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Developments in Search for 2020




Developments in Search for 2020
The digital revolution has brought changes in the way searches are done and there have been some great developments in this industry over the course of time.
Right from the content, domain strength, data analysis, and inbound linking of a website, there has been a huge advancement in search engine optimization methods and knowledge (SEO) over the past couple of years and the same will be sure to happen in the future years as well.
Here are just a few of the developments in search techniques and analysis that you can follow up on in 2020. Read here to know more from the experts:

1. Online messaging will be usurped by the prevalence of Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial intelligence message texting will probably replace standard text style applications as it is a more efficient and secure method of exchanging information.
Businesses can easily interact with potential customers through artificial intelligence tools and provide them with better services based on artificial learning.
Don’t expect this change to occur in 2020 as a finite switchover, just that it is starting to become more and more common.
Keep up with tech news and watch as the AI market grows in size and dominance.

2. Augmented reality content for marketing

Apple recently released the latest range of iPhones that use augmented reality.
Since these are already becoming popular among consumers, businesses will now start focusing on the AR-related content for marketing purposes.
Another thing that has greatly influenced the SEO niche is a mobile-focused search which has been mainly because many people are now more inclined towards using their phones rather than computers.
This has certainly boosted the user experience and data search through mobile sites.
All sites need to be fully responsive now and this is ever more important with google focusing heavily on its mobile index.

3. Voice-optimized content

Voice optimization techniques have certainly improved the way searches are made significantly.
Smart speakers that work via the use of voice command are the next big thing and will probably gain traction with the passing time. For example, Amazon Alexa is solely based on voice commands, this integration into the smart home is only the start.
The best part about the voice search factor is that it can be operated in different languages which means it has a global application, and even more so to help people who may not be able to write well.
Be it Siri, Alexa, or Google’s assistant, voice searches are becoming more popular among both people and huge tech giants these days.

4. Influencer marketing

Influence marketing is one of the favorite choices of marketers who work on a large scale.
By using engaging and powerful content on their social media platforms, businesses tend to garner more user attention so that they take their services to the next level.
Content plays a huge role in the influencer marketing schemes, so if you are thinking of going this route, then make sure that you are using it correctly, and do your due diligence.
Social media has a huge influence on brands and followers these days, and thus influencer marketing when used right, can be a great marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.
It is not simple to achieve though, and you would be wise to use a specialist Social media agency to run many campaigns to prevent wasting your money, which is easy to do if you don’t know precisely what you are doing.

5. Predictive analysis will be huge

Predictive analysis has been playing a major role when it comes to your potential business prospects or business partners and will still remain in high demand as it is one of the most effective strategies for earning profits.
Predictive leads also help when it comes to the sales process as they provide an insight into what would work for the organization/consumer and what won’t.
Moreover, you get to know about the future from reading data insights and analyzing trends and can determine what occurred with certain projects in the past so as to improve on them using the data you have at your disposal.

6. Quantitative marketing is likely to change the marketing game

Quantitative marketing strategies are becoming quite popular with the developments of data science.
More and more companies are now relying on these data analysis tools and techniques to boost their businesses.
With the help of this, it would become easier to search for relevant data sets that would help in solving some of the biggest issues in different fields.
Data science has played a huge role in understanding the business better and how they can be benefited by observing the past and present data sets.

7. Enhanced versions of SERP

The Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) are becoming more visually appealing and customer-friendly which is a change from recent times.
The SERP’s have been enhanced to boost user experience and how they interact through a web page.
Another factor is that Paid ads are becoming more and more prevalent in what used to be the focused organic results pages.

8. The Mobile focused search index

As at the present time, Google is now completely mobile search focused for most niches and this is a massive change for internet-focused businesses.
It means that if your site is not fully responsive on all mobile devices and tablets, then you will lose out on a lot of traffic seeing that the majority of search is carried out on mobile devices in 2020. Further information on mobile index changes and updates can be found on this website among other industry-leading sources from which we have gleaned our research.


Although there is a lot that goes into enhancing the ranking of a website but the most important thing that you should rather keep in mind at all times is that you should only opt for the strategy that works best for your users in addition to your brand.
With this write-up, you should have gained some further insight into some of the developments in search engine techniques and how they can and will influence businesses in the coming years.


