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Does Child Sponsorship Make a Difference in the Lives of Children in Need?




Does Child Sponsorship Make a Difference in the Lives of Children in Need?

We would like to warmly recommend this kind of help to you, as the regular payments associated with an orphan sponsorship program and make working in our orphanages permanently much easier. In addition, child sponsorships facilitate the planning and coordination of help for our orphans.

Even a sponsorship in the form of the assumption of a monthly contribution of € 30 helps to provide for the maintenance of one of our orphans. By becoming a godfather, you give your godchild the feeling of not being alone in this world.



When you become the godfather of an orphan, you will learn about letters and photos on how your orphan is doing and how it is developing. And the child knows that somewhere in this world there is someone who occasionally writes to him, perhaps even comes to visit and worries about his state of health.

As a godfather, you experience exactly where your help arrives and what you can do with your commitment. With sponsorship, you make an important contribution to the development of a young person who gives them the chance of a livable future. And that’s what the orphans thank you from the heart – today and in the future.



To sponsor a Tanzanian child means to assume international social responsibility. It is the voluntary commitment to give a future orphan a gift in Tanzania, which is why we wish that this commitment is long term. Of course, a sponsorship at any time without giving reasons can be terminated.

There are several ways to get involved with our orphans in the long term. We would like to ask you to donate at least € 30 per month.


The proper nutrition of a child can be ensured with € 30 per month.

Full sponsorship for one of our children costs € 100 per month. This ensures the all-round care of the child – from kindergarten through school to enter into the profession.

Furthermore, it is possible to take on sponsorship. For a one-time payment of € 1000 or € 41.66 per month over a period of one year, you can enable one of our young people to become a carpenter or tailor and thus an optimal start to their professional life.



The takeover of child sponsorship is considered a tax-deductible donation. Of course, you can cancel the sponsorship at any time without giving reasons.



If you have already decided to sponsor an orphan, you can apply for the sponsorship directly binding. Please download our sponsorship application below, fill it out and send it to our Frankfurt office by mail. We will contact you after receiving the documentation to discuss everything else.


If you are still undecided about whether a sponsorship at is the right one for you, you can contact us by phone or email. We will be glad to explain personally the details of sponsorship for orphans, discuss whether this meets your expectations and support you in your decision.


For monthly transfers for your godchild, you can either set up a standing order or give us a direct debit authorization for the desired amount (direct debit); then we take over the monthly charge. We are happy to look after you.

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The most powerful news about finance




The most powerful news about finance

Finance concept 

Finance is the area of ​​the economy that studies the functioning of the money and capital markets, the institutions Kreditus that operate in them, the policies for attracting resources, the value of money over time and the cost of capital. 

Types of Finance 

Depending on the area of ​​specialization within Finance, we can talk about three types: 

1- Public Finance 

Public Finance constitutes the economic activity of the public sector, with its particular and characteristic structure that coexists with the market economy, from which it obtains the resources and to which it provides a framework for action. 

It includes the assets, rents, and debts that form the assets and liabilities of the Nation and all other assets and rents whose administration corresponds to the National Power through the different institutions created by the state for that purpose. In order to perform its functions and face its public needs, the State must-have resources, and they are obtained through the different procedures legally established and prescribed in constitutional legal principles. 

Public finance establishes; study the needs; create resources; Income; Expenses, The state uses the necessary resources from its political management to develop financial activities through the exploitation and distribution of wealth to meet public needs (individual and collective). 

Create the appropriate platform in terms of education, health, social security, for the development of new sources of work, create their own technology, within the framework of a pluralistic and flexible decision-making system, which articulates different mechanisms for shaping the will collective Ensure greater social control over its management, improve the means and instruments that exist today of political and social representation and establish other ways of participation complementary to those of political representation, which strengthen, decentralize its power and transfer responsibilities and resources to state communities and local and finally improve their political structures. 

Develop concurrent action strategies and propel these actions aimed at protection, the development of citizen security, health, education, sports, culture, work, and finally, social welfare, so that the economy of the country can develop and lead it towards a prosperous future. Fiscal policy as an instrument of stabilization and adjustment; Heterodox and orthodox (traditional and non-traditional) public finance policies. 

