perfect compound of 6 top-quality ingredients that target the low core body temperature which is the key to a slow metabolism. One needs to take each capsule daily that contains six important nutrients to supercharge your metabolism via increasing your internal body temperature. With an increased amount of internal body temperature, it becomes way too much easy to lose weight. Maintaining one can also lead to additional benefits to users including enhanced hair and skin conditions, better and quality sleep, fewer inflammations in the body, and improved joint mobility.

Does Meticore work equally for people of every age group?

Many people wonder if Meticore is for a specific age group or equally beneficial for people of all ages. So yes, Meticore is equally beneficial to people of every age group but the results may be seen in different periods as every age has its pros and cons. Nobody can control the time but the weight, by sticking to a consistent and regular routine as we are going to see the lifetime outcome of how we utilized it.

What makes it different from others?

Why should one go with Meticore when there are many other fat burners available in the market?  Meticore is worth trying. What makes it unique from others is its highest quality that is maintained by comprising factors like:

  • It is all-natural
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • No GMOs.
  • No additives.
  • Purity and potency tested.

No added artificial stimulants.

How to buy one? 

We hope to have won your trust by now. So if you are already thinking to order one then choose the best and most suitable deal according to your requirement only by clicking on the link which leads you to the official Meticore website. You can select from the following packages:

  • 1 bottle (30 day supply) $59.00 + shipping

     ●      3 bottles (90 day supply) $49.99 per bottle + shipping

     ●      6 bottles (180 day supply) $39.99 per bottle + shipping

Is it safe to use one?

Feel no fear of ordering Meticore as every single package is manufactured and supervised with the best care. The manufacturing is done in the USA under FDA inspection. Ingredients are sourced from the USA itself and the seller platform is Digistore24 Inc. you are provided complete returns and refunds if you do not like the product just by sending the bottles back.  

We prioritize customer care:

We are available for your service 24/7. Feel free to order Meticore anytime while maintaining your budget. We are on amazing discounts on packages with more than one bottle where you can save $774 and $1548 on deals of 3 and 6 bottles respectively. So order it today and share your vital experience with the product by discovering a new and amazing you!!

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The Origins of BOTOX and Its Uses That You Did Not Know



The Origins of BOTOX and Its Uses That You Did Not Know

Do you know what the most popular medical aesthetic treatment in Singapore and the rest of the world? It is BOTOX. According to reports, Allergan manufactured roughly 800 million units of Botox a year to meet the needs of masses that flood to BOTOX. Let’s explore the history and uses of BOTOX that you might not know. 

Founded by two doctors- a Husband and wife

Around 20 years ago, Dr Jean Carruthers, a Canadian ophthalmologist, noted a fascinating reaction when dealing with her patients using Botulinum contaminant (a toxin secreted by the Botulinum bacteria).

The patient had uncontrollable twitching as well as the blinking of the eyes (blepharospasm). The funny thing was even after her blepharospasm had ceased, she still kept returning to Dr. Carruthers for BOTOX injections! What happened was, every single time the patient obtained the injections, the wrinkles in between her brows went away, making her look much younger and a lot less grumpy. 

Dr. Jean Carruthers spouse, Dr. Alastair Carruthers, is a skin specialist. She shared this exciting exploration with her husband and together made an in-depth study about BOTOX.

In 1992, the doctor spouses published research papers concerning using the medication for the short-term treatment of eyebrow wrinkles. 

By the year 1997, the demand for Botox ® was so high that supply momentary went out! Finally, in April 2002, FDA approved Botox ® for the therapy of the frown lines between the brows. And also, today, Botox ® injection is the most common cosmetic operation, with 4.6 million procedures in the United States alone.

Medical uses Botox in the 1980s– as well as exactly how Botox got its name.

Botox had earlier healing usages, given that in the 1980s, Dr Alan B Scott used it for the treatment of strabismus (eye squints). However, added research revealed that the medication’s benefits exceeded ophthalmology, providing people with short-lived relief from face spasms, neck and shoulder convulsions, and even singing cord spasms. 

In 1988, Allergan, a pharmaceutical business specializing in eye treatment items, obtained the commercial rights to manufacture and sell Dr Scott’s Botulinum A toxic substance. Allergan gives the medical substance a name – BOTOX.

Today, Botox ® is so widely used in the aesthetic market that it is impossible to run away from it, with excellent reason. It is incredibly risk-free; BOTOX has quite literally altered the face of humankind.

KBL Healthcare  performs Botox treatments almost daily for both Singaporeans and the business & leisure travellers It has altered and improved the face of medical aesthetic dermatology. In Singapore, BOTOX is performed only in clinics by medical.

KBL healthcare

In the earlier days, BOTOX ® produced frozen looking ladies that couldn’t move their face muscle mass. With significantly better strategies, BOTOX ® currently creates all-natural outcomes, permitting women and men to move their facial expressions after BOTOX therapy, as well as looking fresher, extra vibrant without all the wrinkles.

This great medication does not stop at erasing wrinkles. Day-to-day, individuals are locating more and more uses for BOTOX ® in the fields of both appeal and scientific medication, pushing the frontiers of scientific research and innovation. 

Here are five non-wrinkle-busting uses BOTOX ® you most likely never come across.

1) Treating Excessive Sweating.

Too much sweating, or hyperhidrosis, can be a traumatic and embarrassing problem impacting everyday lives. The problem areas most generally are the palms, soles and underarms. Hyperhidrosis can be treated with topical Aluminium chloride, which is unpleasant, leaving a sticky sensation, and may aggravate the skin. Doctors can prescribe oral medications, but it comes with side effects. In extreme instances, surgery, where the nerves (supportive chain) running together with the spinal column is burnt, is utilized to treat the condition. Unfortunately, this also includes considerable side effects, one of the most common being countervailing sweating elsewhere in the body. 

