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Direct Cremation In London



Direct Cremation In London

Direct Cremation is growing in popularity but exactly is it? It means the cremation part happens individually. The deceased is collected from the hospital or coroner and goes directly to a crematorium. The cremation then happens behind closed doors. Afterwards the ashes can be delivered to the next of kin.

Direct cremation is also known as unattended cremation or direct funerals. The number of people choosing a direct cremation has increased dramatically since direct cremation by Harbour began offering their services in England and Wales.

Direct Cremation in London is proving to be very popular. Harbour, the top-rated direct cremation service in London, has received excellent feedback from their clients and has been featured in several national publications.

While the direct cremation service is standard, the choices for what to do with the ashes seem limitless. Clients can choose to have the ashes scattered in memorial gardens, infused into keepsake jewellery, or even sprinkled into fireworks.

And people can still choose to host an event after the cremation has taken place. These are known as memorial services. These differ greatly from a traditional funeral service in that they happen after the cremation has taken place. The ashes can be present, or not, it’s entirely up to the family. The venue can be much more tailored to – memorial services have been held in pubs, gardens, even sports arenas. There is no rush to organise these events so they can be held weeks or even months later, giving the family plenty of time to plan their service.

Direct cremation by Harbour starts at £895 which is almost three thousand pounds cheaper than a standard funeral. Direct cremation is often seen as the cheapest cremation option while giving the bereaved plenty of flexibility for individual choices. It’s understandable why direct cremation has seen such a dramatic increase in popularity in the last few years.