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Where can I find a food container supplier in Singapore that provides eco-friendly packaging?



Where can I find a food container supplier in Singapore that provides eco-friendly packaging?

The discussion to stop the use of plastic packaging has gained momentum, and several retailers in Singapore are adhering to the recommendation. The alternative is to use eco-friendly packaging.

The demand for these eco-friendly friendly packaging has increased as consumers prefer to buy food packaged in an eco-friendly package. It leaves many retailers to wonder where to find a supplier of these eco-friendly food containers.

You’ll find this blog post as we tell you the top best supplier of eco-friendly food containers in Singapore. These food container suppliers in Singapore offer various eco-friendly food containers, and they come in different designs and sizes.

Why Use eco-friendly packaging?

The main reason as to why to start using eco-friendly packaging is because they are environment friendly.  They are easy to recycle, made from recycled material, and safe for the environment.

You can help to ensure your environment is safe by adopting eco-friendly packaging. NEA statistics show that approximately 1/3 of household wastes disposed of in Singapore, amounting to over 0.5 million tons in 2018, constitute packaging wastes.

Dramatic waste eradication will be a towering task for several F&B business owners, with a strong reliance on packaging and the growing trend in food supply services. F&B owners can consider sourcing sustainable packaging solutions to support the environment and create a more sustainable business.

Food container supplier Singapore that provides eco-friendly packaging

The following are the best food container suppliers in Singapore. They will supply you with eco-friendly packaging materials.

  1. BioPak

BioPak has been the first carbon-neutral packaging company to offer the most sustainable and innovative packaging on the market in Australia and New Zealand. BioPak offers a range of sustainable packaging solutions that address the diverse needs of an F&B business, from cutlery to serving packs to sacks.

This environmentally friendly provider also offers custom packaging to enable companies to show that they are an environmentally reliable establishment that has brand visibility on their packaging.

  1. Eco U

Eco U offers a wide variety of biodegradable plant products that break down about 2-3 times faster than starch products, from birchwood cutlery to sugarcane bagasse tableware.

In comparison with nine months for Starch-based products, Eco U sugarcane tableware takes three months to decompose.

Eco U also offers brands customization services to develop brand awareness and distinguish their business from the competition.

In addition to shopping directly from its website, F&B business owners interested in buying Eco U can also consult their team on their business needs.

  1. HappyPackSG

HappyPackSG is a local packaging retailer in Singapore, and it guarantees the lowest prices in the industry. This is a fantastic incentive for companies wishing to buy eco-friendly packaging material in bulk at a low price.

HappyPackSG offers a comprehensive choice of sustainable packaging that responds to various company needs, from edible rice straws to corn starch cutlery to paper dessert boxes.

  1. Detpak

Detpak, an Australian company, is dedicated to creating, manufacturing, and providing world-class paper and cardboard packaging materials to the foodservice industry, with clients including McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Burger King.

Detpak not only offers a variety of sustainable packaging made from ethically sourced materials, but they also offer personalized packaging to their customers.

  1. Pouch. eco

Pouch. Eco is a good option for food and beverage entrepreneurs who need pouches in their daily operations. The Hong Kong-based company offers a line of 100 percent attractive compostable pouches made from FDA-approved materials and manufactured in HACCP and BRC-certified facilities to ensure food safety.

Pouch. Eco offers international delivery, allowing businesses in Singapore to obtain these environmentally friendly pouches.

  1. Sin Tat Polyethylene

Sin Tat Polyethylene is one of Singapore’s major wholesalers and retailers, offering a wide selection of eco-friendly packing food materials.

Sin Tat Polyethylene was founded in 2002 by Jacky Lee. It is a well-established company you can trust to supply you with eco-friendly packaging materials. They have more than 40 years in the industry.

Sin Tat Polyethylene is proud to constantly supply our customers with quality products, excellent customer service, and fast delivery. Many F&B and industrial companies are part of the customer base.

 The company is continually working with manufacturers and suppliers to acquire the latest and highest-quality items; you can be confident that you will receive the greatest eco-friendly packaging material.

  1. Cheng Moh Huat

CMHT is a Singapore-based company that provides disposable food packaging to the F&B market. It collaborates with numerous manufacturing units across the world to bring items into Singapore for various F&B locations.

It aids clients in sourcing, importing, storing, and delivering goods to numerous channels. It offers its customers a complete disposable food packaging solution.

It is a family-owned company with numerous members of the family employed there. The company began as a tiny supply store, with the owner making deliveries on a motorcycle.

It is now a full-service packaging and solution provider with 80 employees and 15 delivery vehicles serving the entire island. The company has a yearly sales turnover of 30 million dollars and is still expanding.

