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FLUTIST Nguyen Tien Long, Music Teachers and Interactive Digital Media Specialist



FLUTIST Nguyen Tien Long, Music Teachers and Interactive Digital Media Specialist

The interview this month is with Nguyen Tien Long (Long Water), a scholar of the Fine Arts Association. Nguyen is a flute musical artist and teacher. He was born in Quang Nam, Da Nang, on 12/12/2000 in Vietnam. Now he is a student and also a digital marketing expert to grow businesses. He lives and works in Vietnam, where he works as an accomplished classic musician, as a music instructor and in his own studio as a private artist.

As a young man, in numerous young artist competitions, Tien Long was regularly honored. His first album is available on Spotify, which is very famous nowadays. He points out, “I am so thankful to my parents for having inspired me. I, without them, would not be the musician or person I’m today. He owns a record label: CamNhisincenow, and working with Cao Son Nguyen has done an incredible role in my life.

Few viable music jobs will insight after graduating from university. When you go to the personal studio to train as a classical musician, we may assume that the only two viable career paths are an orchestral or a university instructor, but the reality is that when you get a degree, only a very small percentage and try to win you most of the musicians take years.

Tien Long added about the history of the flute, that flute, French flute, German flute, wind instrument where the sound is created by a stream of air guided against a sharp boundary, through which the air splits into edges that rotate periodically on and off the edge and vibrate the air surrounded by the flute. The player holds up his mouth to the pipe end and directs his breath against the opposite rib in vertical, end-vibrated flutes such as the Balkan Kavala,

Nāy Arabic, Panpipe — the player holds his mouth with a pipe end and guides his breath to the other hand. A notch may be cut to facilitate sound generation (notched flutes) in China, South America, Africa, and elsewhere. Only in particular in Oceania, vertical nose flutes are found. The stream of breath reaches the opposite rim of the lateral hole in transverse or cross-flutes (that is, horizontally placed and expelled on the side). The fipple, or flutter whistle, is known as vertical flutes as a recorder where the internal fluid or duct guides the air to a cut hole in the side of the instrument.

Flutes, like ocarina and primitive gourd flutes, are usually tubular but they can be globular. The pitch is an octave smaller than that of a comparable open flute when the tubular flute is stopped at the bottom. Tien Long is an artist and teacher too, his knowledge about the art is unbelievable.

Tien Long urges his followers and fans: “Hello My Friends! My Vlog Channel specializes in making entertaining videos like Game, Review, and Cover! Thank you to everyone who took precious time to watch my clip! I really like making videos, you guys spend 2s of my SUBSCRIBE channel!!! Help me achieve 1000 SUBSCRIBE! Thanks, everyone!”

Tien Long explains about the digital marketing field and business. If you are a digital marketer, you should be conscious that in the digital world there have been so many changes. Online marketing tactics, resources, and countless’ tips and tricks are plentiful in the field of digital marketing, which constantly shifts with every update or rumor.

You are asking for one tip and you’re getting eight! Nonetheless, who can you trust when marketing advice comes to mind? We were thinking about making a list of the best in digital marketing and how their contributions contribute to shaping the industry.

Such digital marketers have established experts who have become part of the industry and the digital arena in which the rules of the game continue to evolve. They are undoubtedly the leaders in their fields of expertise. Besides being at the forefront of emerging developments, developments in the digital marketing landscape have been driven.

Long Gamer is also thought about continuing the passion for infographics focused on interaction, the Engagographic, to introduce you to the best digital marketing experts you should care about.






However, at the age of 24, in 2017, Mira King decided it was time to go looking for the financial stability that could support the launch of her career. 

Mira king start his an artistic career in 2008 in Portugal Lisbon/Margem sul  quinta do conde, with the staff da kebrada singing and dancing kuduro style, and other dance groups, after the separation of groups such as “Flowboyz between 2014/2015 he ended up with follow his solo career and today he has become one of the Angolan artists with a lot of potential worldwide, his song “Toca Dj” produced by Dj Dotorado Pro has achieved much popularity around Dj’s and dancers such as “sherrie silver” dancer with more than 400k  followers on Instagram, toca dj currently music in the style “AFROBEATS” is on the target of 335,000 views on YouTube, and 13 million on the official dance channel “Petit Afro” and others digital platforms, today the artist is living in London, for a better option in life, he decided to immigrate in search of a fresh start and get other opportunities in the music world. His recent work “Granda Ressaca” is already available.

However, at the age of 24, in 2017, Mira King decided it was time to go looking for the financial stability that could support the launch of her career. That confidence in its potential came when one of its songs was used by the channel “Petit Afro Official” and the video reached more than 13 million views. This feat made him see how much he could achieve.

