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Fashion Model John Strand Eyes Return To Asian Markets



Fashion Model John Strand Eyes Return To Asian Markets

Italian-American Model and Actor Concluded Successful Overseas Tour Just Prior to COVID Lockdowns; Preparing For New Journeys In 2023 Season.

John Strand first found his way as a fashion model based on a whim, responding to a social media advertisement in an attempt to expand the audience for his indie rock band at the time. Born in California to a vibrant Italian-American family, he has always identified with coastal Los Angeles as his home town, perhaps an echo of his Mediterranean heritage, even as his father, an officer in the U.S. Navy, was stationed in various cities around the country. That sense of adventure and taste for the seas only grew and carried John Strand through many travels both in America and abroad. Palm trees have always made him feel instantly at home and alive. He also made New York City a second home, eventually signing a contract with Wilhelmina Models and working both NY Fashion Week and LA Fashion for several seasons, as well as working visits to Miami and Dallas.

As the advent of Instagram evolved into an industry-shaping force, he developed a social media following on that and other platforms that further expanded his style collaborations with notable designers in Los Angeles and New York City. He then picked up from earlier acting experiences and appeared on several TV shows including Vanderpump Rules on Bravo and True Crime with Aphrodite Jones on Discovery Channel. Later, a contract with BB Models in New Delhi brought him to the Asian markets for almost 2 years, before returning the United States just in time to avoid being caught in an overseas quarantine quagmire. The Asian tour was very productive, bringing campaigns for Valentino and Honda, Editorials in Forbes, a striking cover of AsiaSpa Magazine, and numerous menswear campaigns and catalogs, as well as a skincare campaign shot in the Hollywood of the East, Mumbai.

An enjoyable discovery while working overseas in Asia was the warm and energetic social life and family values-based culture found in India, which was similar to his Italian roots, and sharing those values and connections is a passion that drives his continued efforts to grow and succeed in the fashion, entertainment, and journalism arenas. Obviously, the Coronavirus epidemic that changed the trajectory of the entire world in 2020 certainly took a harsh toll on the fashion and film industries, and John Strand took on several other endeavors in Los Angeles and around the United States as he developed additional skills and began working as a creative director and media host for various organizations and clients, focusing on community organizing and cultural influence. With international travel beginning to ramp back up, the allure of the high seas and lofty adventures once again begins to draw artists back into the fray, and you can follow the continuing journey of John Strand by visiting his website and tracking his various social media platforms, which he was forced to begin entirely from scratch after false and defamatory attacks by jealous associates led to a total loss of his social media following, quite similar to the several years of time lost to him and the entire world during the very difficult pandemic season. He is currently focused on resolving some legal and business matters here in the states resulting from that partisan political assault, before preparing for additional travels.

A new era is possible, and John Strand is one of many ambitious and driven artists that can make that possibility an exciting realization, perhaps with another overseas tour. He is certainly aiming to visit his homeland in Italy, with Rome and Paris calling and many other European and Asian cities offering a plethora of different experiences and opportunities. The future is fashionable, and full of promise, to those willing to risk the comforts of home for the reward of unpredictable adventures and conquest.

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A Convenient Alternative to Traditional Oqhair Wig Attachment Methods



A Convenient Alternative to Traditional Oqhair Wig Attachment Methods

In recent years, the beauty industry has witnessed a significant shift towards more convenient and user-friendly solutions. One notable innovation that has gained immense popularity is the glueless wig. These wigs have revolutionized the way we approach hair styling, offering a hassle-free and versatile option for those seeking a quick transformation without the need for adhesives or professional assistance. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and growing appeal of glueless wigs.

What are Glueless Wigs?

Glueless wigs, as the name suggests, are wigs that do not require adhesive or glue to be attached to the scalp. They are designed with adjustable straps, combs, and sometimes an elastic band, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit. These wigs provide an alternative to traditional wig installation methods, eliminating the mess, potential damage to natural hair, and lengthy application process associated with glues and tapes.

Features and Benefits:

Ease of Use:

The primary advantage of glueless wigs is their simplicity. Anyone can wear them without professional assistance. They are particularly beneficial for individuals who are new to wearing wigs or those who prefer a hassle-free solution for daily use or occasional styling.

Protection for Natural Hair:

Glueless wigs are gentle on natural hair, as they do not require any adhesives that can potentially cause damage or breakage. They allow the scalp and hair to breathe, reducing the risk of scalp irritation and allowing for proper maintenance of natural hair health.


Glueless wigs come in a wide range of styles, lengths, and colors, allowing individuals to experiment with different looks effortlessly. From straight to curly, short to long, and natural to vibrant shades, there is a glueless wig for every preference and occasion.


The adjustable straps and combs incorporated into glueless wigs ensure a snug and secure fit, providing maximum comfort throughout the day. The elastic band feature further enhances stability, preventing the wig from shifting or slipping.

Convenience: Applying a glueless wig takes significantly less time compared to traditional wig installation methods. Whether you need to quickly change your hairstyle for a special event or want a convenient option for everyday wear, glueless wigs offer an efficient solution.

Breaking Beauty Norms:

The skunk stripe wig challenges the conventional standards of beauty and encourages wearers to embrace their distinct features. Rather than attempting to hide or conform to societal norms, this trend celebrates uniqueness and encourages self-acceptance. By making a statement with their hairstyle, individuals using skunk stripe wigs inspire others to break free from societal expectations and boldly express their own personal style.

Inspiring Confidence and Empowerment:

Fashion has the power to instill confidence and empower individuals, allowing them to showcase their true selves to the world. The skunk stripe wig trend embodies this sentiment by encouraging wearers to step outside their comfort zone and embrace their unique style. This bold hairstyle choice serves as a powerful tool for self-expression, enabling individuals to feel confident, empowered, and unapologetically themselves.


The skunk stripe wig is a captivating trend that has gained momentum in the fashion world. Offering a striking contrast between a solid base color and a distinctive stripe, this audacious hairstyle choice allows individuals to embrace their individuality and break free from conventional beauty standards. By encouraging self-expression, celebrating uniqueness, and empowering wearers to showcase their personal style, the skunk stripe wig trend inspires confidence and represents a bold step towards a more inclusive and diverse fashion landscape. So, if you’re looking to make a statement and embrace your distinctive style, consider joining the skunk stripe wig revolution!

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