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Don Afric: The Sensational Star in Dubai



Don Afric: The Sensational Star in Dubai

In modern times, Dubai has surfaced up to be a place of attraction for the people from glamorous world. Celebrities from all over the world love coming to this city. At different times, different celebrities keep adding to the grace of this city. However there are certain highly reputable celebrities of the glamorous world who have consistently been adding value to this wonderful city. One of the notable names among them is Don Afric; a versatile artist from the world of art, film and music. For the past several years, he has chose Dubai as a city of his abode. Due to his association with some huge names of the film world, he is being counted as the valuable addition into this celebrity-friendly city. In this post we will some of the distinguishing characteristics of Don Afric which make him a sensational star of Dubai.

His Music Serves as a Bridge between East and the West

Don Afric is a star who has deep connections with the western world. He himself hails from the Arab world but he has spent most of his youth in the west. He has worked in the Hollywood: a conspicuous feature of the western world. Working alongside the reputed names of Hollywood like Brad Pitt (War Machine), Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible), and Daniel Craig as James Bond (Spectre), he has developed friendly relations with the most of the Hollywood stars and the crew members of the films.

Moreover, he has gone one step farther by learning the western languages like English, French, Spanish, and Dutch and subsequently making them a medium of expression of his feelings through music. This factor also adds up as the significant characteristic of Don Afric. Due to his musical skills and the adoption of western languages for music, a wide range of cultural integration between the east and the west is expected to be developed on multiple fronts. Evidently, the steps like the ones taken by Don Afric havc surfaced up to be the factor behind the rise of tourism potential of Arab world in general and the Dubai in particular.

He is the True Manifestation of the Glamour of Dubai

            There are certain characteristic features of every famous city across the globe. Likewise, Dubai is known for its glamour, celebrity visits, highly expensive cars, and the entertainment attractions. In connection to all these parameters, Don Afric perfectly embodies the true spirit of Dubai. Due to his close association with the folks of film industry, he is a proper fashion icon. Additionally, his soothing voice and high grade music fulfills the entertainment parameter of Dubai. Not limited here, he has also been spotted enjoying the rides in super luxurious cars in Dubai. All these points hint towards the fact that Don Afric is the epitome of the glamour of Dubai.

Well, there is good news that Don Afric is not far from his fans. You can also connect to him by clicking on the links below.







How Dr. Joshua Ghiam Became The Top Cosmetic Dentist In Beverly Hills



How Dr. Joshua Ghiam Became The Top Cosmetic Dentist In Beverly Hills

Dr. Joshua Ghiam

Luxury cars and exquisite houses are great investments, but what’s the point of any of it if your teeth are transparently synthetic? Aside from sleep, the best investment you can make is for your smile, which is why it’s always important to find a dentist you can trust. In the Los Angeles area, there is no better than Dr. Joshua Ghiam Aesthetic Dentistry.

Dr. Joshua Ghiam is among the top cosmetic dentists in Beverly Hills, a position that doesn’t come easily, nor is it one that he takes lightly. He has achieved his place in the upper echelon of California dentistry with many years of skill, experience, and dedication to providing top-notch customer care. Though this may not always be simple, it is the most surefire way to create a relationship of trust with clients which, to Dr. Ghiam, is pivotal in building a sustainable business infrastructure.  

Dr. Ghiam is a native of the great state of California, where he attended the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and received his undergraduate degree in Psychology. Afterward, he pursued his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of Southern California (USC), graduating with honors among the top of his class.

Then in April of 2015, Dr. Ghiam established his own practice, determined to provide responsible and ethical cosmetic dentistry at an extremely high level of quality. He started from scratch, using only what he and his wife could save from their wedding gifts and whatever was leftover from his student loans. With LA being oversaturated with dental practices both big and small, Dr. Ghiam had his work cut out for him. In order to stand out in the market, he faced two main challenges: attracting customers and building relationships with them.

Although cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years, when not done well, they can appear “chiclet-looking,” and otherwise bulky in appearance. This is often the result of rushed dental work and a general lack of concern for the patient’s own distinctive smile. In Dr. Ghiam’s practice, he takes great pride in providing seamless cosmetic dentistry that’s completely unique and virtually undetectable. All Porcelain Veneers are custom designed in-house by Dr. Ghiam himself and his team of master ceramists to fit the patient’s facial features and personality. He and his team are able to fully customize each smile to have the perfect level of translucency, surface texture, thickness, and many other different characteristics to allow the Porcelain Veneers to mimic natural teeth as closely as possible.

Since the foundation of his practice, Dr. Ghiam has accumulated a track record of flawless work and happy customers. He treats them as not just patients, but rather as partners in creating a perfect, hand-tailored smile. Following a strict ethical and patient-centric approach, he ensures that every concern is thoroughly addressed to provide an ideal smile makeover treatment plan that is unique to each patient.

Over time, this has produced a veritable sea of positive reviews online and followers on his social media outlets, thereby establishing a strong sense of trust in Dr. Ghiam’s name and personal brand. To him, this trust was and still is key in maintaining a sustainable business infrastructure.

Today, Dr. Joshua Ghiam continues to be fondly regarded for his thoroughness and commitment to serving the needs of his patients with skill and excellence. Dr. Joshua Ghiam Aesthetic Dentistry is the premier center for all forms of comprehensive dental care in Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area, from routine cleanings and checkups to Porcelain Veneers and even dental implants. Just earlier this month, Dr. Ghiam opened a new office in Beverly Hills, as an expansion of his operational capacity and a testament to how far his practice has come.

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