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Ensitech Tig Brush



Ensitech Tig Brush

When you weld stainless steel, you need an effective weld cleaning procedure. Many welders regard the “traditional” removal of welding oxidation as hazardous and time-consuming. 

Fortunately, the Ensitech Tig Brush stainless steel weld cleaning system offers a time and cost-effective alternative. 

Ensitech, an Australian-owned manufacturing company, manufactures the TIG Brush stainless steel weld cleaning system and is also a global leader in the welding industry. 

In this article, we’ll not only discuss the TIG Brush but also briefly have a look at Ensitech’s other contributions to the welding industry and compare the TIG Brush with “traditional” cleaning processes.

Ensitech: The Australian Innovation Powerhouse

Ensitech is an Australian-owned manufacturing company. The Ensitech Surface Finishing System combines provides an end-to-end process for preparing, cleaning, passivating and protecting welded and fabricated metal surfaces. By combining the company’s electrical engineering expertise, chemistry know-how and excellent product design and innovation, Ensitech’s products provide a safe, efficient alternative to old methods and hazardous materials in the welding industry. Ensitech is the Australian innovation powerhouse in the welding industry.

Apart from the well-known Ensitech TIG Brush the company also provides the welding industry with a premium range of innovative fluids.

Currently, the company is exporting its products to more than 25 countries. In the US the Ensitech Tig Brush’s price is about $3,900. Ensitech Tig Brush parts are available from all its distributors.

The TIG Brush: The Crown Jewel of Ensitech

Welding experts regard the TIG Brush as the crown jewel of Ensitech. It is not just another weld brush. In principle, with the Tig Brush’s stainless steel weld cleaning system, you clean the metal surface by safely applying strong electric currents and electrolyte fluids onto the steel. It cleans welds, passivates and electro polishes stainless steel in one weld-cleaning machine.

To use the TIG Brush you 

  • dip the brush into one of the cleaning fluids in Ensitech’s range,
  • make contact with the weld, 
  • move the Brush slowly across in a circular motion and re-dip if the Brush dries,
  • rinse the area with water, and 
  • use a neutralizing fluid to spray the weld.

Comparison: TIG Brush vs. Traditional Cleaning Methods

The TIG Brush method is much safer than other post-weld cleaning methods. If you clean, for instance, with pickling paste you can get serious skin burn injuries because the paste contains a combination of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid.  The TIG Brush eliminates this danger. 

Because the Tig Brush simultaneously cleans welds, passivates and electro polishes stainless steel it works faster than traditional cleaning methods

How the TIG Brush is Revolutionizing the Australian Welding Industry (Summary)

The revolutionary Tig Brush has an impact not only on the Australian welding industry but also globally. It is revolutionizing the welding industry because it contributes to safety in the workplace, makes the weld cleaning process greener, and is very cost-effective. 


Q1: What sets the TIG Brush apart from other weld cleaning methods?

A1: The main difference between TIG Brush weld cleaning and other weld cleaning methods is that it uses a high-temperature brush conducting electrical energy to the surface of stainless steel. The very high temperature combines with a mild solution and quickly removes weld discoloration. Simultaneously the TIG Brush passivates the stainless steel surface.

Q2: How does the TIG Brush contribute to a safer and greener welding environment?

A2: The Tig Brush offers clean welds and electro polishes, and brands of stainless steel in one weld cleaning machine. This avoids grinding dust and all the dangers of pickling paste.

Q3: Where can I buy a TIG Brush in Australia?

A3:  You can buy a TIG Brush at most of the reliable welding outlets, such as Bilba Industries, which will deliver anywhere in Australia. The Ensitech Tig Brush price is about $3,900.

Q4: How do I maintain my TIG Brush for optimal performance?

A4: To maintain the TIG Brush for optimal performance, just follow the following simple steps:

  • When you don’t use your TIG Brush ensure that you’ve put the On/Off switch on OFF.
  • After you’ve completed a task (or at the end of your work shift) unscrew the Tig Brush from the wand and remove it from the insulating shroud.
  • Then rinse the brush, shroud, and end of the wand with water. This rinsing removes all leftover cleaning solutions. 
  • Allow all the parts to dry and then re-assemble
  • Use a wet cloth to wipe the TIG Brush control unit clean. 

Q5: What does the future hold for the TIG Brush and Ensitech?

A5: Ensitech’s TIG Brush is a great success. All the testimonies of satisfied users indicate that Ensitech’s TIG Brush will become more and more synonymous with stainless steel weld cleaning all over the world.