2 – Business Finance 

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The fundamental objective of business finance is to maximize the value of the company for its shareholders. 

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Export From Israel




Export From Israel

If you are considering diversification and expanding your client base beyond the borders of Israel, you should consider shipping from Israel to US as a viable strategy. Read on to learn about the top 10 exports from Israel, market share percentage, and the leading markets for your products. You can get an overview of current trends driving the export market and grab your share of the pie with the latest information on exports, a key driver of economic growth.

What Does Israel Export?

The latest statistical data reveals exports account for approximately 40% of GDP in Israel. Diamonds, pearls, and other precious stones and metals top the charts of exports from Israel.  Other than diamonds and precious metals, principle exports include electrical machinery and equipment, pharmaceuticals, optical, technical and medical apparatus, computers, sound and TV recorders, reproducers, and mechanical machinery and appliances, plastics, aircraft and spacecraft, mineral fuels (including oil), and organic chemicals.

The most valued goods exported from Israel were unmounted diamonds, accounting for 23.2% of total exports, followed by medication mixes, integrated circuits, and micro assemblies, aircraft parts, chemical industry products, and mobile phones.

Most Popular Export Categories in Israel

The top 10 exports in Israel accounted for 81.5% of the overall value of its global shipments with mineral fuels (including oil) being the fastest-growing product (59.5%). Miscellaneous chemical goods grabbed the second rank in terms of increasing export sales with a 17.6% gain. The rank of the third-fastest growing category was taken by Israeli electrical machinery and equipment (14.2%) while optical, technical or medical apparatus trailed behind with 13.8% increases.

The main export partners were the United States of America with 28% of total exports followed by Hong Kong (8%), Belgium, the United Kingdom, India, and China.


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Give a bedside table to your bedroom

Do you need a new bedside table that fits your new bedroom furniture? Not sure how to choose the best bedside table for your bedroom? A bedside table is an important element in almost all bedrooms. After all, where do most of us drop our keys and everything else in our pockets at the end of the day? A nightstand provides storage and style to a bedroom, but how do you choose the right one? Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect bedside table for your bedroom.

Choose a bedside table

The first thing to think about when choosing a bedside table that fits with your bedroom is: what are your specific needs for using your bedside table bookshelf. Do you plan to use your bedside table only for storage? Do you need your bedside table to serve as a dressing table? Are you going to put things on your bedside table? Do you need drawers? These questions may seem unimportant now, but when you start visiting furniture stores and see a wide variety of different types of nightstands, you will find it helpful to know exactly what you need in a nightstand. So you won’t be overwhelmed by the many choices.

What style for your bedside table?

Another thing to consider when choosing the right nightstand for your bedroom knows what style of nightstand will suit the room. The answer to this question can be found in the general decor of your bedroom. What is the general theme of your room? You want to choose a bedside table that matches the theme of your room. For example, does your bedroom have a classic and traditional style? If this is the case, you can opt for a bedside table with a more traditional wooden finish such as cherry or mahogany. This type of bedside table easily fits into a traditional style. Or is your bedroom more modern and contemporary? If this is the case then you will want to go with a nightstand that will reflect that look. You don’t want a nightstand that overlooks the room. After all, a nightstand shouldn’t be the focal point of your bedroom. It is there primarily for storage, so it should blend in with the rest of your bedroom furniture. You want your bedroom furniture to look like a cohesive whole. It is therefore important to choose a bedside table that does not exceed.

The dimensions of the bedside table

Another thing to take into account when choosing your bedside table is its dimensions. How tall and wide is your bedside table? The best way to answer this question is to take action in your room. Measure where the bedside table will be placed to know exactly what size you will need before you go to choose it. And of course, the design of the bedside table is what will trigger your purchase.

A quality bedside table

One last thing you should do when choosing the perfect bedside table for your bedroom is to check its quality and sturdiness. A bedside table must be high-quality bedroom furniture. So it will have to last a very long time, so when you buy your bedside table, be sure to check its durability. If you take all of these things into consideration before you go to choose your bedside table, you will not only be able to find a truly great bedside table but above all that you will not regret it.

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