The company presently leads the industry with the most extensive and up-to-date disposable packaging product line. Working closely with manufacturers and clients over the years, the company has consistently released new food packaging goods into the market, sometimes employing novel designs and new materials. It has many more products in the pipeline.

  1. Modern- Pak

Modern-Pak Pte Ltd, a Singapore packaging manufacturer and supplier, was founded in 1979. The company is most recognized for being a forerunner in the plastic and packaging industry, having built and maintained plants worldwide for over four decades.

Since 1979, Modern- Pak has been producing environmentally friendly packaging materials. After noticing a gap in quality and appealing packaging in the country, a group of directors came up with the idea.

Modern-Pak was founded with funds from savings and the first nostalgic location at 180 Paya Lebar Road, where operations still run today, after being taught and educated in plastics technology in Singapore for five years and a further two years in business that same year.

Their packaging was thicker and smoother than everyone else’s, and it came in more colors. Modern-early Pak’s sales were primarily in electrical packaging, but the company later expanded into food packaging. Modern-Pak was also the first to include personalization in daily sales.

They are firm believers in advertising and have created innovative and intriguing campaigns to use eco-friendly packaging materials.

What makes good eco-friendly food packaging?

 Even though we have suggested the above food container supplier in Singapore, it is important to understand features that should include good eco-friendly packaging.

When searching for a supplier, these are features to ensure all the eco-friendly packaging materials have;

  • Water/ Freeze/ Grease resistant
  • Compliance with all environmental policies
  • Non – stick
  • Heat stability

Final words

The use of eco-friendly packaging material is the new norm. Consumers are daily educated to opt to r retailers using eco-friendly packaging, so don’t lose your customers. Check out the above-suggested food container supplier in Singapore and start packaging using the required packages.

If you are looking for a supplier for the first time, here are three things to keep in mind;

  • Most packaging suppliers have a minimum order quantity.
  • Sustainable packaging is typically slightly more expensive than non-sustainable packaging.
  • The majority of packaging suppliers will also provide customized solutions for food and beverage enterprises that choose to brand their packaging themselves.

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The Importance of Business Continuity and Risk Management Plan



Have you considered what could happen if a major disruption hit your business today?

Ensuring business continuity and risk management is like having an insurance policy for your business operations. This article explains why solid continuity planning is crucial and how it can protect your business from unforeseen events.

It’s a must-read if you want to be prepared for anything and keep your business running smoothly no matter what happens.

Minimizing Downtime

Downtime can hurt your business big time. It can stop your work, upset your customers, and cost you money. So, it’s super important to minimize downtime as much as possible.

A solid business continuity plan can help you do that. It keeps things up and running when disruptions happen, keeping your downtime low.

Protecting Your Reputation

When something goes wrong with your business, it can negatively affect your reputation. And we all know how important a good reputation is for success.

A well-designed risk management plan can help mitigate potential harm to your brand image in case of a disruption. This can include regular data backups, secure storage and communication protocols, and a crisis communications plan in a PR emergency.

Ensuring Financial Stability

Problems with how businesses work can also cause money problems. If your business doesn’t have a good continuity plan, it might be hard to get back on its feet after something unexpected happens and costs a lot of money.

A risk management plan helps you determine the possible financial risks and how to lower them. Some things that can help with this are having a savings or emergency fund, getting insurance, and spreading your purchases.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain problems may halt your business. You won’t be able to run your business if you can’t get the supplies you need or send your goods. You need a business survival plan to handle these risks well.

A well-organized supply chain management plan ensures backup providers are ready in case something goes wrong.

Complying with Regulations

Every business must follow certain rules and regulations. Depending on your business, these rules can be local, national, or even international. You might face big fines or other penalties if your business fails to follow these.

A good business continuity and risk management plan can help ensure you follow all the rules. This way, even if something unexpected happens, your business can continue to operate within legal boundaries.

Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums can become a significant expense for businesses. A robust business continuity and risk management plan can lower these costs. By showcasing your proactive measures to insurers, you demonstrate that your business is less risky to them.

In this context, businesses may particularly consider this business liability insurance in NJ, as it aligns with a comprehensive risk management strategy and could contribute to more favorable premium terms.

Elevate Success With Business Continuity and Risk Management

A comprehensive business continuity and risk management plan is essential in today’s dynamic and unpredictable business landscape. It protects your business from potential disruptions and helps you minimize downtime, protect your reputation, ensure financial stability, and comply with regulations.

Don’t wait for a crisis – start creating your business resilience plan today! Remember, the best time to prepare is before you need it. Stay ahead of the game and keep your business safe and secure.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you did, be sure to check out our blog for more great content like this.

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