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Factors to Consider when Purchasing a T-Shirt Printing Machine



Factors to Consider when Purchasing a T-Shirt Printing Machine

Gone are the days when you would have to go through arduous knitting or look for a tailor to style your clothing. The clothing industry has certainly revolutionized. A few clicks of a button could get you a custom-styled shirt. A t-shirt printing machine is, without a doubt, a good investment. This article will focus on what to look for in a device.

  1. Quality

You want a quality t-shirt; thus, you need a quality machine by default. When looking for a quality machine, there are several things you need to take into consideration.

One, is the frame steel or plastic? It matters because steel will produce better in terms of quality as compared to plastic.

Another thing to note is how it opens and closes. Do you have to apply a lot of energy before you open it? If so, that is not a quality machine. It would help if you also got a warranty with that purchase.

A good choice is a Mutoh DTF printer, known for its exceptional print quality and versatility, making it an ideal solution for those seeking high-resolution and durable prints on a variety of fabrics and materials.

2. Budget

What price range are you in right now? If you are on a strict budget, there is a machine for you that is equally high quality. If you have plenty, also you are in luck.

There is a quality machine for every price range as a t shirt printing machine price in Kenya is reasonable.

3. Working space

This factor will ultimately determine the size of the machine you are supposed to get. When getting a device, you certainly want one that will leave enough room for the employees to move about and even you can place your final products.

4. Volume

Are you looking to print on a large scale or a small scale? This factor should greatly determine the type of machine you are to get. You need to get one that produces a large volume without decreasing quality.

You also need a work day and night without overheating or malfunctioning.

5. Pressure

Pressure is instrumental in printing t-shirts as they must be pressed to produce a quality outline. A manual type would be disadvantageous in terms of pressure since adjusting it would be very hard.

It would help if you looked for a machine that hadith that can be easily altered.

6. The thickness of pressure plates

This factor goes hand in hand with the quality of shirts produced. Machines with slightly thicker pressure plates make higher-quality shirts than their thinner counterparts.

It would help if you settled for thicker brands when looking for quality.

7. Temperature

The temperature of the machine should be significantly considered. Those with higher temperature options are suitable for printing on a large-scale basis.

Not only should the higher temperature be considered but also the distribution. Is the temperature evenly distributed across the plate surface? This phenomenon will avoid the scenario where the shirt is not evenly printed throughout the t-shirt.

8. Safety

Many would overlook this feature, but it is very vital. Health is an essential aspect of life. You certainly do not want something that will damage or injure your body.

Some machines consider this as the space between the upper and lower plate is larger. This improvement reduces the risk of hazards.


Be sure to get yourself a t shirt printing machine based on the above features; then and only then will you be assured of quality stuff. Getting an efficient device is only the beginning.