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Features All Outdoor Bathrooms in Public Spaces Need



Features All Outdoor Bathrooms in Public Spaces Need

Keeping public restrooms clean and stocked with toilet paper is an important part of managing a public area. But amenities such as showers and changing rooms can improve the experience for your customers and employees.

Outdoor bathrooms are a great addition to parks and public spaces. But public bathrooms are not just for the outdoors.

Is your current bathroom not working like it used to? Consider adding an outdoor bathroom to your public spaces. We’re here to give you a few tips on creating the best outdoor bathroom experience possible.

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Gender-Neutral Design

When designing outdoor bathrooms for public spaces, it is essential that gender-neutral design is taken into consideration. Features that could achieve this include a large, unisex area with ample space for anyone to use without fear of judgment.

This could be achieved by making the bathrooms lockable and by placing stalls for people to use as they need. Clear signage should be put in place that designates the space as gender-neutral. The setup should be in such a way that is inviting to all genders rather than excluding one over the other.

Access to sanitation supplies such as soap and toilet paper should be available in the bathrooms as well as measures to ensure hygiene. The area should be well-lit to ensure safety and security for all users, regardless of their gender identity.


Outdoor bathrooms in public spaces need to be durable to handle large amounts of use and heavy foot traffic. Durable hardware and fixtures such as sinks and toilets should be used that can resist corrosion and need less maintenance. Besides, the outdoor bathrooms should be designed with proper ventilation and drainage so that they can be kept clean and hygienic.


The most important bathroom design and feature is privacy. Privacy fencing can be employed to keep away birds, insects, and other animals.

Lights, curtains, or other window covers can be included to ensure privacy if a bathroom has windows. Visitors should not feel vulnerable to prying eyes or uncomfortable when using these amenities. Outdoor bathrooms in public spaces should be designed to provide comfort, security, and privacy.

Proper Ventilation

Outdoor bathrooms in public spaces must have proper ventilation to ensure guest comfort and hygiene. All public bathrooms should have adequate fan systems that allow air to move in and out of the space. Fans should be designed to prevent odors from lingering and should be equipped with proper filtration systems to keep the air clean. Also, designing an outdoor bathroom in a spot that receives adequate sunlight can help to warm the space.

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Making Public Spaces Accessible with Outdoor Bathrooms

Having outdoor bathrooms in public spaces can make a huge difference to the public’s quality of life. Plus, with the right amenities, it can be a special treat. Invest in features like stainless steel fixtures, touchless plumbing, and high-flow pumps for clean and efficient use. It’s worth it.

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