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Finding an Indoor Threshold Ramp



Finding an Indoor Threshold Ramp

There are numerous types of wheelchair ramps that can be used in different settings. Even the smallest lip in an entryway in your home can cause issues for a wheelchair-bound loved one. This is where threshold ramps come in! Keep reading to learn more about these ramps and their unique purpose.

What Is a Threshold Ramp?

Threshold ramps are small rubber or aluminum ramps that you can stick in a doorway. It’s structured to create a small hill over a rough edge. This way, the wheelchair can easily go over it and not get stuck every time you go through that doorway.

Factors of a Threshold Ramp

While simplistic in design, there are a couple of factors that need to be figured out before one can be installed:

  1. Measurements: Just like any wheelchair ramp, you need to know how large the ramp must be and how much it needs to carry. You must know the width or how long the ramp needs to cover the doorway and how tall it needs to be to cover the rough edge properly. Depending on how tall the lip is, your ramp will need a longer incline. This will take up a little more room, so keep that in mind.
  2. Weight: Weight is also key in a ramp. You want to make sure it can handle the weight of the wheelchair and person consistently.
  3. Material: What you make the ramp out of depends on how heavy-duty you want your ramp to be. If the ramp will be exposed to outside variables frequently, then you’ll likely want aluminum. Furthermore, if the ramp needs to handle a lot of weight. Aluminum is the strongest material you’ll find for ramps. However, if you are looking for a more lightweight ramp, then rubber will be a cheaper and more effective option for you.

Installing a Ramp

Once these key factors are determined, you also need to decide if this ramp will be a permanent installation or a temporary one. A permanent installation will require more effort installing, as you’ll want it to last longer. You can either hire someone to come and install it for you, or if you feel you can handle it yourself, then you can save on money and get it done.

Getting threshold wheelchair ramps for your home is a huge asset and will ensure more convenient and comfortable movement around the house. It is definitely worth the investment, and there are plenty of companies that are willing to help you find the right ramp and install it for you.