Hence, BOTOX ® was a blessing when it was FDA approved for treating hyperhidrosis. Just a couple of shots and sweating is lowered dramatically. The impacts last approximately nine months, with very few adverse effects.

2) Jaw Lift.

BOTOX ® not just softens wrinkles but can offer droopy jaw-lines a lift too. Ageing generates undesirable dewlaps upper neck area, usually the jaw-line droops and loses facial contour. The edges of the mouth begin to transform downwards, making us look miserable constantly.

By masterfully adjusting the muscles which pull on the edges of the neck, the jaw and the mouth, we can create a jaw-lift by injecting BOTOX ® in the area. The treatment is commonly known as the “Nefertiti Lift”, called after the Egyptian queen of the same name renowned for her stunning long neck and exquisite jaw-line.

3) Improving Depression

We look distressed because we feel troubled; however, could it work the other means round too?

Yes, according to some researches released in the Journal of Psychiatric Research proves that. A group of patients was injected with BOTOX ®, another group treated with saline as a placebo in their glabellar region. Exceptionally, the BOTOX ® treatment team displayed boosted mood signs over the 16-week research duration. The researchers wrapped up that BOTOX ® might work to treat depressive clients not reacting adequately to medication.

It is a new and exciting principle that a person’s face influences their mood. So stop frowning a lot!

4) Treating Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis).

Hay fever affects millions worldwide. While it is not harmful, it can severely affect the quality of life and reason Dark Eye Circles to get even darker! KBL Healthcare had seen patients not able to sleep due to the migraine from the stuffed respiratory tracts.

A group of physicians in Australia are currently conducting tests to use a BOTOX ® gel to minimize the symptoms of sneezing, runny noses, and scratchy eyes. The BOTOX ® particles in the gel are specifically re-engineered to permeate with the nose lining, which will impact the nerves in the nose. Early trials are incredibly encouraging. If successful, a single application can supply hay fever victims relief for up to 3 months!

5) Curing migraine as well as Tension Headaches.

 BOTOX ® is the FDA approved treatment of persistent migraine headaches. It helps alleviate migraine by minimizing a selection of pain neuropeptides and blocking the responses loophole of discomfort transmission in the body.

BOTOX ®also manage stress migraines by loosening the muscles in the region of the discomfort. For example, people who brux (grind their teeth sleeping) typically wake up with a migraine due to the immense stress applied during the bruxing process. BOTOX ® works marvels for this group of people, curing both the bruxing and the headaches completely, and most importantly– enabling victims to have a good night’s sleep.

KBL Healthcare is located inside Singapore’s iconic MBS, Marina Bay Sands, the one-stop medical clinic for Singaporeans, business, and leisure travellers. They provide caring family medicine and Chinese acupuncture. Pre-Departure Covid and serology tests. Elite health screening packages, HPV and travel vaccines. In addition, KBL operates an arm of medical aesthetic beauty services, providing bespoke clinically evident treatments by their team of experienced aesthetic doctors.

KBL Healthcare is also medically affiliated with KOL specialists in OB-GYN /IVF, Urology, Nutrition, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Physiotherapy.

kbl healtcare

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Tips For Good Sleep



Tips For Good Sleep

1. Know How Much Sleep You Need

First and foremost, you want to learn how much sleep you need.  While 8 hours of sleep is typically what is suggested, that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. There is a lot that goes into figuring how much much sleep you need. There is no general answer for everyone because everyone’s body is different. You need to figure out how much rest is deemed your sweet spot. The only way to figure this out is by journaling how much sleep you are getting and how you feel when you wake up. Begin at 7 hours and work your way up if you feel you need more.

2. Come Up With a Plan

When you are trying to figure out a strategy, you’ll need to come up with a sleep plan. The best way to develop healthy sleep habits is by being as consistent as possible. There is sufficient research that shows that people who sleep up and wake up at the same time every day and night end up having much better sleep. Likewise, there has been a lot of links to sleep consistency and healthy weight. A comfortable mattress will do wonders to help you sleep, read these reviews to find which Casper mattress to buy. Having a set schedule and maintaining consistency with following it is one of the best ways to put yourself in a good spot to have an optimal sleep schedule.

You want to begin by setting your wake time and by using an alarm to get you up consistently every day. You can set bedtime and wake time appropriate to when you need to be up. Be certain you are getting sufficient sleep throughout the day. Also, give yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning. The average amount of time it takes for someone to fall asleep at night is around 30 minutes. Because of this, you want to adjust your schedule accordingly. Factor in some extra time to ensure that you aren’t constantly staying up too late.

3. Find Something To Relax You

One of the things you should be looking to do is find something that relaxes you. Try to find a relaxing activity that you can do consistently every night. This can help to put you in a better spot to fall asleep. You want your routine to make you feel relaxed and calm. You don’t want to do anything that is physically or emotionally stressful. This includes avoiding thrillers and even video games. Try to maintain a good amount of consistency with your nighttime routine. Whether it’s reading a book or writing in a journal, these things can help.

4. Prioritize Snoozing

If you are having difficulties sleeping, you want to ensure that you are prioritizing it over everything else. Having quality sleep every night is key to ensuring that you maintain optimal health. It’s more important than getting that last show in on Netflix. Therefore, you should be making it a clear priority in your life. The better you sleep, the better you’ll look when you wake up and the better you’ll feel.

There was a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation that found that both pain and stress both can dramatically affect sleep. That being said, those that made it a priority in their lives ended up getting better sleep than those that didn’t. Thus, if you prioritize it, you’ll be able to get better sleep consistently.

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