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Dice Bangga gets gully with his current release “Goat”

Umar Nisar



Dice Bangga

Who is Dice Bangga?

Dice Bangga is an up and coming artist from The Bronx, New York. Dice has had much success this year with his current releases including “Goat”, “Gwuap” and “Aye” which also have the videos now on YouTube for viewing. Dice Bangga’s consistency is what makes him a force in the industry. Totaling over 70,000 views alone on YouTube his numbers continue to grow at an astronomical rate.

His YouTube is currently taking off and still growing as we speak. His single “Goat” shows his diverse inextinguishable sound. The baseline and dark piano chords add something very bold and enticing for his listeners and ever-growing audience. Dice Banggas’ level of motivation and pure dedication is what keeps him growing and pushing so much each day.

In each of his releases, Dice has a very appealing vibe and cadence to his hooks that tend to draw people in. It’s like he knows exactly what style to put out to draw people to his music.

He has an infectious sound and image to him that will help only to boost his brand. Dice is clearly the goat after this release. He has undeniable bars, focus, and drip. Dice will be working on a new project that is set to drop within the very near future so make sure you guys are keeping up with all of his latest content. You can view all of his current content on all major music platforms in the meantime.

Why does Dice have what it takes?

Dice Bangga is a different breed. He is both talented and business smart when it comes to creating and building his brand. His eagerness to compete with the industry artists is going to make him a force to be reckoned with. Dice not only puts out above and beyond music, but he also stays on top of his marketing.

Growing and staying consistent is top on his list along with appreciation to all of his supporters when it comes to his career. Dice has been doing music for a long time and is ready to get to the mainstream level and do whatever it takes to get to that point in his career. His music delivers an Edgy, Trap, and catchy sound and will be attracting more fans as he pursues more promotion outlets. He has the image and the songs! Now it’s just time to get it to the masses.

Where can you find all of Dice Banggas’ content?

 You can find all of Dice’s content when you search his name on Google. He has been featured on Rap Fiesta with an amazing article introducing his release “Goat”. You can also find his video interview with Zack TV on YouTube where he speaks on a recent beef due to an industry scammer and introduces who he is. Dice says in the interview “He’s not just the pretty boy most see him as”. Review his visuals on YouTube and his other content on platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and more! He has his new releases there and would love your support for each record.

Official “Goat” music video

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Safiya Baravia Is Ready For Tokyo 2021 Qualifying Games




Safiya Baravia Is Ready For Tokyo 2021 Qualifying Games

Safiya Baravia

Safiya Baravia the rhythmic gymnastics champion that is based in Dubai is resuming her training programs after all gyms are reopened where the pandemic lockdown was recently eased in the city.

She started her professional training in Dubai, coached by former world champions of Artistic Gymnastics such as Natalia Bugai, for 3 years, then starting taking higher-level classes at the Horizon Gymnasium Dubai.

Coaches agreed to implement an intense training program for the young champion and keep her ready for the qualifying games of Tokyo 2021 as soon as the OC announces the new dates of these tournaments.

The young champion was getting prepared to travel to Italy earlier this year to participate in the European games there, after being to Russia and Lebanon, wining first places and getting ready for the Olympic Games, however that plan was stopped by the pause of all activities around the world due to the recent global pandemic.

Safiya is training at her family’s backyard as well as the public gym that was recently allowed to be reopened where the young champion is working on getting back into the competitive mentality after losing some momentum due to the postponing of the Olympic Games that was scheduled this summer.

The future gold medallist celebrates the end of the academic year, as her training and sports programs never took her away from excelling in her studies and being a straight-A student in addition to being a champion at her favorite sports rhythmic gymnastics.

Safiya is using pole fitness as well, to sharpen her skills, enhance her body and grip strength and be ready to dazzle the world once sports activates are relaunched later this year

“she is so determined to be at the podium of every competition she participates in, and always focused to do her best, and she knows how we are all very proud of her, and that we are all confident of her success” were the words of Gulnora Mukhedinova, Safiya’s mother and mentor

The young champion was getting ready to appear on TV, where coaches preferred to delay this step to avoid any distractions and keep the future gold medallist concentrating on her main goals.

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Shizan Rahim:Dream Big,Work Hard





It’s interesting to know about the life of entrepreneurs as it teems with a lot of mystery. Revealing such splendid secret is possible through the heart to heart conversation with them. Shizan Rahim is one young man who strives to make his name shine and achieve high in life utilizing his mental approach and skills to excel. Shizan Rahim is quite mysterious when it comes to his background as he believes secrecy can be a very important asset.

