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Easybom – Electronic Components Search Past, Present, and Future



Easybom - Electronic Components Search Past, Present, and Future

Easybom is the most reputable online solution provider for component manufacturers, engineers, and buyers. It was started by electronics industry experts who dreamed of an easier way to find parts online. Today, more than 100,000 scientists, engineers, and procurement specialists use Easybom tools to locate parts from thousands of suppliers. Easybom is a data management company that manages structured files of over 10 million parts and continues to grow.

Have you ever put a lot of effort into a project, only to find that when you show it to the world, everyone asks, “Wait, what’s the difference?” In this article, we’ll try to introduce one of those projects.

EASYBOM replaces the old way and custom document storage with a brand new search match. While this is an overhaul of the backend running Easybom, on the surface everything seems to be the same. But when you use it, you can see that it greatly facilitates our search time.

History and changing choices

In Easybom, it provides a search index that provides sorted results for user queries, a document store that provides content for detailed pages and results, and a relational database that provides persistent data storage.

Provides better results in search because it is now much simpler to modify the algorithm that determines the ranking. The time required to update part information has been reduced from hours to a minute. With the help of excellent software monitoring and debugging tools, some of the most expensive queries have now been identified and removed from the application. This reduces the load on the cluster and improves performance, which can be seen in the lower load times of the sidebar for search. Currently, the tool handles about 200 document GETs and 10 queries per second. The goal of the program is a seamless transition, and you’ll be excited about the possibilities this project offers for future changes. Over the next few years, the site will use this new platform to improve the search experience and increase efficiency, making it the most convenient electronic component search