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Everything You Need to Know AboutRoko Clan Tokenomics



Everything You Need to Know About Roko Clan Tokenomics

Roko Clan is a new NFT-based community centered around a graphic novel and ongoing
manga about the exploits of the character Don Roko. Through a community hub called the
Warehouse, members can uncover the saga of Don Roko and trade their collectible digital
NFT holders will be able to enter an underworld where mobsters vie for power by buying one of Roko Clan’s 10,000 collectible NFT avatars, secured on the Ethereum blockchain. They will also be able to vote on charitable giveaways, real-world member events, metaverse experiences, and much more.
Are you ready to enter the Warehouse? This simple guide will tell you everything you need to
know about Roko Clan tokenomics.

Collector Levels

Each Roko Clan NFT features art generated using different character features and traits,
creating unique images that serve as the coin of the realm in the Warehouse.
The collection is divided into three tiers, each one more complex and valuable than the last:
● Unique NFTs: 4-5 layers with basic features
● Limited Edition NFTs: 6-8 layers with special features and backgrounds not included in
the Unique tier
● Rare NFTs: 9-12 layers with still more features and backgrounds not included in the

Unique or Limited-Edition tier (100 Rare NFTs will be set aside to sell in future auctions)
Once all are released, there will be 9000 Unique, 757 Limited Edition, and 243 Rare NFTs.

All of these will be minted using the ERC-721A contract. That means you can make multiple
mints with a single gas fee.
The collectible nature of the NFTs means you never know what tier your next Roko Clan avatar
will be. And it allows for an interesting economy of trading among members.

Sales and Auctions
These NFT avatars will be released across multiple sets, with earlier sets having lower prices.
That means early supporters can join the Roko Clan at an incredible price.
The sets include:

Private Sale
● Starting price of 0.06 ETH
Public Sale
● Set 1: Starting price of 0.07 ETH
● Set 2: Starting price of 0.08 ETH
● Set 3: Starting price of 0.09 ETH
● Set 4: Starting price of 0.1 ETH

● Starting price at 1 ETH for 100 rare NFTs

Entering the Warehouse
The categories of NFTs give collectors compelling ways to trade and manage their collections.
And the dynamic pricing provides an incentive to join early.
The Roko Clan represents something larger than the typical NFT drop. Each purchase gives
you a unique avatar and membership in the Warehouse, presenting a new way to experience
storytelling and digital art.
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