Shizan Rahim wasn’t always interested in business despite being born in a family of business high minded achievers, his childhood dream was to become a football player, He claims that Lionel Messi was the person who inspired him to become a football player and till date he is a fan of Lionel Messi.

He stepped back on his football career when he realized he had a bigger responsibility back in his home country Mozambique, being the only son and the heir of his father’s empire.

His biggest inspiration and role model was always his father, “always seeing the hard work and efforts, the ups and downs and his smooth dealing with it encouraged and motivated me always to take a step. He always guided, supported, and believed in me, this always boosted my morale and firm decision to be a business person.” Says Shizan.

Even though he was born is a very successful family he has been through a lot of hurdles on their family business that’s sometimes he would feel weak and shattered, but now he considers everything to be a life-changing lesson and a very big blessing.

Everyone has their own life and has to make a mark on the world, If you belong to a well-established family you are often criticized for being lucky but Shizan Rahim always thought about expanding what he inherited and also make it on his own.


This is Shizan Rahim reply after we asked him to leave some words of motivation
“If you want to change your life you need to change your mindset, one must go for the changes to have good responses and results. Make a goal that every day when you wake up you try to be the best version of yourself. We should take full responsibility for the position we are in life now. It’s up to us to decide If we want to do the sacrifices required now to achieve what we dream of or we want to grow old and look back full of regret”

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Reach your life goals with Guy Lelouch




Everyone has something that they want to achieve in life. Whether this is based around financial goals, forming amazing relationships, or simply becoming a confident, self-sufficient person, reaching life goals can be a struggle, especially when there are lots of other things going on. However, with the help of Dream Hacker Guy Lelouch and his proven tools, you’ll find that you can reach your life goals quicker than you think.

Who is Guy Lelouch?

Guy Lelouch, or the Dream Hacker, has used his life experience to develop tools that can help people to reach their goals and create their perfect lives. Starting out from humble beginnings, Guy took his first steps in creating a better life by quitting his low paid software development job, despite having no plan, and seeing how he could better himself.

Through researching ideas for businesses that could be started with very little capital, and would use his software development skills, Guy had created his first money-making product within just 4 months. This company would then go on to be a huge success, but the novelty of money and all that came with it wore off over a few years, and Guy Lelouch knew that he needed something more.

With this in mind, Guy stepped away from his company and set off on a trip around the world with just a carry on the case full of belongings. During this trip, he improved his focus and put a lot of thought into what could make him happy, and how to achieve this. This process enabled him to formulate a number of tools that can truly accelerate personal growth by measuring success through a number of metrics, as you would in business.


What can Guy Lelouch help people to achieve?

The beauty of Guy Lelouch’s tools is that they can help you to achieve anything that you set your heart on. This could be financial freedom if your job isn’t enabling you to live the way that you want to or developing the perfect relationships with family members, friends, and your dream partner. These tools can also help you to successfully work your way towards a great body, and give you control over your life – even if you have a manager that you have to report to.

Ultimately, Guy’s method will help you to accelerate your dreams so that you achieve what you want in life without having to wait forever. You’ll end up with more drive and confidence, won’t consider giving up on reaching your goals, and will find that all fears and doubts are reduced so that they no longer impact your life-changing decisions.

What is the BOOST Journal?

One of Guy’s tools is the highly praised BOOST Journal. This journal will help you to organize and prioritize each aspect of your life and will motivate you by proving just how much progress you’re making towards your goals. Not only will this journal assist you in reaching your targets, but it will help you to maintain and develop your achievements once they’ve been met, and will work to give you a boost should you be feeling unmotivated or negative at any point.

Completing a BOOST Journal does not take a lot of time, in fact writing in it for just a few minutes each day can really help you to regain focus and work towards what it is that you really want in life. Plus, taking a bit of time out to work on this will give you the chance to free your mind from everything else that’s going on, and really concentrate on what’s important as you leave all negativity and distracting noise behind.

All of Guy Lelouch’s tools have been developed through his own trial and error, which shows that they really can work for you. In fact, there are plenty of happy, fulfilled BOOST Journal users who would testify to how great this tool is, as it has helped them to focus on their dreams and achieve their life goals – whatever they may be.

 Guy Lelouch

How to get your free BOOST Journal

If you’ve found that you’re lacking motivation, are stuck in a bit of a life rut, or simply need some help when it comes to reaching your own personal goals, you can kickstart accelerating your dreams with a free BOOST Journal. While stocks last, Guy Lelouch is giving away copies of this helpful life tool for free as he wants to be able to help others in the same way that he has helped himself over the years. For more information, visit the Dream Hackers website where you can apply for your free BOOST journal today.

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