How to start a career in Cyber Security? [Beginner’s Guide]

Umar Nisar



How to start a career in Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is perceived as an attractive career by ambitious individuals and is the best way of making the world an advanced place to live in. If you want a career in cybersecurity, don’t sweat it. To debunk the myth, it is not that hard to get your foot into the doors of this sector. There is no age limit or any particular recommendations required to get going. Although, a little academic knowledge would not harm. Read ahead to find out why you must acquire professional and practical knowledge with a cybersecurity course.

Here’s the secret of this: you can not only start learning about the techniques to combat cyber threats but also start doing. The well-structured assignments will allow you to get involved in any possible manner. Opting for a cybersecurity programme is the best way to learn and put your skills to test. This will make room for you to instil the skill, consistency and patience you need to ultimately develop a high level of proficiency at determining security vulnerabilities that require immediate reporting.

As per the data published on Purplesec, a 600% rise in cybercrime has been observed during the COVID 19 pandemic. What’s in it for you? The rising demand for technical experts on cybersecurity, which calls for a solid educational background and practical training. This is because in this field the amount of investment in learning will reward you with career opportunity.

Cybersecurity certification programmes are designed to equip students with business understanding people skills, and leadership competence. This implies that besides possessing technical efficiency, you must be truly overcome difficult challenges within the realms of cybersecurity. On the most strategic level, the divisions pertaining to cybersecurity is the combination of risk management, concerning the leadership of and collaboration between clients. You know what? There are plenty of possibilities of the industry segments and application areas, that it is impossible to explore all of them in a single lifetime. This spans across a wide range of specialisations including network security, access management, and security of the application, endpoint protection, mobile security, cryptography, authentication, identity clarification, threat intelligence, social hacking and phishing. You may be accountable for dealing with transactions of a commercial company or the public sector, for a vendor or a customer. Earning a qualification in cybersecurity will let you acquire operational roles or

leadership position, with popular technologies or those under development. The job list is practically endless and it allows you to either choose to become an instructor or consultant.

Apply to an executive programme in cybersecurity will make you aware of what lies within the aspects of advanced terminology and utility that a cybersecurity division is. Cybersecurity is an adventurous industry to be employed at, therefore, it is suggested that you don’t get intimidated by the cryptic as it presents itself. So, go ahead and cherish your time working with colleagues who have fun together while transforming the business world.

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Do I need a VPN for my Android smartphone?

Umar Nisar



Do I need a VPN for my Android smartphone?

Most people use a virtual private network (VPN) to safely browse the internet while they are away from home. This allows you to bypass restrictions on region-specific content and websites. So, this is maybe something you also want to use on your smartphone.

There are several scenarios in which you could use a VPN, for example if you are connecting to a public (and unsecured) Wi-Fi network.

Of course, it sometimes happens that you do not have a laptop available, but you do carry a smartphone with you. In these cases, you can consider downloading an android VPN app for your mobile device.

Is it wise to download a VPN app?

The main reason for installing a VPN app on your Android device is internet security. If you use a Wi-Fi connection a lot, for example in the catering industry or on a holiday abroad, it is certainly advisable to use a VPN.

Public connections

Do you often connect to public Wi-Fi networks via your Android phone? It is wise to think about securing your data. There is so much information stored on your phone, from online account login credentials to personal financial information. Therefore, some extra security is always a good move.

A VPN ensures that your data is encrypted and nearly impossible for third parties to access, even if you are logged into a public network with questionable security features. This means, you couldn’t get closer to real online anonymity.

Which VPN app is a good option for my Android device?

There are a lot of VPN providers. Of course, you want a service where the developers have thought carefully about how smoothly the VPN service should work on your Android device.

NordVPN is extremely popular and has more than ten million downloads worldwide. The app contains almost all the features you would expect from a good VPN and is also very focused on security and privacy.

The ‘Double VPN’ technology offers an extra layer of security by sending your connection over two separate VPN servers. NordVPN also offers a zero logs policy. This means that your data will not be stored by the company.

Not unimportantly, the NordVPN app has an automatic kill switch. This means that access to the web with your device is immediately lost if the VPN connection is accidentally lost.