Now, Mira has released “Granda Ressaca”, produced by D’Cantwo Júnior, which evokes memories of great “weddings” of nightclubs, from a pre-pandemic era. The aim is to bring the audience to the same old-time vibe and get everyone dancing.

The singer’s next steps are to continue to promote the new single, finding a manager who has his artistic vision and who can give continuity and emphasis to what Mira King made alone.

His real Name;  Alberto Ikongo Teta Lando

You can follow him on different platforms



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Multi-skilled artist Vaibhav Palhade drops music album “Gotcha Yeah”



Multi-skilled artist Vaibhav Palhade drops music album "Gotcha Yeah"

Vaibhav Palhade, a young artist, author, editor, and much much more is born in Maharastra, India, who currently dropped his new music album “Gotcha Yeah ”. The new single includes a solitary melody. The melody is made to create a piece in the soul of the audience and make them sway.
The multifaceted starlet is also an expert novelist, widely known for his book “Saajna Re”.
Vaibhav Palhade started his work as a director of short films, in his debut he created a short film in Marathi “Thodishi Little” at the age of 16. It was made with a spending plan of Rs. 3000, but it didn’t work well. Later he started to assist some Marathi directors. He has worked for various Marathi soap operas as a fellow essayist. One of the notables of his right hand is Chakwa. He then produced the first Varhadi web series titled “Naa Jaane Kyun”. However, it was not appreciated by the audience.

In 2017, he directed a short film titled “I’m Porous” which earned him awards and accolades. So, it ends up being a way for him to get into Tollywood and Bollywood.
He started his production house “Pixerark Studios” in the Vidharbha region taking some social classes associated with the filmmaking process, such as Kishore Bali, Ketki Kshirsagar, Sharayu Tayde, Tukaram Bidkar and Pratham Pimple. Pixerark is currently delivering a short film Varhadi “72 Rupayacha Paus” and “Patra”.
Pixerark is a fully stocked pre- and post-production studio for filmmakers, which provide them with all the facilities they need to produce films.
Coming back on his new album, the new single “Gotcha Yeah” is available on Amazon Music and Spotify. The 23-year-old artist also found out three monthly listeners on the web and media service provider. Go check it out without wasting any time.

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Will You Be Able to Be Happy About Your Life at the Moment of Your Last Breath? – Don Che



Will You Be Able to Be Happy About Your Life at the Moment of Your Last Breathe? – Don Che

There are two types of people in the world. Individuals who try to create or build something new for the world belongs to one category, while others do not try to do new things or only accept existence. So, what about you?

Today I will introduce you to a famous personality who always tries to create or do something new for the music world. Of course, you do not need to introduce him because you will recognize him as soon as you say his name. It is no more commentary, and today I am going to talk with one of the talented musicians and popular personalities, Don Che. 

Not only as a musician but also as a human, Don Che could lead his life to success. If we wish to achieve anything good, it is difficult to achieve it easily. That is nature. So, he must have faced many obstacles, failures, and sufferings on the way to success in his life.

Anyhow, Don Che, I would like you to raise your voice about your winning journey.

Yes, of course, we should work hard and face many failures and rejections. But we should focus on our ultimate goal because it will boost your energy, especially when you are in trouble.

When it turns to my journey, actually, it is a rollercoaster from the start. I said that is because my journey can be defined as a combination of anticipated successes, foreseen accomplishments and sprinkled with some minor disappointments.

But I am happy to say; I always tried to face all these situations and challenges with a strong and positive mindset.

However, I actually tried to be a man with proper patience for my professional career. Thus, I believe that patience is one of the greatest treatments for some troubles.

Also, I had to give extra energy to maneuver around all the disruptive traps that some people set up. However, do not give up. Fight for your dream!

If we have the best inspiration, it will fuel our ship of success. So, what is your inspiration to achieve where you are right now?

My inspiration comes from my surviving near-death altercations, regardless of the productive ambition and resilience I carry forward. Not only that, as human beings, many peoples categorized some achievements cannot be touched.

So, in my sight, I am joyful to break this opinion.  Because of that, I plan to reach insurmountable achievements as far as I live.

Now any person has to run with the competition. So, what is your opinion about the current market situation? 

The current market is whitewashed and volatile by the people who continue to persecute African American culture.  So, unfortunately, if these people continue to create music that perpetuates the killing of children, addiction to material possessions, etc., anyone cannot avoid the market becoming the tool for increasing the incarceration rates of many young and old African American men and women.

According to the idea of your many fans, Don Che loves original and unique creations. Is that true?

Yes, of course, I believe that duplications cannot ever reach the level of original or unique creations!

My audience is a group of people who listen to real music. So, they know the value of the original. Actually, the sound of duplications is like a nail on a chalkboard to my ear!  

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