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Do You Love Cross Jewelry? Then Take a Look at Cross Rings 1



Do You Love Cross Jewelry? Then Take a Look at Cross Rings

You will not surprise anyone with a cross pendant or crucifix, whether it is a symbol of faith or simply a fashionable trinket. Even cross earrings cease to shock ever since George Michael’s youth. However, rings adorned with this ancient symbol still remain terra incognita. If you want to bring a touch of originality to your style, such an unusual accessory is just what the doctor ordered.

A little bit of history

Interestingly, at the dawn of Christianity, people did not wear crosses and crucifixes. To show their belonging to the church, they utilized rings. But even on those rings, there were no crosses. Instead, people enhanced them with ancient Christian symbols such as a fish, boat, or anchor. In general, the marine theme is inherent in Christianity. For example, fish is directly related to Jesus because the Greek word for fish (ichthys) is an acronym for the name of Christ. The boat causes associations with the ark. In the end, many followers of Christ were fishermen.

The first crosses as a symbol of faith date back to the 4th century AD. Basically, they were worn by people somehow affiliated with the church. Among commoners, crosses became a thing much later. But let’s get back to cross rings. They never really gained popularity among believers. Probably due to the fact that the church indicates to wear a cross under clothing, which is impossible to do if a cross rests on your finger. However, these restrictions do not apply to clerics. They wear their crosses over their gowns. Therefore, it came as no surprise that hand jewelry adorned with crosses appeared among the clergy.

In general, rings among the higher clergy are not uncommon. Pope, ascending the throne, is given so-called the ring of the fisherman. For many centuries, these rings served as a signet to certify decrees and verify a Pope’s signature. For this reason, each Pope had his own ring, which was destroyed after his departure. Bishops also have personalized rings. Their designs are unique as well. Each clergyman chooses off of his own bat which symbols his ring will carry. Among these symbols is the ubiquitous cross.

Symbolic Materials

Everyone loves gold … at least everyone understands its value as well as the fact that items made of the yellow metal will never go out of style. Gold has its own symbolic meaning. In literally every culture out there gold is associated with the Sun, power, and the world of gods. In many ancient countries, sacred items are crafted exclusively of this precious metal. Gold is loved by people domineering, ambitious, and … everyone else. If you want people to look at your cross ring with adoration, there is no better metal than gold.


Silver is another noble metal. In all cultures, it is associated with the moon and lunar deities. According to many legends, silver protects from demons. Silver is also a healing metal since it is able to disinfect water (perhaps, this is why bowls you see in churches are silver). It is believed that people who prefer silver are extraordinary and creative. On the other hand, they are vulnerable and trusting. The white metal is a great choice for religious jewelry. Silver cross rings are fairy discreet but, at the same time, they ooze nobility.

Copper, which Latin name (as cuprum) translates as ‘ore from Cyprus’, is associated with Venus. In West Africa, copper is a symbol of heat and light. In ancient China, it represented marital fidelity and love. Copper coins were put in bed to newlyweds to ensure a long and happy family life. Nowadays, copper is again one of the most sought-after materials in jewelry. It is one of the components of silver alloys. For example, sterling silver has 92.5% of pure silver and the rest is normally copper. Oftentimes, copper is used to creating accents in jewelry – a copper cross against a silver background stands out and draws in interest.

Cross Ring Designs

Rings complemented with crosses have all kinds of designs. Believers will surely like smooth silver bands with engraved crosses and words of prayers. Recessed elements are often blackened to give them greater expressiveness. Alternatively, you can choose sort of an eternity ring, in which embossed or engraved crosses are located around the shank’s perimeter. If you want your ring to carry not only religious significance but also an attractive quality, you may choose models completed with other symbols – grapes, tree of life, angels, etc. The main thing for a religious person is moderation in design and discreetness.

Those who wish to get across ring as an accessory have absolutely no restrictions. If you want to go big, choose phalanx-wide gold items inlaid with gems. A signet is always a win-win option for men’s hands – they look massive and solid. In recent years, Bishop rings have been gaining ground. They are called this because they imitate jewelry worn by the clergy. They are usually made of gold and have an impressive amethyst in the center. The shank of such rings may carry crosses lined with precious stones or raised patterns.

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