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Donovan J. Greening, a Dynamic and Passionate Entrepreneur



Denovan J. Greening

Donovan J. Greening is a digital marketing expert known for Search Engine Optimization, also referred to as SEO. Greening was born on December 11, 1997, in Farmington Hills Michigan. He has been an Entrepreneur since he was 15 years old. Now, at just 22 years old, Greening is shuffling between being a full-time undergraduate, a business owner, and a computerized promoting expert. As a business visionary since the age of 15, Donovan has combined his efforts into one organization known today as Greening Corporation United, which focuses on digital marketing and the authentic study of SEO.

Donovan got his start in computerized media through his YouTube channel XVSound, where he would take music from dark craftsmen who were not exceptionally “mainstream” and make them a visual backup. Once his channel began to explode, Donovan understood that he had a potential business in his hands, and the rest was history. This same channel currently has more than 12,000 subscribers and more than 5.1 million total views. This inevitably formed into the brand XVTech, which has a growing attention on social media promotion and front-line web development. After starting this business, Greening used his potential to change the fortunes of three local organizations, including a gym and a juice shop. His following client was larger; a seller of hydroponic lighting in Michigan.

The success of those initial businesses led to further opportunities; including an enormous vendor of tank-farming lighting for indoor horticultural ventures in Warren, Michigan. He helped that organization by creating a newer, more appealing site and smoothed out the online business framework. These updates, together with shipping and logistics framework map delivery, have made their business unimaginably more productive. In just two months of his work and advice, the organization made more than $600,000 in revenue.

Donovan J. Greening applied for college at Bowling Green State University (also known as BGSU); this was deemed his best option as he was not willing to go far from home and did not want many distractions around him. Once admitted to BGSU, Greening was eager to become acquainted with digital advertising in the hope of using such information to benefit his customers. Subsequently, Greening is currently viewed as a pro in search engine optimization, website development, advertising and content creator for enormous firms – such as law and financial firms.

Donovan J. Greening understands that he has two current professions, one as an undergraduate student and one as a businessman. Although Greening’s hard work has distanced him from his nearby colleagues, who don’t seem to understand why he doesn’t have as much energy to mingle as they do, his passions towards the industry keep his spirits high.

As of now, Donovan J. Greening has been excelling in his ability to help many more law firms achieve the highest level in their state and practice regions. Donovan understands that websites should be planned in perspective of SEO from the beginning, so that these companies can expand their ability to be seen and, consequently, expand their profitability. Greening’s continuous objective is to show, by model, to his colleagues that it is more than conceivable to maintain a successful business at a young age – all it requires is genuine enthusiasm and hard work.