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Final Fantasy VIII Remake: Yoshinori Kitase would like to see the game created by young people



Final Fantasy VIII Remake: Yoshinori Kitase would like to see the game created by young people

Yoshinori Kitase is the producer of Final Fantasy VII Remake and in an interview with Famitsu has commented on the possibility of seeing a remake, in this case of Final Fantasy VIII. As he says, in this case, he would like to see the young people of Square Enix take charge of the project.

Asked about a Final Fantasy VIII Remake, Kitase replies that “if youth inherit the genes from Final Fantasy, take a step forward and are encouraged, I would like to see it. The Final Fantasy VII Remake project began with my desire to make Final Fantasy VII with current technology while I was at Square Enix. I’d like to see Final Fantasy VIII Remake made by the youth of Square Enix. ”

As director of Final Fantasy VIII, Yoshinori Kitase himself worked on history, systems design, events and more. On September 3, it was relaunched in the digital distribution as Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, a remastering that improved polygonal graphics and added a number of advantages such as speeding up the game, empowering characters during combat or deactivating random battles. It was analyzed in Vandal.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches on March 3

Final Fantasy VII Remake premieres on March 3 on PlayStation 4, although it will be the first of several episodes. This installment covers the events in Midgar, so we can see most of the main characters and the beginning of the story, until the escape from this city. The rest of the episodes have no approximate date.

The game will offer a new combat system more focused on action, although there is also an option to pause the time that resembles the classic turn-based combat that fills the ATB indicator automatically and players will not have to worry about the action, but in the selection of the most suitable commands. It will allow the user to focus on the use of magic, objects, and invocations.



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