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Explore Malaysia – From Merang Jetty , to Redang Island



Explore Malaysia - From Merang Jetty , to Redang Island

Malaysia is a country of breathtaking beauty . Its islands are jewels that attract travelers from around the world . Merang Jetty is a vital gateway that connects adventurers with some of MalaMalaysia’st beautiful islands , such as the renowned Redang Island . Merang Jetty is located in Setiu Region of Terengganu . It serves as an embarkation point for ferries that take travelers to several idyllic island , providing both convenience and scenic beauty to travelers .

Ferry Service – Merang Jetty to Redang Island

Ferry services are reliable and frequent between Merang Jetty to Redang Island . They operate throughout the day . The first ferry to Redang departs around 8 -00 am, followed by departures at 10:30 am , 1 -00 pm , 3 -00 pm , and 9 -30am. Travelling to Redang from mainland takes about an hour which is a relaxing and scenic start to your island experience .

Online platforms make it easy to book various ferry operator tickets be it Bluewater Ferry Ticket  ,  or Langkawi RORO ferry ticket, you can check everything from schedule to prices. Book online and secure your tickets ahead of time and avoid the long lines at the terminal . The average round-trip cost for adults is MYR110 and, for children it’s around RM56. Upon arrival on Redang Island, the errieis in a designated area Island to ensure a smooth transition between sea and shore. Ferries are the only way to cover approximately 30 km from Merang Jetty up to Redang Island . This makes this mode of transportation not only essential but also enjoyable .

Merang Jetty – Your Portal to Paradise

Merang Jetty offers more than a place to depart from – it is a destination unto itself . Merang Jetty is a favorite among tourists who travel to Southeast Asia’ s islands because of its excellent facilities and strategic location . The jetty has a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable wait before boarding the ferry . Merang has a pleasant climate , which makes it a great place to relax and enjoy the maritime atmosphere . Accommodation options are plentiful in the area , ranging from luxury resorts to affordable motels .

Merang is heaven for seafood lovers . Local cuisine , particularly seafood , should be tried . The jetty is beautiful with the ferries arranged in perfect symmetry . It’ s a great place to start your island adventure . Merang Jetty can be easily reached from Kuala Terengganu Airport by local transit , which makes the trip to the jetty convenient .

Redang Island – A Tropical Dream

Redang Island is one of the most popular islands in Terengganu . It’ s known for its turquoise water and white sand beaches . The island paradise is a part of the marine sanctuary park and is a popular spot for snorkeling , scuba diving , and other water sports . Divers of all levels will enjoy the vibrant marine life that is abundant in this underwater world .

Redang Island has a developed infrastructure that can accommodate the large number of visitors and ferries . It’ s important to know that the island can experience heavy rains from October to February , which may slow down tourism . It is best to visit during the dry season , when the weather is nice and the island is at its most beautiful . Redang has a wide range of luxurious and serene beach resorts that compliment the natural beauty of the island .

Redang Island – Top Activities

1 . Exploring Redang Marine Park Centre –

The Redang Marine Park Centre , which is accessible via boat from the main Island , is a must visit . The center is primarily a facility for research , but it also offers exciting activities to tourists such as hiking and snorkeling . The center offers visitors the opportunity to observe turtles in their habitat . This is an educational experience .

2 . Seafood Delights –

Redang’ s culinary scene is heavily influenced its history as a small fishing village . The island has a wide variety of themed restaurants and eateries where you can enjoy a wide range of fish dishes .

3 . Visiting Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary –

The Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary is a must-watch for anyone who fascinated by marine life . T. Iters a rare opportunity to see green turtles up close .

4. Experience the Nightlife

Redang Island is alive with an exciting nightlife . There are many bars and restaurants that stay open late and offer live music , refreshing beverages , and an energetic atmosphere . Laguna Redang , a popular nightlife destination in Singapore , is a great place to spend a memorable evening .

A Final Word 

Merang Jetty and Redang Island are the epitome of Malaysian travel . They offer stunning natural beauty , a rich marine life , as well as warm hospitality . This journey is a great way to experience a relaxing getaway or an exciting adventure . Book your ferry tickets and prepare to discover the wonders of Redang Island at the Merang Jetty .