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Decryption Of The Different Types Of Promo Codes:



Decryption Of The Different Types Of Promo Codes:

Promotion codes distributed to the general public can be of different types. In this article, you will find 4 main types of promo codes that we will detail below.

1. Coupon codes with a cash discount:

Promotion codes allow you to reduce the amount of your order by a certain amount in total price. This type of code is the most common and also the most popular with online shoppers, especially because the amount of the discount is often very interesting.

Cash discounts like other types of codes are also subject to conditions that must be read before using them.

For example 5$ reduction from 35$ of purchase. Codes that offer a direct discount in total price are a great way to save money with a large number of partner brands so take advantage of them.

But don’t forget that they have a predetermined validity period. You can check the sephora promo code to avail the best discounts on beauty products.

2 – Promotion codes that reduce the amount of your order by a certain percentage:

The “%” codes, like the previous codes, allow you to instantly obtain a reduction on your order, but this time as a percentage of the amount of your order. Concretely, it’s very simple:

Imagine that you buy clothes for 200$ from Adidas and you find an Adidas promo code worth 15%. Once you activate the code on the Adidas online site, you will therefore get an instant discount of 30$.

The codes that entitle you to this type of discount are very common as you can see for yourself on the site. These codes are often more advantageous if the amount of your order is high, unlike promo codes of the “$” type which are more interesting for small purchases.

So choose carefully which code can allow you to save the most on your purchase before finalizing your order.

3. Gift codes: receive a free gift in addition to your order

A little less present than other types of codes, gift codes allow you to get a free gift in addition to your order. As the two types of codes, we have seen previously, the gift is added to your order directly after applying the coupon codes.

So it’s not like a loyalty offer where the gift is only available on your next order. We find these codes there especially for beauty brands but many brands that are not in this theme also offer them of course.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of the gift promo codes because there are sometimes gifts that are really worth it so be careful!

4. Free shipping costs: the last type of promo codes:

Here we are, the last type of promo code: free shipping. These are the least used codes in the sense that on the one hand there is not a lot of them.

And on the other hand, most of the brands offer the basic free shipping costs or for a certain purchase amount (amount which tends to decrease more and moreover the years).


All these codes offer different advantages and are to be chosen according to your needs. Of course, most brands don’t offer all types at the same time so in most cases, you won’t have much choice as to which type of code to choose.

What should be remembered above all is that in all cases, using a promo code regardless of its type will allow you to obtain a certain advantage on your order, so take advantage of it.



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