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Education Needs a Revival & Here’s What’s Being Done!, & who’s doing it



Education Needs a Revival & Here’s What’s Being Done!, & who’s doing it

The educational industry has been trying to find ways to make learning more accessible for everyone with a little bit of personalisation of learning to be based on the person thinking level not the grade. With the rise of technology, we are now able to distribute education in a much more efficient and cost-effective way.

This is great news for students, as they can now access materials from anywhere in the world but with what happened in covid-19 and the surprise that hit the educational industry without having an available infrastructure for such an event there was a missing gap for students while they were at home trying to understand what the teacher is trying to teach at his home . Additionally, while platforms like online classrooms and zoom allowed multiple students to engage in a lesson simultaneously but they did not fill in the gap of human interaction or miss understanding for students .

It allowed teachers to give instructions but not as personalized as in person ,even in person teachers found it hard to communicate with there students and this where it all hit mohammad specially coming from educational non-loving place mohammad always thought that the educational system had issues and problems needed fixing personalisation of learning based on the person for one he was always saying ‘that everyone should have his own way of learning everyone has his own learning curve so it doesn’t make sense to put 40 students in a room and expect them to understand the same thing from the same instructor in the same tone and & method’ quoting mohammad ,something that wasn’t possible in the classroom setting. By taking learning out of the traditional brick-and-mortar setup and placing it online with a touch of fun and personalisation, we can ensure every student has access to quality education regardless of their geographical location or financial means in a click on the web and here mohammad structured the idea of iqraa.

It was given to educational institutions like schools for students of k-12 ages ,it was the opportunity to create new business models that are tailored to fit the needs of today’s students and educators alike. With this new distribution model, we now have an unprecedented level of control over how our educational systems operate and what type of content is being offered. This enables us to create high-quality programs that are tailored specifically for each individual student, ultimately giving them the best chance at

after 2 years in the journey of iqraa ,iqraa was acquired to exapnd his vision even beyond his own imagination but to be a global disruption of a whole system not just an industry.