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Everything You Need To Know About Egress Windows



You Need To Know About Egress Windows

Egress windows are essential for the exterior of your home, and their importance extends beyond energy efficiency and beauty. They are highly crucial for safety, especially in an emergency. When windows are the only way out and into safety, it is essential to install them correctly and choose the right window to prevent potentially disastrous results.

These windows ensure that inhabitants may quickly leave a building in the case of an emergency since they are mainly created with safety in mind. Below is everything you need to know about egress windows to safeguard the security and well-being of people.

Why Does Egress Windows Exist?

Egress windows are designed to make it easier for people to leave or depart a building. The term “egress” relates to this action. These windows act as an escape route in crises like a fire or other life-threatening events. 

Egress openings can be built in a home’s various rooms, but they are essential in basements where conventional windows could not offer a practical escape route.

The windows used for basement egress are noticeably larger than regular windows and frequently act as little doors that open into a wide window well. This design gives occupants a safe and realistic chance to flee in an emergency. 

Egress openings substantially improve the safety and security of your home by offering a clear and accessible departure option.

Issues Related To Most Basement Windows

Modern basement openings frequently have too small and high openings, making it difficult for inhabitants to fit through and flee to safety in an emergency. This architectural defect can be a severe risk since these windows might not offer a practical escape path in emergencies. 

On the other hand, older homes could have more enormous basement openings that provide residents with a better chance to escape if necessary.

Modern basement openings lack accessibility, which poses severe safety concerns, especially in newer homes where even a little child may find it difficult to exit through these constrained holes.

 It is crucial to address this issue and consider solutions that adhere to safety standards, including adding egress holes that follow building laws and regulations to ensure the safety of the building’s residents. 

A precise and reliable escape route that allows all inhabitants to leave the building quickly and securely can be provided by egress openings that are appropriately sized and placed.

The Existing Building Regulations

Building laws establish specific requirements for windows in bedrooms and basements to protect safety. These standards require that every bedroom have an egress window that is large enough to allow for escape or a door that leads directly to the building’s exterior. 

The egress window should be simple to open from the inside without using special equipment, keys, or skills. 

If the room has a functional sprinkler system, the requirement for an escape window in a bedroom is exempt. However, having a window or door that goes to the outside is necessary to ensure a safe departure path in case of emergency if there is no sprinkler system.

Egress Openings In The Basement

The same egress window regulations that apply to bedrooms also apply to basements. Regarding the height of the windows, there is one more thing to consider. 

Basement egress openings are only permitted to be 1.5 meters above the ground. Since basement windows are frequently found near the top of the space, it’s crucial to include a step or platform that makes reaching the window in an emergency simple.

Additionally, restrictions apply to the window wells surrounding basement egress openings. To ensure a clean and unimpeded evacuation passage, the window well must be placed at least 760mm away from the window itself.

How To Convert Basement Openings into Egress

It takes more than just a simple window replacement procedure to convert pre-existing basement openings into egress openings. Depending on the size and placement of the existing windows, it might be necessary to cut the concrete to sufficiently widen the gap. 

Even though not all basement openings need to be changed to egress openings, and the job’s difficulty may vary, this modification can be a significant home improvement effort.

It is essential to remember that changing basement openings to egress windows may require a lot of preparation and work. Before starting such a project, homeowners should thoroughly examine their unique demands and requirements.