NordVPN is very user-friendly. If you connect to a Wi-Fi network, a connection is automatically made with the app. NordVPN also has good performance when it comes to speed and it offers a 24/7 live chat option.

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Use Google Docs to Edit and Share Documents in the Cloud




Use Google Docs to Edit and Share Documents in the Cloud

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is Google’s version of a word processing system that is completely cloud-based. Google offers this product for free to anyone with one of the slowest Internet connections. It works great with Google’s hard drive too, as you can imagine. Google Docs also has very strong sharing and workgroup features that make it easy to team up with others. Even if those people are on the other side of the world.

Google Docs is a simple word processor and spreadsheet that allows the creation and editing of documents. These documents are stored in the cloud (ie online) and can only be accessed with an Internet connection.

In Google Docs, documents can be shared with other users and allows editing by those who share such access to the document. It is only necessary to have a gmail account to use this service.

Google Docs Features:

It’s free

One of the advantages of Google Docs is that it does not have any type of cost, and at the moment it does not include advertising.

No installation

Google Docs does not require the installation of any specific program. It is only necessary to subscribe to the service and have an internet connection.

Information availability

With Google Docs, all documents are stored on Google’s servers. This allows users not to have to save documents on storage devices (USB, hard drives, CDs, pen drives, etc.)

Less use of computer resources

By not storing the information within the memory of the computer, it saves a lot of space.

Frequent updates

Google Docs is constantly updated to improve functionality and correct stability errors. These updates do not depend on the user, nor should the user perform any type of action, as they are automatic.


Documents saved in Google Docs can be easily and easily exported and downloaded.

Group work

Since Google Docs allows one or more users to work on the same document, it facilitates teamwork at the student or professional level.

File organization

Google Docs has a methodology for organizing documents and dividing them into folders for easy use. Some of its functions include the ability to create folders, share documents (or hide them), highlight certain documents, etc.

File import

This word processor in the cloud allows you to import text files from any computer as long as it is prepared by Microsoft Office or Open Office.

Change notifications

In Google Docs you can create alerts through which if one of the users makes a change to a document, then the rest are notified. You can also create notification rules.


One of those features that people wish had is the ability to add google docs background image.


The first method of making the list is to use Microsoft Word to get the job done and then import the file into Google Docs. Of course, this requires you to have access to Word in some form, be it a copy of Word or an Office Online subscription. If you don’t have one of those at your disposal, then you won’t be able to use this method.

1. You want to start making the document in Google Docs with all the text and whatever else you want the final document to have

2. After having made your document in Docs, you need to make a new Word document in your version of the program

3. Next, copy the content of your Google Docs document and paste it into the new Word document

4. You can also save the Google Docs file as a .docx file, which may actually work better, just by clicking

5. If you choose this way, you will open the .docx file in Word

6. Select Insert, then Image from the toolbar at the top of the page

7. Now, choose your image in the file dialog and then choose Insert

8. You should see the image you chose in the Word document now

9. The next step is to right click on the image and choose Wrap Text and then In Front of Text

10. You have to do it because Google Docs does not support the text option behind the page

11. Now, save the Word file and close the program

12. You have to go back to Google Docs and click on File, and Open

13. Next, you will choose the Upload option and choose the file that you just saved in Word

14. You will then select Image Options to open the image options menu

15. In this window you need to move the Transparency slider to make the image more transparent so that you can see the text under it, and there you have it



You can create documents online and share it with your friends.

You can select who to share your documents with and restrict access by giving them some permissions that the application allows you to do, such as: only view, only comment or only edit documents in Google.

You will not worry about saving the document every moment, since in Google Docs the documents are saved automatically, you only need to assign a name and that’s it.

It has a wide variety of add-ons to install for free, which can facilitate the development of some tasks that you want to insert into your document. For example, you can install a plugin that allows you to insert equations and diagrams making work much easier, as well as these there are many other plugins that will help you save time.


To make use of Google Docs or Google documents as it is called in Spanish, you must have a Gmail account that allows you to access the Google Drive service within your Google account.

Google Docs tools are basic if we compare it with the Microsoft Word program, which are more complete.

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